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Masturbation Adventures

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How it all began.


I was just 13 when my body began to change, Going through puberty, new hair appearing in places I never thought would grow there. The wet dreams and my unexplained boners. I didn't really know as much about puberty as I probably would have wanted to. I'm going to cut to the chase of my first orgasm.

I was sitting on a beanbag one day just watching tv and what do you know I get yet another unexplained boner but for some reason this one just felt different. It was like my dick was telling my hand to touch it. I pulled my boner out the side of my shorts and examined it, it was rock hard. I got my thumb and my pointer finger and just began to massage the head of my uncircumsized dick. Actually felt really good and I could not stop myself. Something was telling me to pull my foreskin back and forth so I began to do so slowly. I couldn't believe how good this felt. I picked up some speed and then suddenly I got up and ran to the toilet thinking I was going to pee. But when I got there nothing came out. I pulled down my shorts sat on the toilet and proceeded from where I left off. Pulling my foreskin back and forth at a reasonable pace about two minutes later I picked up speed and that feeling came across yet again like I wanted to pee but I thought quick. I was already in the toilet and if I peed everywhere nothing a mop couldn't fix. I continued to pull my foreskin back and forth and all of a sudden my body went all tingly my dick began to pulsate and bam, this white stuff come shooting out of my dick. Like 4 streams, Omg I couldn't believe how good it felt as I collapsed back onto the toilet. I cleaned myself and the toilet up as I came back down to earth. Wow I thought, That was awesome but was that normal? I began to freak out as I only knew pee was suppose to come out of my penis. I went straight to the computer and on the Internet and searched things like 'White stuff came out of my penis' etc. I later learnt after an hour of searching that what I just did was normal and the white stuff the came out of my dick was sperm and that I just masturbated. My first orgasm certainly not my last.

I lived in a two story house and I was lucky to have my bedroom down stairs, this is where I would spend plenty of time masturbating. The same day of my first orgasm, night time came around and I had my dinner and shower, watched a little tv and than it was bedtime. I had gone downstairs and locked up, jumped into bed and took off my boxer shorts and began to rub my dick again. It became hard quick and I started pulling my foreskin back and forth again. I started off slowly at a regular pace and picked up speed after a period of time and I could feel the magic feeling building up in my dick again. Picked up speed again and as I did my dick got incredibly hard an I could feel my pulse through my dick and yep it happened again. Shooting another lot of sperm out of my dick, it felt as good as my first orgasm. The sperm landed on my bed and on my chest. Being a curious kid I wondered what it would taste like, so I grabbed a little bit with my finger and brought it to my nose and had a smell and than I put it in my mouth. I don't know weather I liked it or not but hey, got to try things at least once in your life. I cleaned myself and fell asleep as I knew I had school the next day.

My mum woke me, I got changed and all the normal things you do to get ready for a school day. Off to school I went. It was about forth period, I was sitting next to this girl I really liked. Not paying attention to the teacher my mind wondered off thinking about this girl and what do you know, my dick became hard quick. I had to re adjust myself and when I did I put my hand up and asked the teacher if I could go to the toilet. With her permission I basically ran to the toilet, went into the cubicle and locked the door and pulled my pants down to release that hard dick. I yet again stroked myself into a wild frenzy, yet this felt better than the last night maybe because I was doing it at school. I was masturbating myself hard and fast because at that time we only had five minute toilet pass. Before you knew it out shot some more sperm going over the toilet floor. What an orgasm I thought to myself. I don't know why but I pulled up my shorts and just left my sperm on the floor not bothering to clean it. I returned to class, this was my third orgasm since my very first.

School bell rang for us to go home, yes you may say that I became an addict of masturbation pretty quick but it felt great and I couldn't get enough of it. I know all you guys reading this now would have had two maybe three orgasms in the very first day of finding this new pleasure. I got on my bike and pedaled home, I went to my bedroom and stripped naked and began to masturbate. Within 10 minutes I had my fourth orgasm.

Without making this too much longer, wherever I could masturbate I would. At home, in the shower, at school, the shopping centre, the caravan park toilets that were down from home, the local pool toilets, public toilets, friends houses, I had even had an orgasm in class placing my dick between my leg and underwear opening my legs and closing my legs which would bring my foreskin back and forth.

Later learnt my friends masturbated as well and began to masturbate with them or masturbate each other to a long slow orgasm. At the age of fourteen that girl I had liked I ended up dating her and we even masturbated each other. My cousin Samantha and I even masturbated each other but that came about because I caught her this one time.

Thank you for reading my encounters of masturbation, I am sorry if it was long and happy masturbating. Hopefully will grace you with more stories soon.



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