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Masturbation in the Library

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Masturbating in the Library
I love this website. I love reading what other women are doing to please themselves.
My favorite time and place to masturbate? All the time and everywhere. I especially love to do it in public places where the people all around me have no idea. But my very favorite place is in the library. Iā??m a university teacher so I have to spend a lot of time in the library. One of them has these wonderful basement stacks ā?? you know rows and rows of shelves and people at little desks at the end of each row. When I know Iā??m going to the stacks, I always wear a long skirt that has a zippered slit up the side, no panties. On the way I might put some thing in my labia that rubs up against my clit. Sea shells are great ā?? they just stick right inside the labia and while I walk or drive or clench my thighs, it just rubs a little bit so I can feel my clit getting bigger. I love talking to the librarian while Iā??m working that seashell on my clit, they never even notice. Once I get down in the stacks I have to find a desk so my right side (with the slit) is to the wall. Once I get my books I sit at my desk, rubbing the edge of a book on my nipples. I feel them getting hard. I always wear something tight so people can see my beautiful erect nipples. I rub my nipples until my clit starts to throb, and when I canā??t resist any longer I slowly unzip the side of the skirt so that itā??s undone almost to the waist. Thatā??s exciting itself, being in a public place with my skirt undone and my bare leg and bare ass right there against the wall. But no one knows that but me. Then I slip my hand into my pussy and very slowly and gently start to rub my labia. Iā??ve shaved the part between my legs so it feels really soft like velvet. I stroke up and down, just lightly over my clit. I can feel my clit pulsing under the lips. I drag my finger into my slit just slightly opening my lips and very lightly touching the head of my clit. I just keep rubbing gently, gently, sometimes in circles, sometimes up and down my slit. I have a dry pussy so I have to put a little lubricant on my finger and work that into my slit. Gradually my legs just start to open, I canā??t keep them closed anymore. If someone comes too close I stop and wait until they move just far enough away. I like to see them, hear them while I rub my clit, knowing that they donā??t know what Iā??m doing. They donā??t know that Iā??m rubbing my nipples on the book or with the pen Iā??m taking notes with. On a good day thereā??s enough people that I have to stop and start many many times. It might be hours before I get to cum, but finally I have to cum. My legs just open themselves so I can press down on my clit and rub it harder and faster. They open right up as wide as they can and Iā??m rocking back and forth on the chair, rubbing hard on my swollen throbbing clit, moving my fingers into the spot where I know Iā??m gonna cum.
Sometimes Iā??m so excited that I have to stand up and put one leg up on the shelf, so I can get more stretch. Finally I cum, so sweet, my clit just pulsing with pleasure. My body shuddering as the spasm rip through. Iā??m breathing a little heavy but very quietly. And then itā??s so beautiful to sit there, glassy eyed while that energy courses through my body. I look like Iā??m reading, but the only thing Iā??m paying attention to is my pussy. As it subsides I put my shell back in and rock ever so gently, slowly zip that skirt back closed, and then sit and do my research just a little bit turned on by the shell and the movements of the book on my nipples. I have always found a desk in the library with just the right amount of privacy for my particular kind of researchā?¦
I also love to masturbate with someone else online (at home not in the library) if anybody wants to join me, please email .



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