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Masturbate on the Interstate

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This experience took place on a Texas Interstate while driving home for the weekend from my college internship about 2 1/2 hours away. Good fun and would recommend anyone to try. Please feel free to comment!


To give a short background to the story I am a 23 year old male college student and am currently working on an internship that it about 2 hours away from my home town and college (which are in the same city). So I live on site at the internship all week so when I get my weekend break I like to drive back home to relax and hang out with friends and have some alone time with a girl I'm talking to.

So now it is time for my weekend break, and I've packed up and am on the road dreading the 2+ hour drive ahead of me. I try listening to some music to entertain me but I'm just not feeling anything on the radio or my iPod so I try an audio book to pass the time. This works for a little while but after a few chapters I start getting restless. It's not just any kind of restlessness, but the kind that starts as a slight tingle or rise in blood flow to my previously soft dick. I can't really explain why this happened other than just that I am generally a horny person and enjoy masturbating as often as I can (once a day unless there is a chance of me having sex or I have already had sex that day). I also enjoy the thrill of masturbating in different places. I've never masturbated in places where I will get caught necessarily, but I just like to get it done when I feel the need and that often times is in a place other than my bedroom.

In this case I was in the car on a busy interstate. I tried to ignore the bulge growing in my athletic shorts because I knew there wasn't much I could do about it in traffic, but I just couldn't keep from rubbing slightly or putting a pressure on it. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore and I had to pull it out for some skin on skin. I didn't intend to bring it to any sort of climax but just a simple massage to keep me satisfied until I could get home and relieve myself. I tend to be a little shy in front off people I don't know even if I will never see them again so this made it a little difficult since there were a lot of 18-wheelers on the road that sit up a lot higher than my truck giving them a direct line of sight into my seat where I was in covered and stroking. Because of this I felt the need to hide myself every time I would drive past someone that could potentially see what I was up to.

This went on for about ten minutes until I became slightly frustrated at the amount of trucks that were on the road, and the feeling that I needed to do this for real and relieve myself soon was becoming stronger and stronger by the minute. Finally I decided that I was going to get over my shyness and embarrassment and risk being seen just for the sake of thrill and the need to satisfy my urge. I began to work my shorts down as far as they would go and still allow me to safely drive. By this time I was fully erect and so hard I felt like I could explode at any minute. I began to stroke freely without the care or fear of being seen. My heart was racing at the thought of being noticed by a passer-by and also due to the fact that what I was doing probably isn't the safest thing in the world. I knew by the throbbing of my shaft that the climax was getting closer. I look for something to catch my load when the time comes but couldn't find a thing! I finally decided that I didn't care where I shot it because I just had to get off and nothing else seemed to matter.

As the tension was building inside I squeezed and put down my last few strokes until I exploded with an intense orgasm! I shot a thick rope into my shirt before I had the chance to catch the rest in my hand which pretty much covered my entire hand in a thick layer of cum. I then realized my dilemma was what I was supposed to do with all of this cum I now had in my hand and on my shirt. I had no rags or napkins or old shirts laying around to use and I didn't really want to wipe it on my clothes since I might have to see family when I arrive to my home town. I can't explain why, but I actually considered licking the cum off of my hand and shirt and swallowing it to dispose of it. I thought "why not? I have had girls swallow my cum tons of times and they never seem to complain. Plus it's not gay or anything since it didn't come from another man". I couldn't believe that I was actually thinking of swallowing my own cum! The thought was a little exciting to be completely honest.

However, I couldn't bring myself to do it so I decided to wipe it on the carpet of my truck floor. As much as I didn't want to soil the flooring of my truck, it seemed like a better plan than consuming it myself especially since the carpet could be cleaned. After everything was said and done I was very satisfied with the experience and would recommend anyone male or female to try this at least once! I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience and thanks for reading! Feel free to comment, I would live to know what your thoughts are about this or if you've had a similar experience!



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