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Masturbated By Cousin

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Just prior to my first masturbation experience, I had been having erections while in my bed at night, but i didn't know what to do about it. I would try to push my little penis down with my fingers but that only made the situation worse, but finally my erection would subside and i would go back to sleep. At this age, I already knew that sex was a no-no, so did not dare ask my parents about this.
This even happened in the Fall of 1950, but I can still remember it quite vividly as it made a lasting impression on my young mind. This took place at my grandparent's home on a Sunday afternoon while all of the adults were sitting outdoors under the trees, while us kids were in the living room of the house all to ourselves. The subject of sex had been brought up as it most always will when two or more boys get together in a private setting. My brother and I were the youngest of the group, my brother was only 5 years old. My first cousin by the name of Curtis asked me if I Knew what 'Jacking' was? I replied that I did not. He then asked me if I would like to know what it was?, and I replied that I would like to know. Since the subject had been about sex, I figured this would concern my goober, so I was all for it, even though I did not really have a clue what it was about. Cousin said for me to follow him into the adjacent bedroom and that he would show me what 'Jacking' was. I enthusiastically followed him to the bedroom as he told me to lie down on Grandma's old wooden trunk behind the door and alongside of the wall, as he did not want to mess up one of the beds. I was a real small about nine year old so as i laid down on this old trunk it was big enough to stretch out on with my feet hanging over the edge a little bit. My cousin knelt down beside of me on his knees and reached over and undone my belt, opened my fly buttons(no zipper here)and slid my bluejeans down to my knees, he then grasped my under wear and pulled them down to my jeans leaving my private parts fully exposed. Although I never had this happen before, it did not alarm me at all as I was definitely for it. Cousin grasped my little penis and as far as i can remember, I was still soft and he did not have much to work with as he put his index finger and thumb on my little pecker and began an ever-so-slow up and down motion on my foreskin and at first i didn't feel much of anything and I thought to myself 'what good is this going to be'. But it wasn't long before things began to change as my little shaft became erect and much bigger as I began to have some real good feelings. In another minute or so i was experiencing feelings that were so intense, that they were indescribable to a almost nine year old boy. I continued to lay there soaking up all these wonderful pleasures hoping this would last forever as my cousin continued to stroke my foreskin up and down over my glans causing electrical type impulses to shoot all over my boy body. I felt my little body tense up somewhat as i stretched out my legs as far as they would go as my toes turned up, not having a clue as to how this was going to end. I was feeling so good that I realized that I couldn't stand much more of this as cousin brought me to an orgasm (dry) when i exclaimed, 'stop, I can't take it any more', but cousin kept on stroking my little penis a few more seconds, when once again, I said, STOP, I can't stand it', at which time he did stop with my penis twitching back and forth as he removed his fingers from it at which time it lost it's erection and fell flat on my balls. After a little relaxation period and a regaining of my composure, I got up from the trunk and frantically began to get my clothes fixed back, fearing an adult might come in the house and catch me in this condition. My soft penis was real sensitive for a few minutes after this event and it continued to be this away each and every time I masturbated until my Puberty. I have wished many a time that I could go back to this time in 1950 and repeat this experience once again as it was on of the most enjoyable events of my life. I will always be grateful to my fist cousin for sharing his knowledge and showing a little boy how to experience so much pleasure which gave me several years of dry orgasms before I reached Puberty. This is my personal true story as best I can remember it, Hope you enjoy it.



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