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Masturbation in a Large Family

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I am one of the youngest children in a family of 13. I have eight sisters, and four brothers. I had to share a room with three of my older sisters.

When I was little, I used to hump my teddy bear. But the older sisters in the room found it annoying because it was kind of loud, and they kept taking it away from me. Then I started humping my pillow and got that taken away from me. Eventually whatever I humped whether it be my blanket, pillow, or whatever it was, it would be taken away from me for a while.

I would get frustrated and upset and try to hide and try to look for places where I was alone, but with so many family members finding places where I could be alone for an extended length of time was hard. Eventually, I started to hump my hands at night and I didn't need objects anymore. But whenever I did this, my older sisters would take my hands away. They made me sleep on my back so that I couldn't do it.

I had to find a place where I could enjoy this and be totally left alone. I couldn't do it in the bathroom, with only two in the house, I couldn't be in there for longer than five minutes at a time. In the morning, nobody could have a shower longer than five minutes, as many people had to take one. I started to sneak off into the bathroom late at night sometimes wear I'd lie on the floor with a towel under me. But with 12 other children, even at one in the morning, somebody's going to try to come in there and it got hard to do.

I found a spot in the woods where I could be alone one afternoon when I was biking down a path. I wandered off of the path and went to a spot where nobody could see me and I could see nothing else but trees. And if someone else were to be wandering off of the path, I would be able to hear them. One of the trees must have been cut down once, because all it was was a stump. This was perfect. I could sit on the stump and spread my legs apart and my hands could do their thing and I wouldn't get dirty. Or I could just stand up and place my hands between my legs, or I could just sort of climb a smaller tree and straddle one of the stronger branches. I had many options. Eventually this became a daily routine to go spend time by myself in the forest.

When winter came, I had to think of something else. I started spending my lunch hours indoors, and I would often use one of the stalls in the bathroom for this. It was a small school with many stalls and there would never be a shortage of them. And nobody would notice how long I'd be in there but using half my lunch hour was long enough.

Now I live on my own and I have my masturbation freedom finally at my own place. And now that I have it, it's hard for me to get my hands off of myself ever. It's almost like my hands are plastered to my area. I wonder, how did the other children in my house get through there school years without masturbating. Or when and where did they sneak it?



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