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Masturbation Important in Marriage

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Masturbation Important in Marriage
What a surprise to find your website and even more of a surprise to find quite a few women contributing. It emboldens me to tell a bit of my story. I am 25 years old and have been married for 4 years. My husband is very sweet and we have nice sex with each other but the subject of masturbation is taboo between us. I asked him a couple of years ago if he masturbates and he was obviously very uncomfortable with the subject and said something like "why should I masturbate when I have you?"
Well I masturbate and I have done so consciously since I was 12 or 13. I still do because it is the only way I can experience orgasm. My husband, as I said, is really a sweet man and when we make love we lie together and stroke each other tenderly all over but when he is ready he mounts me, enters me and comes very quickly, maybe two minutes tops. He has his ejaculation and then collapses and sex is basically over. I never have an orgasm from this. I have never been able to communicate to him that this is really not enough for me or to teach him how to bring me to my peak of pleasure. If I could masturbate for him and have him watch me I think I could show him how I do it and he might learn but I have the feeling he would be too inhibited to watch me. I also have a secret desire to watch him masturbate but I don't think he would ever do such a thing for me. I am pretty sure he does do it because there are times when he seems not very interested in sex with me when he would normally be quite interested.
My husband frequently goes off on overnight sales trips and I am home alone. I must say that I look forward to these trips knowing I will have an uninterrupted opportunity to pleasure myself and achieve the orgasm I don't experience with him. I usually wait until late at night, midnight or after, when I know the phone will not ring and the world is quiet. My favorite spot is the middle of the living room floor. I roll out a soft quilt, toss 5 or 6 pillows on the floor and turn on some soft romantic music. I think it appeals to me, the idea that when guests are in the house I am thinking to myself, "there friends, in the middle of the floor, is where I lie stark naked and masturbate!" I swear there is a streak of the exhibitionist lurking somewhere in my soul or libido.
Anyhow once I prepare a nice soft place for myself I go take a warm shower and then come out and lie down in the pillows and start in on myself. I usually start with my breasts and play with my nipples until they become hard and sensitive. My breasts are erotically very sensitive and I can feel little twinges of pleasure in my pussy as I play with them. After a few minutes of arousal I begin to slide over my belly and down to the insides of my thighs just grazing through my pubic hair and around the outer lips. When I have done this for a while it is usually enough to cause my pussy juices to flow and when this happens I can open myself up and play with all of my soft genital flesh as I slide my fingers up and down and penetrate my vagina to spread around my delicious wetness. Finally as I feel my sensations becoming more intense I concentrate on my clit and the flesh that encloses it. My favorite technique is to hold my thumb on my clit and rub it with just the correct amount of pressure while I use my forefinger to trace all around its base. My other hand roams all over my body from my breasts to my vagina and just amplifies my awareness of my nakedness and my sexiness. All of this can always bring me to a gasping climax that makes my whole pelvis shudder. It is sooooo pleasurable and I wish I could communicate this to my husband so he could make me achieve the same. He can't do it with just his penis in my vagina as nice as that feels. In fact while I masturbate I often fantasize that he walks into the room and kneels over me and masturbates along side of me with his load of cum shooting all over my genitals and my hand just as I too am coming. There are several other variations on this fantasy and I have other ways of masturbating too but this should give you the idea. I do love sex and I do love my husband and I do wish there were a way for me to release my tensions with him.
But then again I do love to masturbate. Would I give up masturbation if things were more complete with my husband or would I still continue to pleasure myself. I don't know? Are there any other ladies out there in a similar situation. I would be curious to hear. ( ) --Thelma



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