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Masturbation Evolutions2 - Gspot

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The discovery of G-Spot Orgasms - continuing the evolution

Masturbation Evolutions
Re: Cum


Masturbation Evolutions - Discovering my G-Spot
I contributed back in April 29 (Re: Cum) and May 2 (Masturbation Evolutions) and wrote about some of my early masturbation experiences and techniques I use now. After reading the article, 'Found My Wife's G-Spot', I was inspired to write about my own experiences.
In hindsight, I had my first Gspot orgasm when I was 14. As I mentioned before, I was a horny young girl, and was often masturbating or exploring my sexuality with guys. I could always bring myself to have a clitoral orgasm, and at this time, I didn't know what a g-spot was. I was going out with this guy for a year, and we fooled around and did everything but engage in intercourse. One evening we were in his bedroom, both extremely horny. We were going hot and heavy into the mutual masturbation. I was grasping his cock, slicked with pre-cum, sliding my palm back and forth along the shaft. At the same time, he was fingering my wet, warm pussy. With my other hand, I started teasing my clit, flicking it, and rubbing it slowly. I wanted to feel more than just one finger in my pussy, so I guided him to use 2. I was getting hotter and wetter by the minute. I noticed each time I ground my hips and thrust my pussy a certain way, an intense feeling would consume my entire body. I would tense hard, and then relax, and then my pussy would throb. I encouraged him to keep doing whatever it was that felt so good. I bucked against his fingers and all of a sudden I thought I had peed on him! It was such a huge physical, mental and sexual release. But I was embarrassed because we both thought I lost control of my bladder! I was only 14 or 15! We were just too inexperienced to know what it was. The good thing is that he was supportive and didn't get too offended.
Well, that was the last G-Spot Orgasm I had until I was 28! I couldn't find it myself, and to tell the truth, I prefer to stimulate my clit most of the time. At this point I still hadn't even owned a toy!
After high school I dated this guy for a long time. We were going to be married, I had my dress and everything, but we called it off. Lets just say our sex life became very mundane, and he wasn't much into games...very conservative in bed...I honestly don't know how I lasted so long with him! But let me tell you...being single after a long-term relationship was a lot of fun! I discovered a lot about myself and a lot about my G-Spot!
Living in my own place again gave me the opportunity to explore who I was personally and sexually. There were a few lonely nights at first, but I turned those nights into pleasurable nights by masturbating myself into relaxation. I dated a bit, but nothing serious. Finally, I started dating a guy regularly, and I might add, he totally helped me with discovering myself and expressing my sexuality freely. I also rediscovered my g-spot - obviously by this age I knew what it was and whereabouts it was, but still hadn't experienced a g-spot gusher since that one time when I was 14.
It was a rebound relationship, and after some time, we both realized that we were not compatible for the long term, but since we both totally enjoyed experimenting with sex and masturbation, we decided to continue or sexual relationship with no strings attached. Well this allowed me to reduce all inhibitions because there was no pressure. He essentially was my boy toy, and he liked the role, and encouraged me to try new things as well.
I experienced phone sex and wrote many hot horny letters to him, knowing that when he read them, he was hard. He would write me back, describing every wonderful thing he would do to my body when he saw me next. We would read the letters and masturbate and bring ourselves off that way. Sometimes we would be so horny, we would meet up late in the night to satisfy our sexual needs. We both had our own places, so it was easy.
The first time I ever saw a man jerk off was with him. I was giving him a blowjob, alternating with my hand. He was starting to clench his muscles and I knew he was going to come. He pulled away and started stroking his cock which turned me on more than I thought it would. He started jerking off faster and with more pressure and then he spurted hot come all over my chest and started rubbing it into my breasts. When my hands and mouth left his body, I began masturbating my clit to orgasm, and I had never done that before in front of a man. It led to a major orgasm for both of us. I think that is what sparked my fantasies for having a man watch me masturbate while he's jerking off.
One night when we got together, he asked if I had ever watched pornos or played with toys. Well, yes I watch pornos and get very hot watching them, but at this point I had never used a toy, other than my moms 'back massager'. Steve suggested the next time we get together, we try some toys and lotions etc. I got hot every time I thought of getting together with him next. His suggestion also gave me the courage to go out and buy myself something fun! One night, I got up the nerve to visit an Adult Store and was amazed at all the types of sexual aids, games, toys etc. I finally decided on a pink latex dildo that was about 8 or 9 inches and fairly thick. I bought some lotions and lube and a porno as well. My pussy was wet and throbbing because I already arranged to meet Steve on this night. When I got to his house, I said, ' I have a surprise', and gave him the unmarked brown paper bag. He was impressed that I followed through on his suggestion.
We didn't hesitate popping the video into the VCR. As the movie played we began touching ourselves. As I mentioned, I was already wet and anticipating what that night would hold in store. Watching Steve fondle his hard cock as he watched me play with my pussy as the movie was playing made me so incredibly horny! He reached over and started fingering my pussy, as I massaged his shaft. He lubed up the pink dildo, and began teasing my clit with it. I began to feel really warm throughout my whole body and craved feeling something inside of me. The dildo was about an inch bigger than Steve and a bit wider. He began sliding it along my pussy lips back and forth, pushing against my entrance. I spread my legs wide and he began to thrust my pink dildo into me. I met his thrusts with my hips, arched my back and put my legs over his shoulders. He proceeded pumping me harder and faster with my new toy and he used his fingers and tongue on my clit. Again I had that sensation I had when I was young...I was tensing all over, my pussy was throbbing and then a huge wave of sensation and release came as I kept spurting and gushing all over the dildo and Steve's hand! He was amazed at the amount of fluid, as was I! He had heard of gushers but never met a woman that had one. And knowing that I hadn't lost control of my bladder allowed me to recognize and thoroughly be proud of and enjoy this accomplishment. We continued to get together for this type of fun for the next few months. It was awesome! He learned how to bring me to g-spot orgasm with his fingers as well. I was spoiled.
After this, I tried bringing myself to this type of orgasm myself. It took a few tries, but eventually I figured it out. I still use my pink dildo and mini vibrator on my clit when I want to bring these gushers on myself. Usually I am ready with towels underneath, fantasizing about a stranger or my husband watching me the whole time.
When I eventually met my hubby, we had no secrets. He learned how I re-discovered my g-spot, and was eager to learn the technique of the 'come here' motion as well.
I think that both masturbation and exploration are necessary in developing an understanding of what one needs and enjoys in order to be sexually fulfilled. It's a normal part of healthy living.
Cheers ...Here's to the evolution!



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