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Masturbated While "Asleep"**

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Masturbated by my friends friend while I "slept".


I was 27 and travelled to another city by plane to visit my friend for her 40th birthday party. I thought I would be staying at her house overnight before my flight the next day, but when I arrived at the airport I was taken to the party which was at her friends house, and ended up drinking too much too early and my friend put me to bed. I was really horny in bed, playing with my dick through my briefs, but I must have fallen asleep because I was suddenly woken up by someone coming into the room. I recognised the guy as Stuart, a school teacher I had talked to outside, and guessed it was his house I was at. There were no more party noises coming from outside and the house was quiet.

Stuart switched on the lamp, and the light hurt my eyes. I remained on top of the bed pretending I was asleep but I opened my eyes enough to spy on him as he got ready for bed. A couple of times he turned around and stared at me but I quickly shut my eyes. He left the room and I sat up and realised I'd left my fly wide open after playing with my dick and that is what he had been staring at. I looked around but I couldn't see my backpack with the change of clothes I packed, and soon he came back. I apologised for sleeping on his bed and offered to take the couch, but he told me someone else was sleeping there.

As I took another sip of water, Stuart suggested that I get changed for bed, and after I told him I wasn't sure where my backpack was, he told me I could borrow some of his clothes. I felt my dick starting to get hard in my pants and started stalling. He came over and pulled my tshirt up over my head. I undid the button on my jeans and tried to pull them down, except that I was still wearing my shoes. Stuart bent down to help me and soon I was standing completely naked and starting to get rock hard in my grey briefs. I tucked my dick under so it wouldn't stand out as much.

I quickly found the tshirt and some satin boxer shorts he gave me and put them on. My dick was harder than ever but I got under the covers and curled up with my back facing his side of the bed.

Stuart got into bed and turned off the light and rolled around until he got comfortable. I wasn't sure where he was and I was too scared to roll over and find out so I lay very still and tried to fall asleep. I felt my dick getting harder in my pouch and was starting to ooze out, and I was happy to be wearing briefs to absorb the mess.

After a while he rolled over and I felt a hand brush the back of my thigh, but I pretended I was asleep. I felt more precum oozing out of my dick onto my balls, and when I pinched my dick through the briefs the fabric was very wet and sticky.

Stuarts hand once more brushed my leg, and I rolled over slightly until I realised he was very close to me, but not quite touching my back. His hand slowly explored my leg further until it found the opening of the boxer shorts and my inner thigh, and he ran his flat hand up my leg and around my bulge, slowly discovering the boner I had tucked under my balls. I thought I heard him mumble "oh yeah" as he cupped my balls through my briefs and tried to reposition my dick so it was facing up. As he did this his fingers slipped under the elastic to tickle my pubes and balls.

I tried to reach over to his dick and felt it poking out through his sweatpants. He wasn't wearing any underwear and he was very wet himself, but he gently stopped my hand, and continued to massage my dick and balls through my briefs.

Stuart's hand explored the wide, black waist elastic, slowly lifting it so his hand could enter my briefs. He found my penis pulled it up and out of the pouch, flicking precum everywhere. Nothing was said and I continued to pretend I was asleep.

Precum was gushing out into his hand as he started stroking my dick softly, and as soon as he found a good rhythm I felt the rush of orgasm. Before I could stop my entire body tensed and I slowly blew a hot thick load into his hands while he pumped my dick harder. I moaned so that he would stop, my dick was sore and tender but the orgasm had felt so great. The inside of the boxer shorts was a hot and sticky mess, and after I finished cumming he pulled his hand back and rolled over so his back was facing me once more. My orgasm was so intense that I fell asleep quickly, not sure of how to react to the situation.

I woke up the next morning unsure of what had happened the night before, and why Stuart had not let me jerk him back. My briefs were still wet and sticky but the stain on the boxer shorts had dried. I got up to go to the bathroom I saw that people from the party were outside and cooking breakfast. After I finished peeing I went back into his room and sat down.

I heard a knock at the door and it was Stuart, still wearing his sweat pants. He had found my backpack.

He didn't say anything about the night before and I was embarrassed that I had blown so quickly, and after he gave me my backpack he pulled down his sweatpants and I got my first look at his dick, it was a definite grower hidden in a huge bush of pubes. I would never have expected that a man with not much hair on his body could have such a thick bush. He quickly pulled on a pair of red briefs and shorts and returned to the party without saying much.

I felt uncomfortable hanging around, so I got changed into a fresh pair of my own clothes and took a taxi to the airport and sat in the food court for a few hours. I left my soggy grey briefs behind on his floor, hoping he would find a good use for them.



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