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Masturbation Addict Again

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I wrote last November about my love of masturbation, this is how I carried on.


Hi, I'm writing to tell you more about my love of masturbating. I'm 49 and from the south of England. I wrote in last November telling how getting a pc and finding chat rooms changed my life. I started to masturbate every day, some times all day, I met a lady in a chat room and she got me interested in masturbating outside. I soon learned to enjoy myself outside as often as I could. I took to walking down my high street in just a coat and going shopping in just a coat, then I found a wonderful place about three miles from my home, a very quiet secluded place. It's a hilltop path that goes round the top of the hill and is about a mile long, there is only one dirt road to it. I found that I loved to go there in the late evenings and walk about naked on the path, I spent hours there masturbating myself to some endless and amazing orgasms. I would get so horny I would walk naked as far as I dared, sometimes going right round the hill path at night, nude, stopping to lay on the grass and masturbate six or seven times on the way round. I tried to get as daring as I could, the excitement of being naked in a public and open place was like no thrill I have ever had before, I became addicted to masturbating. When I wasn't doing it I was thinking of doing it or planning where I was going to do it. I spent whole days at home when I was alone in front of a mirror with my legs apart playing with myself, I would sometimes stay up till two in the morning masturbating. I would be so sore, my clit hurt and my lips were so red it was like a torch, but I loved the feeling. I put anything I could find into me to help me get off, household products, fruit, toys, my fingers, I would rub myself on the side of my bed post or the edge of my living room sofa.

The feelings that this gave me was awesome, I had the most mind blowing orgasms of my life, they just swept over me like a wave, one after another, sometimes when the mood hit me I had to stop whatever it was I was doing and quickly drop my knickers. I have done this in traffic jams and in clothes shops, masturbating in a changing room till I squirted with people just the other side of the curtain.

The most pleasure I get is from being naked outside, I'm not in bad shape for a 49-year-old lady. I have 38d breasts with very big nipples and I still have a nice slim figure with a tight flat bottom and a nice curve of my hips. I don't shave my pussy but I do keep it trimmed. I love to go nude outside, I plan my trips to the downs carefully, making sure I go at times when there is likely to be no one about. I get there at dusk so I can still see anyone walking on the hills but if anyone drives up the road I can see and hear there car coming. I start off just walking about with my coat open, then I walk to the bench at the top of the hill, check about to make sure it's clear then leave my coat there. I stand there for a few minutes feeling how lovely it is to be naked like that, then I walk along the path playing with my nipples as I walk, stopping now and then to rub my clit or pull open my lips so I can rub myself. I walk further and then sit on the grass with my legs really wide apart and start to play with myself. I rub my clit and push on it then I put a few fingers in me, then I lay back on the grass and go mad.

I rub my clit so hard it hurts at first but always gives me a really powerful cum. I scream out loud as I cum and the pleasure runs through me like a heatwave, I then walk further along the path and stop again, sometimes I go to the fence at the edge of the downs and put one foot on the fence so I'm pulling my legs apart really wide, I then spend ten minutes playing with my clit till I feel another real lovely cum. I like to stand when I cum as well as it makes my juices run down my legs. Sometimes if I'm in a totally dirty mood I put things in me, I have walked about with my knickers on with a dildo or half a cucumber in my vagina held in by my knickers. It's so nice to walk along feeling it stretch me. Then I can use the toy to make myself cum over and over. I also have a favourite little pile of rocks on the side of the hill in a small out crop. They are big and smooth and round and sometimes I love to sit on them as I masturbate or rub my clit on them. I sit with my lips open over the edge of one very big rock, it has lovely smooth edges and feels so nice on my clit, it's always cold and I love to rock back and forward on it. I know it sounds odd but if I cum like that I like to lick my cum and juices off the rock, it makes me feel so dirty and sluttish. I'm always looking out for new ways to have fun, I think about new methods and games all the time. I chat to my friends in the chat rooms and tell them what I get up to, they think I'm mad but I can't explain how amazing it makes me feel.

I recently found a new place to go to, there is a nature reserve not far from my house, I can drive there and park in the car park and wait till late evening. The first time I went there was a few weeks back and it was so exciting, having a new place to walk about in and find new fun ways to cum. I waited till the car park was empty that evening, I had a long loose dress and my long coat on, I had looked about before and walked along some of the nature paths so I knew where to go, there was a path that went about half a mile into the woods, I followed this till it came to a big clump of trees with lots of leaves, it was easy to find as they were the tallest trees in the area.

