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Masturbation and Spanking - Part 1

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I suspect that many people felt their first intense sexual feelings after receiving or witnessing a spanking. This happened to me and my sisters


I was raised in a solid Catholic family and had NEVER masturbated up to the time when I was 18 years old. I barely would even touch my penis (I was taught that it was "dirty"). Even when peeing, I would just touch the tip with one finger and point it downward toward the toilet (pointing it DOWN should give you some idea about my penis size, but more on that later). I attended Catholic high school and was a sexually naïve virgin.

I was a good student, athlete, and I was always well behaved. I received very few spankings growing up. When I did, it was always the same procedure. Dad would send me to my room and meet me there a few minutes later. I would get a long, loud lecture about what I had done wrong. After the lecture, he would order me bend over and put my hands on my knees. He would then give me 2 or 3 hard smacks on my trouser-covered bottom with his open hand. He would usually ground me for a few days and it was over. I was a little embarrassed by the spankings, but they were in the privacy of my own bedroom and my bottom was covered by underpants and pants. My eyes would well up with tears from the little bit of sting and embarrassment, but I never cried and I was never sexually aroused by the experience. I respected Dad, and I felt that these infrequent punishments were appropriate; I never resented him for it.

Everything changed because of two humiliating spankings I received when I was 18 years old and a senior in high school. I was in a rebellious streak and had developed an attitude. My parents were starting to get a little frustrated with my arguing about chores and hanging out with some of my rowdier teammates on the football team. In the late fall, I was caught drinking and smoking in the school parking lot with some of the other players. I was suspended for one game (I was a pretty good player, too). It was the talk of the town, and the whole situation was very embarrassing for the school, my family, and me.

Two days after the incident, I got home from school and mom told me that my dad was coming home from work early (it was about 3:30 PM). I knew I was in big trouble with him, but I figured that I would get the usual private scolding and a couple of hard smacks on the bottom. Boy, was I wrong! When he got home, he called my entire family into the living room. Me, my mom, and two younger sisters (ages 16 and 14) duly reported. He sat on the couch and had me stand directly in front of him, facing him. He proceeded to scold me like a child for what seemed like an eternity. I fidgeted uncomfortably, wondering what was going to happen next, as this was a totally new thing to be scolded in front of everyone. When the lecture was over, he ordered me to untuck my shirt and lift up my shirt-tails (we wore dress shirts to school). To my horror, he then reached up, undid my belt and pulled my pants down to my knees. There I stood in my white underpants (we all wore white briefs back in the 70's!) in front of the whole family. I begged him not to take down my underpants because I didn’t want my sisters to see my fanny. He ignored me as he slipped his fingers into the elastic waistband of my briefs and pulled them down to mid-thigh. I was mortified. My sisters had NEVER seen my bare fanny, and my mother hadn't seen it in many years. It was so humiliating to be standing there, holding up my shirt, with my bare fanny and small penis on display to everyone.

Dad then took off his belt, folded it in half, and told me that I was going to get "a good licking" (he never used the word "spanking"). He firmly laid me across his lap and proceeded to spank my bare bottom with his belt. I whimpered like a girl and made little cries after each spank. I started to cry openly after 5 or 6 smacks. By the time it was over (maybe 20 or 25 smacks), I was kicking my legs and crying like a baby. He helped me off his lap and I hopped around for a minute while crying hard and rubbing my hot fanny. I suddenly remembered that I was fully exposed because I could see my two sisters staring intently at my bouncing, flaccid penis (I don't think the shirt entirely covered it). I quickly pulled up my underpants and trousers, and Dad continued the scolding while accompanying me to my bedroom. As we were walking out of the living room, he punctuated the scolding with a couple of open handed smacks to the seat of my pants, which added to the embarrassment in front of my sisters.

