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Masturbation as Exercise

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Masturbation as Exercise
I feel kind of silly doing this, I don't know why but I'd like to share my story because it's kind of different from the others and hopefully it can help people.
I can mentally arouse myself. I have a really great imagination so I can just think a sexy thought and I'm ready. It's kind of a hobby of mine to collect different methods of masturbation through this site and others, I've tried pretty much everything, the shower nozzle (I'm working on getting a detachable one), the washing machine (mine doesn't vibrate enough), empty shampoo bottles to spray water on my clit and the suction of it on my clit and nipples, the vacuum but i like being really warm when i masturbate and the vacuum causes the air to move quickly and is too cold, tight jeans (that works to get me aroused but not to climax). I've tried rubbing my clit with pearls, with a spoon (both of those are great by the way except the pearls can be cold) but so far the shower head is the only one that really works for me. Unfortunately the one I have now is cheap and doesn't work that well.
I have a bathtub and a shower in one so what i do to get started is turn the knobs almost all the way to a nice temp. and direct the flow to the back of the tub and up so it's arabesque like a rainbow and i put my hands on the two widest parts of the tub in the corners and "stand" like a table (if anyone has done yoga or gymnastics they know this position) and let the water hit my mound. as it gets more intense i raise my pelvis up until finally I'm on my tip toes in a bridge position (also a yoga or gymnastics "pose) i can balance my weight on one arm and open my lips with the other, finally it gets too intense so i sit down in the shower and let the water hit my clit until i climax. this method is REALLY good excursus, as i said i masturbate as a hobby so i wanted to combine a work out with masturbating because sexual activity burns a lot of calories, and orgasms cause you muscles to tense which is good for tone. and I'm trying to get in shape and lose weight and its worked very well.
Body image is a big thing in society and part of masturbating is self love, with that technique I've exercised while I feel good and now am so proud of myself and find masturbating even more enjoyable now.
I've never had any substantial encounters with any one of the same sex, or the opposite sex for that matter. I'm a virgin and have never penetrated myself, or let anyone else do it just because when I listen to my body it doesn't sound like something I'm comfortable with. I've had a few boyfriends but I've only been kissed once. but i like it that way. because I've perfected my masturbation techniques i now know what i want sexually and it doesn't feel like any man at this point can do that for me. so i don't have to waste my time dating around because my self esteem is great because i love myself that i know what i want from a relationship from a non-sexual point of view. And I'm very proud of that.
what i do have a problem with though is once i get aroused i feel the need to climax immediately, it's frustrating because I'd really like it to last longer. so I'm trying some techniques like sitting here at the computer which is what i do for most of the day because I work online, is i clench my pelvic muscles (which is also great for toning, it makes your butt look very cute and my legs are in great shape) and keep doing it for as long as I can, then I use a makeup brush all over to get me more aroused and usually at that point I just have to jump in the shower and get off but I'm working on that.
I have some more smaller less effective methods that I won't go into but I will try to send them later, or on another site. but if anyone has any more similar ideas to share please post them because this site has given me a lot of great ideas and helped me a lot as a woman in general and there are others who don't experience any of this great self love or sexual fulfillment that need your help!
p.s. as i was spell checking this the word clit it seems is not in the spell check dictionary. i believe there are a lot of huge misconceptions about women's sexuality since men have been in control since probably around ancient Rome, and have stuck. I really urge any men reading this to put yourself in a woman's shoes for a little while and think about what kind of sexual advances and ideas a woman would not appreciate and talk to a woman about it, no one gets a chance to talk about their sexuality openly enough!
Thanks for reading! I hope it helps!



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