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Masturbation Conversation

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A true story


A true story.

I was then about 35 or so and had begun to get neck and back tension related to office work. I had gone to several Swedish-style masseuses for relief and while their treatment was ok I was put off by their clinical attitude. They invariably left me to undress alone, lie on my stomach then covered me with a towel at my waist throughout the massage. I wasn't necessarily looking for anything sexual but I thought a massage professional should be ok with nudity.

I called a number from a health store bulletin board and made an appointment with Carolyn, a licensed therapist who did Swedish massage. Carolyn was slim, darkhaired, about 28 or so, worked from her loft, had the self-possession of a big-city girl but with a relaxed demeanor.

After a brief interview Carolyn old me I could get ready for my massage. She made no move to give me privacy and it was evident she had no inhibitions about client nudity. She then asked me did I care for some tea? I found myself standing there naked drinking herbal tea in the kitchen of a woman I'd just met.

As it was a humid summer day Carolyn asked me did I want to take a shower? I said sure and she directed me to her bathroom and mentioned that she had a shower with a massager and I should try it. I immediately began to relax under the warm jets of her shower and turned the shower massager on my uncircumcised penis and balls and I soon had an erection. I thought that if Carolyn was ok with nudity she'd probably seen a few erections so I opened the door and stepped out to towel off. Carolyn was waiting for me only a few feet away. I didn't apologize and she only stared at my engorged penis while I dried myself. I said that I had enjoyed her shower massager. She replied that she could see that. Carolyn directed me to her massage room where I sat on the edge of her table with my turgid six inches pointing at her ceiling. She asked me could I lie down on my erection comfortably as she started her massage on the back. I told her it was ok, that it would go soft soon enough.

Carolyn proceeded with her massage all the while chatting amiably with me. She was ok with nudity in more ways than one. She told me that she had been to the beach that day, confided that she hated bathing suits, that she thought them 'the stupidest things ever invented' and that everyone should swim naked. She also told me about a nude beach she had once been to. Towards the end of the massage I said that she had missed something indicating my now soft penis. She wasn't offended, just said simply that I'd have to take care of that myself later on. I replied that I intended to as soon as I got home.

The next time I showed up for a massage Carolyn again offered me a cup of tea only after I had undressed and as before I stood in her kitchen sipping tea au natural. After I had showered I again appeared sporting an erection. Carolyn's candid gaze got me even more excited as I showed off my rampant rod. Lying naked on her table I told Carolyn that I had masturbated after our previous massage session. She gave me a little smile so I began talking to her about my masturbatory routine and she didn't try to change the subject. Since she was so openminded I asked her did she masturbate? She said that she did when she felt the need but of course preferred sex with her boyfriend. She then went over to a bureau and came back wtih a vibrator. She told me where she'd bought it suggesting I might want to pick one up, 'to use on your penis.' I told her that I might just do that.

When I showed up again a few weeks later I emerged from her shower as usual with an erection. Carolyn's relaxed attitude towards client nudity was very unusual as she was a trained, licensed masseuse but she certainly had no regard for professional convention when it came to nudity or erections. While she worked on me I told her about going to some Asian massage parlors that gave handjobs. She couldn't conceal her interest but she drew the line when it came to giving handjobs.

I told her the routine in the Asian spas, how after paying the entrance fee I would be led to a locker by a petite Korean girl dressed in a t-shirt and a short skirt. She would stand there while I undressed, wrap me with a towel and escort me to her room. She would have me lie down on a mattress on the floor while she sat across my legs working my shoulders with shiatsu massage technique. She would then walk on my back with her stocking clad feet balancing herself as she treaded up and down my spine. Next she would straddle my thighs sensually kneading my butt cheeks then lightly stroke between my butt and my balls and then ask me to turn over. This always provoked an erection which was usually greeted with a coy smile. She would give my front a little attention and then pointing at my hard-on ask me did I want it taken care of? Of course I did and she would proceed to oil her hands and manipulate me until I came.

My conversations with Carolyn became exclusively about nudity, masturbation, handjobs and sexuality, certainly more entertaining than the usual topics of the day. Unfortunately after only a few sessions with her Carolyn announced that she had decided to pull up stakes and move to Hawaii with her boyfriend. I told her I thought it was a great idea which she appreciated. I subsequently got a postcard from her saying she was very happy with her move but I wish she was still around.



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