When we got to my room, he ordered me to put on my pajamas and he put me to bed like a naughty little boy (it was only 4 PM). This was the final embarrassment. I'm sure he told my mom and sisters at dinner that I had been put to bed! Of course, I couldn't sleep that night. I tossed, turned, and finally reached back inside my underpants and gave my stinging fanny a good rubbing. I developed a hard erection inside my briefs thinking about the humiliation. I fantasized about my sisters rubbing my fanny for me and teasing me about seeing my bare bottom. The tension in my penis was unbearable and I finally pulled down my pajama bottoms and underpants, exposing my erect cock. I remember snagging the waistband of my briefs on the head of my stiff penis as I pulled them down, making my hard cock bounce up and down. I sat on the edge of the bed, reached down, and for the first time in my life, started to gently stroke the shaft and circumcised tip. It only took a few light, quick strokes for me to cry out and ejaculate, with several long spurts of semen followed by lesser emissions that flowed over my slowing hand. I felt dirty and guilty, and didn't masturbate again until the second humiliating spanking about 6 months later.

My attitude had gotten bad again as I approached high school graduation. It was Saturday and my dad was out running errands or something. I was lying on the couch in shorts and a tee-shirt, being lazy, and I refused to do any chores or my homework. Mom yelled at me and I told her off in a very disrespectful way. I never spoke to Mom like this, and she was shocked and furious. My two sisters, of course, witnessed this scene. Mom lifted my legs up and managed to pull my shorts and underpants down in one swift movement. I started to struggle but for some reason she had a leverage advantage (I was laying on my back). She held my legs in the air like she was diapering me, and gave me about a dozen firm smacks on the bare bottom with her open hand until I broke free and ran to my bedroom, stumbling to pull up my shorts and briefs at the same time. My sisters were more vocal this time (probably because Dad wasn't there), and yelled, “we saw your pee-pee" as I ran up the steps.

I slammed the bedroom door and burst into tears from the embarrassment. I cried good and hard for a few minutes and then pulled my shorts and briefs down to inspect my stinging fanny in the mirror. I started to gently rub my bottom like before, and of course developed a firm erection while thinking about the spanking and being exposed in front of my sisters. I thought about their "pee-pee" teasing and the humiliating "diaper position" that exposed everything, including my testicles and anus. Again, the tension in my penis and the warm feelings in my tummy were incredible. I reached down while still standing near the mirror, took a light grip on the shaft, and began to gently stroke my penis. This time, I went slower and carefully inspected my erect penis for the first time. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was an important moment of sexual self-discovery. My cock was so hard that it felt like a sausage bursting out of its skin. It was a mild reddish-purple color and the skin was stretched so tight that it was kind of shiny. The head flared out on the top and came to a little rounded “v” on the underside; it looked kind of like a helmet. There was a little “thread” of skin on the underside that started at the “v” and terminated about 1.5 inches below it. This “thread” and the spot just below it were incredibly sensitive, even more so than the tip. I tried a couple of different grips and the most pleasing was a light-to-moderate grip with 4 fingers on the underside and my thumb straight across the top. It felt so huge and hard as I strained not to ejaculate. I had heard locker room talk that 5 to 6 inches was “average” size. I grabbed a ruler out my desk and measured my length. It was a little over 4.5 inches measured along the top of the shaft and 5.5 inches measured along the side. I felt good that my erect cock was in the average range because my flaccid penis never “hung” like some of the other guys in the locker room. It just sort of stuck straight out (maybe hanging just a little) and rested on top of my plump testicles. I continued my light strokes, concentrating on the sensitive underside just below the head. Just before I came, I noticed that my penis seemed to get even stiffer and a little bigger. I let out a series of urgent cries and ejaculated 2 or 3 strong spurts of semen onto the carpet, again followed by dribbles of hot semen that covered my hand and the shaft. I could feel my penis twitch in my hand with each spurt. This time, I didn't feel so dirty, and continued to masturbate while thinking about spanking for the rest of my life. I have always preferred masturbating this way, with light-to-moderate gentle strokes and no lubrication.

The spankings were never mentioned again in my parents’ household. I think Mom and Dad were embarrassed that they did it, and they strictly forbade my sisters from any further teasing. The whole thing seemed to be forgotten (other than my occasional private masturbation sessions), and I remained close to my sisters. Then, six years later, an amazing incident happened.



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