I took off my coat and then stood still for a few minutes listening to make sure no one was about. When I was sure it was ok I took off my dress and put the dress and coat into some tall grass at the base of one of the trees making sure they were well hidden, but I knew where they were. I walked along the path for a few yards then turned off, there was a small track that went at right angles to the path into the woods. As I walked along it, it grew fainter till in the end it ran out but I could still walk amongst the trees.

The feeling was so nice, naked and horny, I sat on some fallen leaves and leant against a tree and opened my legs. I had a lovely long slow play, I was loving the feelings washing over me and I had a fantastic cum. Long and slow but very intense, after I had caught my breath I stood up and walked a bit further, I found a stand of new trees about three metres high with smooth bark, I had an idea and I stood in front of one tree and leant back slightly so I could push my pussy up against the tree. It was nice, I grabbed the trunk and slid slowly up and down it like a pole dancer does. Felt so nice, my pussy was really wet and my clit was very hard and sensitive, then I needed to pee but instead of moving away I peed up against the tree, it felt so hot running out of me. When I had done peeing I pushed forward onto the trunk and started to rub myself and down, I got faster and faster as I neared cumming. I grabbed the tree and pushed my pussy as hard against the small trunk as I could, it was awesome. I came like a train, my legs shaked and I was groaning and whimpering. My pussy was quivering and my legs were shaking, I sat back and rested for a few minutes then I thought of another way to use the tree, my juices had run down the thin trunk making it slippy, I got down on all fours so I was backing up to the trunk with my pussy up against it. I started rubbing up and down the trunk, on all fours bum against the tree trunk, that felt nice, and I could go up and down faster that way, I had another lovely powerful cum. I kept my pussy pushed up against the trunk till my cum had passed, then I stood up shakily and looked about, it was getting very dark in the trees so I decided to head back to my clothes and car. I walked along the path looking for the stand of trees but I couldn't find them, it all looked so different in the dark. I did panic a little as I thought I would end up lost and naked in the woods. I tried to go back the way I had come but I couldn't find the small track I had come along, after about 20 minutes I heard a car a long way off and knew that that was the road. So I walked through the trees and bushes listening for cars as I went, eventualy I came to the edge of the wood and the car park, I had come out of the trees a lot further down than I had gone in and my car was about 300 yards along the edge of the road. I decided that as it was late and so few cars came past I would walk back through the car park.

I stepped out from the trees and started walking, I knew it was dangerous but it was also exciting and my clit was throbbing again and my nipples were demanding some attention. So I walked through the car park pulling my nipples and pinching them. When I got to my car I found the path I had gone in on and walked along it, I had to stop for another pee but this time I just opened my legs and let it cum out. When I had done I resumed walking, it only took me 20 minutes to see the tops of the tall trees, I found my way there and found my clothes, I shook the leaves and grass off of them and was going to put them back on, but it was totally black by now so I walked slowly back to the car nude. When I got there I checked to see that no one had drawn up since I had walked past, then I put my dress and coat down behind my car, I was feeling very horrny again and I wanted to do more dangerous things, I slowly walked in a half crouch to the road side and stood behind a tree. I looked both ways to make sure there was nothing coming and I couldn't hear a car, then I slowly walked across the road, it felt so amazing. Walking nude across a major road, I got to the other side and stood behind a bush and started to masturbate again, my pussy loved the danger and I really needed to cum again, I was there for 15 minutes really going to town on my clit. Rubbing and pushing hard and fast and slipping some fingers into my pussy at the same time, I had a really powerful cum and let out a massive groan and lots of gasping when it hit me. I calmed down and got my wits back and decided I should get back before I was caught. I listened to make sure no cars were coming along, then I walked back to my car and slipped my coat on and got my keys out. I drove home in a state of totally orgasmic bliss, thinking of how far I had walked and how many ways I had made myself cum had me in a total state of shock. I thought I must be going mad to do it but the feeling was like no thrill I have ever had before, I got home and undressed and spent the next three hours rubbing myself off to as many orgasms as I could before my clit was on fire.

I hope you liked my admissions and I'll keep you posted as to what I do next, I'll write more often. I love the fun and the feelings I get from doing all my dangerous fun but I'll never give it up.




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