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Masturbation Club

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Masturbation club
My husband and I are in our late thirties and had just come into alot of money so we moved out into the suburbs. The neighbors were a couple in their late forties with no kids, and the husband worked long hours and he was hardly ever home. Beth seemed to be alot of fun and we spent alot of time together now that I no longer had to work. My husband was in the process of opening his own company, so he was working lots of hours too. Beth and I would go shopping or out to lunch almost everyday, except on tuesdays ,because that was to day that she said she went to her club meetings. She never said what the club was and I didn't want to pry but one day I asked her and she said it was just a bunch of her friends that got together and fooled around. She didn't say anything more than that so I just forgot about it.
Over the months we got to be pretty close friends and sometimes she would start joking around about sex and how that seeing we hardly ever saw our husbands we had to keep each other company. One time on the way home from lunch she said she had to stop and pick up some batteries to keep her "little friend" happy, and she gave me a little wink as she said it. The way she said it could only mean she was
talking about a vibrator.
With all the hours my husband was working I had started to masturbate again, something I hadn't done since high school. Every few weeks I would fill the tub and slowly get myself off just using my hand, but after dropping Beth off that afternoon I felt really horny and before I knew it I was naked in the living room fingering myself to one of the best orgasms I'd had in years. I didn't get dressed right away and before the afternoon was over I'd done it 2 more times. I felt great and my husband even commented on how happy I was when he got home. Of course he was to tired and went right to bed and I thought that I'd seduce him in the morning but he said he was running late and had to get to work. I worked myself over in the shower and then didn't dress right away and did it one more time at the kitchen table.
Later when I picked up Beth she said maybe I would like to come to one of her tuesday meetings. When I asked what her and her friends did she just smiled and said they did what I did at the kitchen table that morning. When my mouth opened and I started blushing she said not to worry about it. She said all her friends masturbated at least once a day just to break the boredom of being home all the time. When she had come over that morning to ask me something and seen me nude at the table with my hands buried in my crotch she thought it was time to ask if I wanted to join her club. I told her that it had just been a spur of the moment thing and that I didn't think I needed to join her club. She just said ok but think about it and if I ever wanted to come along to let her know and then she changed the subject.
In the following weeks when ever I had my hands in my pussy I would think about Beth's invitation. Somehow it would always make me hornier and I would cum almost instantly. Finally I called Beth and asked if the invitation was still open and she said it was but that it was up to me and she didn't want to pressure me into doing anything I didn't really want to do. I told her I'd call her tuesday morning.
The following tuesday came and Beth picked me up about ten in the morning. She said she had told her friends about me and that I was not obliged to do anything I didn't want to do. When we got to the house that was hosting the meeting that week there were five other women there already. They all looked to be in their forties and fifties and after introductions were made they invited us into their card game. Beth explained that they usually played strip poker and I could join them if I wanted, but I declined and just sat off to the side and watched them. It didn't take long and amonst the jokes laughing and giggling the clothes started flying. The hostess was the first to loose all her clothes and she got up from the table and asked if I'd help her in the kitchen make some drinks. I had not seen another nude person besides my husband since college and I was more embarrassed than she was. She acted like nothing out of the ordinary was going on and didn't seem to mind that she was naked in front of someone she'd only met an hour before.
By the time we finished making the drinks and went back into the living room Beth was the only one that had any clothes on and all she was wearing was her bra. Now not only was I the only one still dressed but as I looked around I was the only one that had any hair on her pussy. Every one else was completely shaved. Beth came over and took the tray out of my hands and told me to sit down and just enjoy myself. The hostess had disappeared and when she came back she had a basket full of vibrators and dildos plus some other stuff that I didn't regonize. Each women in turn looked thru the basket until she found something to her liking and then sat on one of the chairs or couches.
Beth sat down on the floor right in front of me and spread her legs wide open. She took the vibrator she had and put it in her mouth then went straight to her open pussy and slid it in. She looked right at me and then turned it on and I could see that she was really enjoying this. I looked around and all the other women all had something either stuck in their pussies or up their asses. I was thoughally embarrassed but at the same time I could feel my pussy getting wetter. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer and took my clothes off and put my fingers to my crotch. Beth looked at me and smiled then pulled the vibrator she had in her snatch out and slowly slid it into me. I had never felt anything like that before and climaxed almost instantly.
It was a great afternoon and everyone came multible times. Beth explained that they had been doing this for years and looked toward tuesdays as the highlite of their week. None of them were lesbians but they just liked being naked and comming together in more ways than one. Since then I've become a permanent member and just like the rest now shave my pussy. Beth showed me how she did hers and how it turns into a couple of hours of pure pleasure. I'm now spending quite a bit of time naked around the house when my husband isn't home and I know I'm having alot more fun than I used to.



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