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Masturbation Accepted as Normal at Home

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Masturbation Accepted As Normal At Home
I grew up in a part of the country where for 10 months of the year it is warm enough to live totally naked. Our family lives this way as much as possible. I know that many "nudists" or "naturists" claim sex has nothing to do with their lifestyle, but certainly in my case and with most of our family this isn't true.
My parents were "hippies" and it was and is a case of "anything goes" as long as it doesn't hurt others. I was the youngest of 3. My brother is 3 years older than me, then my sister and a year and a half behind her is me. I shared a room but not a bed with my brother. We, as everyone else, slept naked. I've never owned pajamas of any kind and have never worn them. I never knew until later that my brother (and sister) masturbated as soon as they were old enough. I knew my parents had sex as I often saw them engaged in it and accepted it as normal behavior (which, of course it is) But to get to my first experience.
About age 12 I started developing and found my penis growing and pubic hair starting. I discovered I was getting like my brother! One night I started playing around and reached climax and ejaculation. It was wonderful so I repeated it when I woke up next morning before getting ready for school. That night and the next morning was a repeat performance. Then my mother changed the beds. When i came from school she took me aside and gave me a roll of toilet paper and said no one cared how often or where I did it, just catch the cum and don't stain up the bedding. It was all out in the open and fully acceptable. I was told that having an erection is normal, nothing to be ashamed of, something that didn't need to be hidden, and that if I wanted to "play with myself" to do so.
With the new experience I must admit that I was "at myself" a lot. My brother & sister said they did it too, but that I sure was more frequent than either of them, and that they never masturbated except in private. I would masturbate whenever and where ever I could at home, would be naked as much as possible and liked to keep my member hard as much of the time as I could. After a time the novelty or newness wore off but I continued to masturbate at least twice a day and now several years later still masturbate when i can't engage in intercourse.
I would like to state that there were A few times when my brother & sister were involved in mutual masturbation but for the most part it was a personal (but not necessarily on my part) private matter. Today as an adult, while I still spend a lot of time naked and view nudity and sex as intertwined, I am not able to enjoy those carefree times I did as an adolescent growing up without all the stigmas so prevalent in our society



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