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Masturbation Games With Lady Friend

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Fun times I have with a lady friend of mine


Hi, I would like to tell you all about the fun I have with a good friend of mine, I have known my lady friend for a few years now and we have been good mates and been through a lot together. She is a few years older than me but very nice looking with a really full figured body.

Some months back I bought a new pc and after talking to my friend I managed to get her to add me to her chat friends. We spent some fun times yapping away over the net talking about family and friends and normal things. After some weeks of this I was on the net one afternoon talking to a lady friend of mine from America. She likes to see pics of me nude and we often masturbated together. My friend (I'll call her Sally) suddenly popped up in the messenger box. She had not seen my nude pics on there before and I didn't change the pic fast enough back to one of me fully dressed.

After a few minutes I opened up a box to talk to her and she replied back to me saying that she had just seen a side of me she had not thought she would ever see. The pic was of me on my back, cock in hand with a real big hard on. I tried to apologise to her and said I didn't think she would be on the net this early, and that she shouldn't have seen it. She said it was ok, not to worry. We chatted for a bit then she went off for dinner. I kept talking to my American friend and had a fantastic wank, it was making me real horny that Sally had seen my cock and I had a real hard powerful cum.

Over the next few weeks we chatted a few more times but she never said anything about the nude pic. I always made sure I had a dressed pic on the little box when I signed on. One Sunday night we were chatting about work and Sally was telling me about some of the horrid people she has to work with, when she surprised me totally by suddenly asking me to put the pic back up again. I asked why and she said she was curious. I said I would if she really wanted me to. She replied that she did. So I found the pic again and brought it up onto the little box. She said that it was a very nice pic and that I looked really good in it. I thanked her and said I hope she liked it, she said it was nice. I told her I had a few more if she wanted to see. She said ok, so I put up another one of me nude at a window, cock in hand. She wrote back saying that was a good one too. I put up another of me in mid-wank pulling my foreskin back.

She said, Wow that's nice. So I put up one of me with cum all over my stomach. She said, Oh my god, is that cum. I said yes, she said there is lots. I told her that when I cum I cum loads. She asked me who took the pics and I told her it was me on an auto camera. We spent about twenty minutes looking through all the pics I had on disk then she said that she was going to have to go soon as her hubby would be home. I said ok, I will see you again. Then she said to me that she had better get upstairs to the bedroom and get sorted out before he came home. I asked what she meant, and she said that she had a serious problem in her knickers that needed sorting. I said lol and said that's the same as me. She asked why and I said I had been playing with my cock all the time I had been chatting to her. She laughed and called me a pervert. I said I am yes, and said wait a few seconds as I was about to cum. With that I shot my cum and let it fly all over my chest and stomach. When I had done I wrote that I was finished and thanks for the great cum. She wrote back saying that was ok and it was now her turn. We said goodnight and then signed off. I had another long slow wank thinking of her at home with her knickers down, it was great.

A few weeks later I saw her on line again and asked how she was, she said fine and how was I. I told her that I was still a pervert and that I had been practising a lot. She laughed and said so had she. I told her I had bought a web cam. She said she had never seen anyone on cam and wondered what it looked like. I told her I'll put mine on and show you, so she said ok. I fiddled with the cam so it only showed my upper half then switched it on. When she clicked on accept she said she could see me and I should wave. I waved and made some funny faces at her. She couldn't see that I had no trousers or pants on and I had a raging hard on. We chatted for a few minutes then she asked if I could put one of the pics up again. I told her I could and put up a new one of me I had taken showing myself on all fours with a good view of my cock and balls and bum. She said that was real nice and that my bum was as nice as she had thought. I laughed and told her it was a good job the cam only showed my top half. She asked why, and I told her I was naked from their down.

She laughed and said go on show me. My heart was racing at this point and my cock was throbbing like mad. I said ok, just a sec, and moved my chair back so she could see a bit more of me. I asked how was that and she said she could only see my tummy. I moved back more so she could see about half my cock, she wrote back bloody hell you are nude. I said yes I told you. Then I stood up and asked her what she thought of me like that, my cock was pointing to the roof and she could see all of my mid-section, cock, balls and all. She wrote that I looked fantastic and loved to see it on the screen and it was nicer than in the pics. I moved my chair back and sat down so she could still see me, I asked if she was ok with this and she said of course she liked to see me like this. I moved my left hand to my cock and started to rub myself up and down. I asked her if that was ok. She said yes do it more. I sat there for ten minutes giving her a lovely show of me wanking, then she asked to see me cum. I told her ok and started to wank faster. A few minutes later I shot a massive load of cum all over my chest and tummy, she said that was great and that I had given her a problem to sort out. I asked her what and she said she was so horny she had dropped her jeans and knickers and was rubbing herself whilst looking at me. I said I'll give her another show to help. So I stripped off nude and walked about letting her see me totally nude showing her my bum and full body. I was still rubbing my cock back to hardness for her, giving her close-ups with it right next to the cam. She was quiet for a few minutes then said that she had cum and that it was great. I sat back down and told her I would cum again for her. She watched me wank and was writing back how nice my hard-on looked in my hand. I had a real nice cum again for her and then cleaned up. She said she should go as hubby was back in ten minutes and she had to dress and clean up. I told her ok and that I could do it again any time she wanted. She thanked me and left. I had another lovely wank thinking of her sitting there with her fingers on her clit.

