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Masturbated by a Stripper

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A night I will never, ever forget...


On the day of my 21st birthday, a couple of my girlfriends said they were taking me out to celebrate and when they picked me up we immediately went to a bar. We had a couple drinks there and since we were downtown, we decided to bar-hop because there were lots of places within walking distance. We were out for a while and I was feeling pretty good from the alcohol, and they then told me they were taking me to a strip club. Normally I would baulk at the idea because it's not really my kind of place, but having a few drinks in me made it seem like a fun idea.

They paid for me to get in and, even for a Tuesday night, it was pretty crowded. We walked around for a few minutes scoping out the place before some seats opened up at one of the stages. We took a seat and waited for the next dancer to come up, and I have to say, I was both nervous and excited. I'm not into girls, but just seeing them walking around naked like they were with no shame, almost proud to show off, I was intrigued. When they announced the next girl the stage got a little more crowded and she started on the other side, and by the time she came around her top was already off. Normally I would have died of embarrassment at this, but one of them lifted my arm up and shouted out that I was 21 that day. The crowd started cheering and whistling, and the stripper grabbed my hand and motioned for me to come up on stage. I got out of my chair and climbed up and my friends were clapping and squealing at what I was doing. She pulled me close and started grinding against me and she whispered in my ear 'lose the shoes, don't want you to slip up here.' I kicked them off and danced barefoot with her, and then she started pulling up my shirt. Like I said, any other time I would have acted like a turtle and hid in my shell, but that night I went for it. She pulled off my top and unhooked my bra, flinging it at my friends. She then unzipped my jeans and pulled them down, leaving me in my underwear like she was. I walked around the stage and did my best to try to show off, and when I turned back around her panties were gone and she walked back towards me. She put her arms over my shoulders and said to me...'get naked.'

She didn't have to tell me twice, and I wiggled out of them in no time, leaving me completely naked. She grabbed my butt and slid her thigh between mine, essentially forcing me to hump her leg in front of everyone. I didn't care, I grabbed her back and started sliding up and down her leg on my tiptoes. In maybe 15 seconds I came and had to hold myself up against her. I thought it was over but she spun me around and sat me down, getting behind me and hooking her feet around my knees, spreading my legs wide open, right in front of my friends. They couldn't believe what was happening and neither could I, she had one hand on my tummy and the other on my dripping wet vagina, masturbating me in front of everyone. It felt amazing and I leaned my head back and started moaning, and she really started tearing into me. I couldn't tell if it was a minute or an hour, everything seemed like it was going in slow motion, but eventually I came harder than I ever had before, feeling my juices running down. The crowd went nuts and she laid me down and climbed over me, told me I did great and kissed me right on the lips. When the music stopped she rolled off and started gathering up the money, and I sat up and looked for my clothes. A few seconds later she handed me some of the bills and told me 'I think you deserve some of this, but I get to keep these' holding up my panties. I smiled and took the money, maybe $25, and with my hands still shaking pulled on my clothes.

When I got down I felt like I was floating. I had never felt like it before and it was fantastic. I flopped down in my chair and both of them were talking a mile a minute about what I just did. All I could do was smile and nod. A little time went by and I told them we should go to the bar, my treat since I earned a little money that night. When we got up I asked where my shoes were and one of them said she put them in her bag so no one would steal them. She started to get them and I told her 'nah, I'm comfy like this' and spent the rest of the time there and the cab ride home in bare feet. The driver took me to my place first and they walked me to my door and I thanked them for a fantastic night, and when I went inside and got in bed, I couldn't sleep. I was wide awake and my heart was pounding just thinking about what happened. I was unbelievably horny and couldn't stand it, so I grabbed my vibrator and went to work, not stopping until I had two more spine-tingling orgasms. I finally fell asleep and when I woke up I was laying naked on top of my sheets, vibrator laying next to me, mouth dry and my head was pounding. I dragged myself to the shower and then made some coffee, not even bothering with my clothes or robe. I poured some and fell onto the couch, thinking about what happened the night before. I felt like a train wreck but I gotta say, it was the best birthday I could have asked for.



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