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Masturbation and Spanking - Part 2

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I suspect that many people felt their first intense sexual feelings after receiving or witnessing a spanking. This happened to me and my sisters.


I was 24 years old and in graduate school at the local university. The older of my two sisters was an undergraduate there. I was dating a slightly overweight “country girl” from a fairly straight-laced Protestant background. She was plain looking and full figured, with an ample bottom, large breasts (with huge “pie-plate” areolas), generous hips, and a thick, full bush of curly brown pubic hair. We were virgins when we met, and our sex life was pretty vanilla. It was always the same thing: missionary position at bedtime with the lights out. There was no foreplay and she didn’t like to have her clitoris or bottom touched. She seemed to have a thing for blue collar guys, particularly fireman (her dad was a retired firefighter). One night, I got back to our apartment and she told me that she had “met someone”; he was a local guy who installed sprinkler systems (close enough to a firefighter, I guess). I immediately asked if she had sex with him and she said yes. Self conscious about my size (I couldn’t fill her up), I asked her if he was bigger and she replied, “Ohh Yess!” I actually started to bawl and asked if I had ever sexually satisfied her. She told me that I felt “comfortable” inside her, but the sprinkler guy felt much bigger. She was my first love and I begged her not to break up with me. It was no use. She firmly dumped me and moved back to her parents’ house.

I was absolutely devastated about being dumped and eventually called my sister (the older of the two) for moral support. She came over to my place and I spilled my guts about the dumping, including the size issue. I knew that she had dated several different guys and was probably “experienced”, so I summoned up the nerve to ask her if a guy had to have a big, hanging horse dick to satisfy a woman. She giggled and hugged me. There seemed to be weird, uncomfortable sexual tension in the air. She replied that size was overrated and that she would prefer a nice, attractive, circumcised penis like mine to a “huge, dirty, veiny, uncircumcised schlong.” I was stunned and asked her how she knew about my penis and she asked, “don’t you remember when I saw you get those spankings?” I told her how embarrassed I was at the time and she softly whispered that seeing me get spanked turned her on. She told me that she wet her panties and felt a tingling in her belly at the sight of my bare fanny and penis. She continued, saying how delicious and arousing it was to see a me cry like baby as my bare bottom jiggled with each smack of Dad’s belt. She recounted in great detail how my small penis “shook and quivered” as Mom smacked my bottom, and that her clit positively throbbed when she saw that my testicles looked like “plump chestnuts” as Mom held my legs in the air. She continued to hug me and throatily admitted that both she and my other sister masturbated in their shared bedroom after my spankings. It was their first time, just like mine. I asked how she knew my other sister had masturbated, and she said that she could hear little muffled cries and moans in the darkness. She also admitted that she had masturbated over my spankings countless times since then.

As we continued to hug, I felt a stirring inside my underpants. I became rock hard and she must have felt it pressing against her. She reached down and started to stoke me through the fabric of my jeans and said, “I always wanted to see what your erect penis looked like.” She reached down, unfastened my jeans, and pulled them down. She slipped her thumbs under the waistband of my underpants and slowly slid them down, revealing my erect 4.5 inch cock. Unlike me, she pulled the waistband out before pulling my down underpants to avoid catching it on the tip of the penis – obviously, she was experienced in taking down men’s pants. I let out a moan of pleasure as the waistband slid down along the sensitive underside of my penis. She let out a gasp as my cock popped out, saying that it was exactly how she imagined it in her fantasies. She reached down with her right hand and began slowly stroking me with an underhand grip, with 4 fingers on the underside and the thumb along the top. I immediately began to whimper and moan from her soft, feminine touch. She cooed and gently told me that my penis was “cute” and “nicely shaped”, and that I shouldn’t be embarrassed by my ex-girlfriend’s selfish size comment. She mentioned that her ex-boyfriend was huge and it hurt when they made love, but her current boyfriend had “a smaller, more delicate cock”, a lot like mine.

I instinctively reached up to fondle her breasts and she slapped my hands away, saying that she only wanted to see my erect penis and watch me cum. She reached around with her left hand and gently slapped my bare bottom a couple of times while teasingly calling me a “naughty boy” for wanting to grab her breasts. She told me I could see them as long as I didn’t touch. She pulled off her sweater and unclasped her beige-colored lacy bra, revealing a pair of medium-sized breasts that were covered with baby powder. I giggled at the powder and she seemed a little embarrassed, saying that it kept her breasts dry and pleasant smelling.

She reached behind me again and ran her left hand up and down the crack of my bottom, passing over my anus and causing me to squeal in surprise. For a moment I thought she might shove her finger in my bottom, but she didn’t. She continued the gentle, underhand stroking for a few more minutes, saying embarrassing but arousing things like, “does the little boy need his balls drained ?” and “maybe mommy would have diapered you if she knew you masturbated after the spanking”. Sensing that my small balls were filled and boiling with semen, she changed to an overhand grip with her thumb on the underside of the shaft and 4 fingers wrapped around the top. She simultaneously reached underneath with her left hand and cupped my testicles, gently lifting them as she started her overhand strokes. She told me how much she loved my “little-boy balls”. Her strokes quickened and the frequency of my cries and whimpers increased. My scrotum retracted into my body and she commented that my balls had shrunken into “two little raisins.” The pleasure in my penis and tummy was indescribable as I arched my back and ejaculated, crying out with each spurt of semen. She expertly emptied my testicles by slowing her strokes during the ejaculation and gradually increasing her grip pressure, milking the remaining semen out as it flowed down her fingers. She continued to milk my rapidly softening penis until my pleasure finally subsided and I stopped making noises. “Oh my god!” she exclaimed while looking at the semen all over her hand and the kitchen floor, “you shoot a bigger load than my ex-boyfriend, and his balls were huge!”

She went to the bathroom and left me standing there in the kitchen. I heard the water running and doors slamming in the bathroom. She emerged with a warm, wet washcloth and a bottle of talcum powder. She used the washcloth to gently wipe the semen from my now flaccid penis and pubic hair. Her hand plunged underneath my penis as she cleaned my testicles and even gave my bottom a couple of little wipes. She wiped the semen from the kitchen floor and discarded the washcloth in sink. She cupped her hand and filled it with a generous amount of talcum powder, telling me that since I laughed at her powdered breasts, she would show me how comfortable my cock and balls could be. She reached underneath and gingerly powdered my balls, followed by another gentle powdering of my soft penis, which was sticking out like a little thumb. She finished by turning me around and powdering my bottom, giving me a few playful slaps as she did it. She pulled up my briefs and jeans, put on her bra and top, and made me promise to never tell anyone that she had masturbated me.



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