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Masturbation and Enemas

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A bout of constipation led to a wonderful discovery.


What had been the most humiliating event of my life opened me to new bodily pleasures that I have enjoyed ever since. As a young boy, I often had 'tummy-aches,' that amorphous discomfort often caused by constipation. My mother was usually quick to give me mineral oil or milk of magnesia as a laxative. The taste of these treatments was bad enough to keep me from complaining. However, my mother would usually notice my discomfort and make me take a dose.

When I was 13 I had become severely constipated and the milk of magnesia wasn't helping. Much to my horror, she told me she was going to give me an enema to relieve my discomfort.

Mom told me to take my pants off and lie on my right side on her bed while she prepared the enema for me. She came out of the bathroom with her half gallon red bag filled with warm water which she hooked to the headboard.

'This is going to make you feel much better, Michael. There's no need to feel ashamed,' she told me. A lot of good that did. I felt humiliated.

'I'm going to lubricate your butt with some KY jelly which may feel a little cold at first.' She put a gob of the jelly on her fingers and then rubbed around my tight butt hole. It felt good when she slid her finger in and I felt my face get really red.

She slid the enema nozzle inside me and released the clasp. The warm water felt amazingly good as it flowed in, but after a short while I began cramping. She stopped the flow until I felt better, then began it again.

Finally I felt like I was about to burst when mother said, 'You've done great Michael! You took in the whole bag. Lie on your back and let me massage it in.'

I curled up on my side not wanting to expose my hard 4' cock. 'Don't be embarrassed Michael. It's only natural for you to get an erection from an enema. Roll over and let me massage your belly. It will make the enema work better.'

Reluctantly I rolled onto my back, my cock sticking straight up. Mother acted as if everything was normal and started rubbing my belly to loosen up the blockage. A bead of precum formed on the head of my cock that lengthened until there was a string of it dripping onto my belly. Mom kept rubbing as if she hadn't noticed that.

Finally she told me to go to the bathroom and let it out. I wasn't sure I'd make it to the toilet in time so I rushed to get there. A flood of water erupted from me just as I sat down; it was an amazing feeling.

My cock continued dripping and I began idly rubbing it as I sat on the toilet. Shortly, I felt an urge to push and this time a huge amount of shit splashed into the water. Once the blockage was cleared, I kept on shitting for what seemed like a long time while I began to stroke my cock.

My focus shifted from my expulsion to the feelings in my cock as I stroked it. I'd stroked it before, but never ejaculated. Instinctively I stroked faster as the pressure built and suddenly a huge wad of cum gushed out of my cock hitting the side of the bathtub. Several more gobs shot out as I continued expelling the enema. These dual pleasures were amazing to this young boy.

Fifty years later, I still love having an enema and masturbating. There's nothing quite like having an orgasm as the warm water pushes the shit out of me.

Thank you mom for introducing me to this wonderful pleasure.



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