We did this a few times over the next few weeks and it was great fun. The next Saturday I got a phone call from her asking me if I could pop over and sort out her pc as it had a problem. I said ok and arranged to come over after work on the Monday, she only lives about 20 minutes from me. I was very horny all that day thinking of going to see her, it would be the first time I had seen her in person since she had seen my first nude pic. I got to her house at about 3:00pm and she asked me in. She made tea and we talked for a bit, I asked her if she was ok with me being there in person, she said it was ok but was feeling shy and couldn't look me in the eye. We had a laugh and I looked at her pc for her. I fixed the bad file she had downloaded then tested her pc again.

When I was looking through her files I found a file named pics so I opened it and was surprised to see three of the pics I had shown her saved in there. She went bright red and said sorry, I told her it was ok then I decided to wind her up a bit saying that I could feel the wetness through her chair where she had sat. She laughed and told me to stop messing about. We talked for a bit about what we had done and she asked me how often I did it, I said what do you mean did it on cam or masturbated. She asked me how often I masturbated and I told her at least once a day, she said that she always knew I was a total pervert. We had a laugh and then she said had I done it today, I told her no I had just finished work and came straight over. She smiled and said that if I wanted to I could do it there while she made some more tea and had a clean up. I asked her if she was serious and she said yes, her hubby wouldn't be back till 6:00pm and it was ok with her if I needed to pleasure myself. I said ok if she thought it was alright.

I stood up and took off my tee shirt and shoes then undid my jeans and dropped them. I had tight boxers on and she could see my hard cock in them, she sat in a chair opposite me and just watched. I kicked my jeans off and then pulled my pants down. She looked very intently at my cock and still said nothing. I sat on the chair facing her with my legs apart and started to play with my cock. She sat and stared at me wanking, I was looking at her body while I was doing it. She has lovely full tits and great hips with a nice round bum. I was picturing her in my mind playing with her clit and nipples and my cock was throbbing like a steam train. I opened my legs further and put my head back on the chair and started to let out pleasurable moans, letting her know I was having a real nice time. A few minutes later I could feel my cum about to burst out, so I speeded up my wanking, she sat forward on her chair and looked right at my cock.

I let out a big sigh and said I'm cumming, I'm cumming, my cock jumped and my cum shot out like water from a fire hose. It went about half way across her front room and the rest got me on the chest and face. It was a really awesome cum, one of the best I have ever had. I sat there stroking my cock moaning out loud, she stood up and said it was amazing to watch. I said I'm glad you liked it. She went and fetched me a towel so I could clean up. I wiped my cum up and got down on the floor to wipe the cum off her carpet, but I made sure she could see me from behind giving her a nice view of my balls and bum. She watched me clean up amd said she would make some more tea for us. I sat back on the chair still playing with my cock, I think she thought that I would get dressed while she was in the kitchen but I rubbed my cock back to hardness again.

She came in the room with two cups and said are you still at it. I said yes I was going to cum again soon. She passed me my tea and sat opposite me again. I drank a little tea and rubbed my cock again, she sat there watching me with a big smile on her face. She said she had loved watching me cum and asked what I had been thinking about. I told her I had thought of her sitting at her pc with her knickers around her ankles playing with herself. She laughed and said she had done that a lot lately. She was wearing a pair of leggings that were a little tight, so I had looked at her big round bum when she went to make tea and now I was staring between her thighs, hoping to get a look there too. She saw where I was looking and opened her legs a little, I could see that there was a damp patch in her crotch and that made me real horny again. This time I wanted to go further so I stood up and walked over to her chair.

I stood in front of her and started to wank again. She sat forward a little so she was about a foot from me. My cock was very hard and my knob was very red and shiny. She was having a real close look at me wanking. It took about five minutes for me to get close to cumming again and I started to moan out loud when I was close. I thought she would sit back a little but she didn't, she moved a little forward so when I came my spunk shot out and hit her right on the chest, some went between her cleavage and some hit her stomach. My cock was shooting like a gun and just when I felt the last spurt about to cum out I pointed it at her face and hit her on the cheek. She let out a little gasp and smiled at me. I stood there for a few minutes longer stroking my self, she sat back and looked at the cum running down her front and cheek and said I was a messy git. I laughed and said it was a good shot.

She stood up and picked up the towel, she wiped the cum from her face and from my stomach and hand but left it on her blouse and breasts. I spent another hour there walking about naked, I was playing with my cock as we talked. She wanted to know all about my fun and games, I told her that I wanked as often as I could and that I had wanked off on her work chair some years back when we had worked together. She was shocked but laughed. I told her that I sometimes took panties from ladies houses where I did work. She asked why and I told her that I liked to wank into them. This made her curious and I told her about what I did and how. I then as a joke said go on give us a pair of yours and I'll show you. She said that all hers were too dirty so I said give me the pair you have on, she laughed at that but when I asked again she said hang on while I go to the bathroom and I'll take them off. Then I got my cock real hard again, she came back a few minutes later with a pair of red panties in her hand. She passed them to me and I said thanks.

She sat down and watched me, I opened them up and looked at the gusset then said they were very wet, she said I wonder why! Then I put them to my face and sniffed them. This made her sit up a bit, I put the gusset in my mouth and sucked. Then I put them round my cock and started to wank myself. I had a real nice wank, the panties felt amazing and it only took me a few minutes to cum again in them. I sat there with a big smile on my face as she picked them up, I said go on put them back on, she laughed and went to the loo and put them on. She came out looking very shy, we had a laugh and a bit of a joke then I said that I had better get dressed in case any one came home. I dressed and told her it was time for me to go, we finished our tea and went to her back door, we had a bit of a cuddle and a small kiss and she said it had been amazing fun and would love to do it again.

We have met on a few other occasions and I'll let you know how it all went again. Thanks for reading, I know it was a bit long but I didn't want to miss how it made us feel, Thanks.



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