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Masturbation Biography

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I can remember playing with my little penis at the age of only 4. There was one particular incident, where my mother pointed out to me that my shorts were almost falling down. I hadn't pulled them up all the way after 'playtime'. I said they would slide down by themselves; she just laughed and said I should make sure not to get any sand into my penis since it's hard to get out again.

For my sixth birthday I was given a play tent for playing Indian and cowboy. The tent had pictures of people only wearing loincloth. That made me horny. So I got undressed and played in the tent completely naked. I remember having a raging hard on the whole time I was playing in the tent. I'm sure today that I was pretty close to an orgasm at this time, but since I didn't know about it, I didn't go for it.

It all felt great but after a while I put my clothes back on and played something else.

A few years later I had sometimes sleep-overs at my two cousins house. My older male cousin was about 12 years old at the time and the female one was just a few months older than I was. At those sleep-overs we all slept in the same room. Usually it ended up that I was doing a naked dance for them showing off my stiff boyhood. Neither of them ever showed anything.

When I was 11 my dad took one of my friends and me to the public pool each week for a while. While my dad was swimming his laps, we were playing around. We both usually had hard-ons and we rubbed them against poles or lights in the pool and childishly pretended that we had inseminated the pole...

At that time I didn't even know about orgasms. I still believed semen would fly through the air invisible. Apparently my friend didn't have a clue either. I actually don't think any of the boys my age had a clue about masturbation at that time.

The same year my class went to an overnight field trip. Six of us boys had to sleep in the same room in bunk beds. At night one of the guys pulled his penis out and started playing with it. He showed his hairless boner off which wasn't really anything special. He wasn't bigger that I was, hard. He played for a while which of course made all the other guys including me hard as well. But nobody else had the courage to do the same. After a while of playing the naked guy said he had to run and go pee. One of the other guys called after him to look in the urinal and see if he can see sperm swimming around. Well, of course he didn't see any.

When I got into seventh grade we got some guys into our class, which were already a year older. I envied them for their bulge in their jeans, while I didn't show much there yet. One time in gym class I saw one of the older guys show another one his balls to prove that he had already hair there. I was impressed with the size. He made sure that his penis could not be seen though.

This was also about the time when my parents took me to a public sauna every Friday, where everybody was completely naked. I didn't mind that much. But one time there was a girl my age there. She wasn't especially pretty but I could see that she had started puberty already. Her breasts had started to grow and she already had started growing pubic hair. That sight made me hard and I couldn't really do much about it. I tried cooling down in the cold tub but my hard-on would not go away. I saw that people started noticing and I was embarrassed. My penis was maybe 3 inches hard at the time. After that day I would not go to the sauna with my parents again.

Instead I stayed home alone while they were going and that gave me time to experiment with my 'toy'. I still had no clue about orgasms so I would just lie there, look at my hard-on and watch my balls and scrotum move by itself while it tensed up and retracted. I hated when my balls would almost disappear because they were so small. I knew at the time that I was close to puberty and couldn't wait to finally grow hair and get bigger balls and penis. Shortly before my 13th birthday I noticed the first blonde pubic hair on my scrotum and was very proud of them. I was also getting hard-ons on a regular basis but still didn't know what to do with them until one day I saw in a TV show a couple making love. They didn't show any particulars but the way the guy moved was enough to start me thinking. I needed to find a hole to put my penis in and move like this guy in the show did. I found a fitting hole in my bed cover box. It had a hole for a finger to lift the lid off. I took the stuff out of the box, undressed and laid down on the box. Then I carefully guided my penis into the hole and started moving like I saw on TV. After I while something started tensing up in my balls and I slowed down. After a little pause I stared moving again and the feeling came back. I did this stop and go for a while until I accidentally went over the edge. I could feel my penis grow even bigger in the tight hole, my balls tensed up like never before and after a few seconds of this overwhelming tense feeling my penis started twitching and I could feel that my balls tried pumping something out. After the orgasm had died down I pulled my penis out. It was wet from what had come out of it. Opening the box I saw a couple of drops of clear liquid on the bottom. That was my first orgasm. At that time I though I had become a man now.

I did this humping the bed cover box several more times this day. I didn't even care much that my parents were home and it was almost a miracle that nobody walked in on me that day. When my dad called me for dinner I was so proud of myself. I made a comment to him that I feel really weak today. I guess I was somehow hoping that he would ask why and that I could tell him that I was now a man. But he never enquired about it.

I kept humping the box for a few more months but eventually my penis grew too big for the hole and I switched to the fist method or I would hump a pillow. I have been masturbating almost every day since the first day. Most frequently right after I discovered the pleasure since I didn't need much time to recharge then.

With 14 my younger sister walked in on me once. I had locked the door but the lock hadn't snapped in. So she ran into me while I was in the middle of humping a pillow. I was so confused that instead of covering with the pillow I jumped up and my totally hard penis was in full view for her. I told her to leave the room. She asked what I was doing and all I could come up with was saying that I was changing for the shower. I know she didn't believe it but she left and never said a word about it again.

With 16 I had the first mutual masturbation session with a girl. It was great but I came way too early. With 18 I had real sex the first time.

Even though I'm married now, I still enjoy masturbation. Mostly mutual with my wife.



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