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Masturbation for Self Esteem

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How masturbation helped to raise my wife's self esteem.


In a recent conversation with a new friend I was reminded of how masturbation helped with my wife's self esteem problem. For years my wife suffered with a negative self image, induced by a series of bad relationships. I had been able to help some, but decided professional help was in order.
We went to see a therapist, who gave us a long list of things to do in order to help my wife accept herself just as she was. One of the things was to stand in front of a mirror nude, several times a day. While standing there she was to say positive, reaffirming things about herself and her body. Not just think them, but actually say them out loud. The therapist even went so far as to suggest my wife masturbate, so she would come to associate good feelings with her body.
My wife attempted this, but at first had a hard time getting past feeling 'goofy'. Asking what I could do to help, she said she wouldn't feel so funny about it if I was doing it as well. My self esteem is OK, but I figured it wouldn't hurt me.
The first few times, I would stand in front of the mirror, nude, and she would say positive things about me. I would then repeat each one out loud. (I went first to make her feel better.) Then, she would stand in the mirror while I said positive things which she would repeat. We also threw in the occasional masturbation session, taking turns watching each other.
After about a week we stopped the repetition, and just said positive things about ourselves. We also stopped doing every session together, and instead limited it to one a day together, the others apart. On the other hand, we increased the masturbation to almost every session.
I must admit it reminded me of a few important lessons. Most important was to not go directly for my crotch, but to touch my whole body when masturbating. To rub my hands all over myself before they ever went to touch my stiff cock. Likewise, my wife took longer exploring herself with her fingers, foregoing the vibrator for a bit as a masturbation method. But for her, accepting her body as it existed was the big lesson.
We got quite comfortable being naked most of the time, to the point where we spent a lot of time nude. Further, we got even more open and accepting about each others masturbation (not that it had really been an issue before). We came to an understanding that not only allowed but encouraged our mate to masturbate if a) our partner was not home, b) was asleep, or c) not in the mood. No repercussions would be incurred by sticking to the above rules. Additionally, we even chose to simply masturbate together when we were too tired for a big suck and fuck session but still wanted to cum.
Now that we have kids it's not quite so easy to find the freedom for masturbation. We still find ways though like taking turns watching the kids while the other is in the bedroom for a little self gratification 'break'. Sometimes I have to work late, so it's not uncommon for me to hear my wife in the bedroom with her vibrator right before she goes to sleep. For my part, after getting done with work I'll strip down and read some nice erotica or look at pics while stroking myself to a nice cum. Great way to wind down.
And yes, we have 'caught' each other. Usually if I catch my wife she either invites me to lie beside her and do myself, or offers her bod for a full fledged fuck. A couple of times she has caught me, downstairs at my computer. Some noise or other will wake her up and she'll come to check on me, usually in the nude since that's how we both sleep.
I recall one time I noticed her standing at the door, watching me. I don't know how long she'd been there, but her hand was rubbing her pussy. She came in and propped her naked fanny on the edge of my desk. Ordering me to continue, she spread her legs out and began playing with her cunt while watching me. In no time we were both cumming, my load landing on my chest and hers leaking down her legs.
Another time she came into the room and stood beside my chair. Leaning over she began playing with my balls. I tried to get her to take over, but she refused. 'You started it, I want to see you finish it.' she informed me. I kept stroking myself while she fondled my balls and kissed me on the face and neck, whispering incredibly nasty things to encourage me. In no time I was shooting a huge load all over myself, which she rubbed in a little then helped me clean up.
But I'm digressing a bit off my main point, which is that masturbation can not only be fun but, when done in the right frame of mind, be an effective tool for positive self image enhancement. Don't be afraid to try it, you might like it!
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