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Masturbation Adventure With Friend

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Sorry its a large story but I hope you enjoy!


My story begins at my friend's house. I was staying over for two days because my parents were out of the city and couldn't take me with them. I had already stayed at her home before, she lived with her mother and her older sister. I really loved to go to her house because her mom didn't cared what we did on the house, nudity at my friend's house was a normal thing; but I always kept my bra and panties on, so my friend's mom also told her to keep her underwear for not making me feel uncomfortable. The only rule her mom ever told to me was to take off my shoes before entering and always to wear socks inside the house.

When I arrived I found my friend with only her blue bra and panties. I took off my shoes and we went to her room. She told me she had to show me something really exciting, she signalled me to go to her sister's bedroom and we did. We hid in the room's closet. Her sister had just arrived and was downstairs, but it didn't took long before she got to her room and locked the door, stripped down her clothes and putted some music. After that we both saw her as she masturbated with a long purple dildo until she came.

I still had all my clothes on but my friend was in her underwear and I could see her panties were very wet and ocassionally touched herself down there. Suddenly I hear her sister's voice saying: 'Hey girls get out of there I know you're watching'. My friend opened the door gigling but when we came out I was terrified because I thought she would punish us or something, but she just told us to get out of her room as she put a nightshirt on.

I was heavily aroused by the experience, and after some minutes I decided take my shirt and pants off, so I was with only my pink panties and bra and my low-cut socks. After that my friend asked me if I've ever masturbated and I answered yes. She told me that she wanted to do it, and I told her it was okay for me; so she started stroking her clit, her mom came and saw us several times but acted as if we weren't there, and after a few minutes I saw my friend arching her back and moaned really hard.

Later that day she asked me if I wanted to masturbate with her sister's dildo, I was excited but also embarassed of only thinking about it but at last I answered yes. So we asked her sister if she could borrow her dildo. She agreed but told us that we had to put a condom on it. Neither her nor my friend had one so we put our clothes on and went to the drugstore for some. I was very embarassed so for showing me that nothing happened my friend entered and bought a package with three, then she told me to do the same. I entered and bought the same package as she.

The we went to her house and stripped to our underwear. We took the dildo and placed the condomn on it. My friend was first she orgasmed really quickly. Next it was my turn, I took off my panties and slid the dildo inside. It was hard at first but after a minute it became really good. I orgasmed and when I took it out lots of cum came out. I whipped it out with my panties. We did the same both days lots of times. I just had one change of panties so I used them both by the end of the first day and I had to use one of my friend's panties. By the second day I had enough courage for walking completelly naked around the house with my friend. We even got to her fronyard naked!!!



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