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Masturbation Fetish

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I have masturbated for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I would lay on the ground, flat on my back and cross my legs. I would rub my thighs together till climax, lifting my legs up and down off the floor. I did this method from the time I was a toddler into adulthood. I would lock myself in my room and (in teen years) look at porn of naked women or read erotic stories. I would also think of being licked by another woman.

When I was older, I started to try clit stimulation and would rub my clit with my pointer and middle finger in hard, fast circles with my right hand. My left hand would tweak my nipples. I finally came one night for the first time using this method at 21! I was in college and thinking of this hot girl in my class licking my clit. That was my first direct clit orgasm and I have been using that method ever since. I had to be real quiet because I was spending the night at my grandparents house and they were in the other room watching TV.

I have what I think is a total fetish and that is watching people masturbate. I am happily married with awesome sex and my husband sometimes masturbates for me (but not often). I masturbate at least once a day and cum about twice a day. I go to websites that show male/female masturbation and read all the stories every day on this site to get off. I sit in my computer chair rubbing my clit hard and tweaking my nipples. Sometimes after reading stories and looking at porn, I will use my rabbit vibrator and get off HARD!! I don't usually insert anything into my pussy unless it is my husband's cock.

Here are some great times I have watched people masturbating:

When I was in college I lived in a rental house with my best friend. After a night of partying without a man to come home to, we went to my bedroom and started fooling around. She rubbed her clit hard while I sucked her nipples and fingered her. She kept telling me to finger her harder and harder. Finally, she came hard on my hand. I then humped her leg to get off and rubbed my breasts together.

Another time, I met a girl at work and we went out partying and ended up in a hotel room (I was away on business). She had brought her rabbit vibrator and had the dildo part in her pussy and the rabbit ears on HIGH vibrating her clit hard. She kept putting in new batteries to make it go harder. Occasionally she'd stop the vibrator and beg me to finger her pussy with two and three fingers. I watched her as she'd tighten and release her ass and her ass would rise and fall off the bed. I sucked her tits to try to help and after quite a bit, she came hard and was all sweaty and out of breath. I rubbed my clit and came in about two seconds seeing that!

I have seen some men jack off and am not as hot watching men but still enjoy the sight of a big, thick cock being stroked. I love when they speed up at the end and the dick head gets real red. I also love to encourage my husband to cum on me. I like to see a big cock lubed up and would love to see an uncut cock jacked to cum. I masturbate thinking of this.

Basically, I masturbate thinking of watching others masturbate and I love to hear all the little details in the stories, mostly the female ones. I have been lucky to witness many female orgasms and plan to be involved in many more. Until then, I masturbate thinking of them.

I am going to masturbate now... my clit is throbbing for attention.



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