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Masterbation Training, Continued.

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This is a continuation of the story I had submitted back in 1998 and I never thought I would ever meet this girl again but this past summer I had and here is the update of what happened. I've included the original story.


Where I grew up we lived in a neighborhood of single family homes. I was 12 years old and next door to me lived a 13 year old girl named Robin. Robins bedroom window was on the back of the house and at night I would sneak over and peek in to see what I could see. She pulled the shade down but there was always a small space between the bottom of the shade and the window that if you got close enough you could see in.
Being as the window was a bit taller than I was I had to stand on something, so I had left a log from the wood pile next to the window, under the window. I would stand it up on end and step up on it when I was spying on Robin. Sometimes I got lucky and saw her getting undressed. I would then go home and jerk off.
One night I saw the light come on in Robins window and snuck over to have a look. I set my log up and stood on it. Robin had already taken off her blouse and skirt and was removing her bra. She had small titties just blooming with nice nipples. She took off her panties and I got an instant hard on. Her back was to me so I couldn't see much. She picked up her robe, put it on and walked out of the room. I was horny as hell and I figured she was going to take a bath, I decided to wait for her to return. Ten minutes later she came in with her hair wrapped in a towel and closed her door.
She stood in front of her mirror and dried her hair. She slipped the robe off and let it drop to the floor. I got my hard on back with force. She studied herself in the mirror and then cupped her breasts in her hands and flicked her nipples with her fingers. I couldn't believe my luck, as I watched I was stroking my dick. Robin was having fun with her tits and pretty soon she was rubbing her cunt.
I could see in the mirror she was having a good time and I was getting hornier. She was getting worked up and went over to her bed and laid down. Now I had a good view while she was at the mirror, but when she went to the bed it was out of my vision. I had to see what she was doing so I leaned way over and was just able to see. Robin was laying on her back masturbating.
This was making me real horny, I leaned over a little more to get a better look and as fate would have it I fell off the log and made a terrible racket. I got up and ran for my house just as the shade came up in Robins window. When I got home I ran up to the bathroom and jerked off twice, I was so horny.
Robin went to Catholic school and wore a uniform to school. It was a plaid skirt and white blouse with black and white saddle shoes. I went to Public school. The next day as I was walking home from school I saw Robin sitting on her porch steeps. As I walked by she said 'I saw you last night peeking in my window and I'm going to tell your mother when she gets home.' Both of our parents worked and we were left alone after school until they came home. The thought of what my mother would do to me was almost too much to bear, I was really afraid. I pleaded with her not to and she said she wouldn't if I would do exactly what she told me to do. She told me to follow her and she led me into her bedroom. She told me to lay on her bed on my back, this I did. She lifted up her skirt and slid off her cotton panties. She said 'You like to watch so much I'm going to let you.' She then got on the bed and straddled my face. She held the skirt up with one hand and proceeded to masturbate with the other. Here I was, never having seen a pussy before and here was one inches from my face.
I had a massive hard on and I started to reach up to touch her pussy when she said, 'Don't you dare, you just look, being as you like to look.' It looked so pretty and I was getting hornier by the minute. I reached for my prick to start jerking it off when Robin said 'Don't touch it just lay still and watch, or I'll tell your mother' I was going crazy.
Soon Robin came and got off me. She said if I told anyone she would tell my mother what I was doing last night. At this point all I wanted to do is get home and jerk off. The next day as I passed Robins house she got up and said lets go peeping tom and led me into her room. Again she straddled my face and masturbated while she made me watch.
This went on about three or four times a week. I could only watch and not touch her or myself. One day while she was straddling my face and masturbating I couldn't take it any longer and lifted up my head and started sucking on her pussy. She was startled and jumped but then settled down on my face and let me lick and suck her till she had a massive orgasm.
From then on when we went to her room she would sit on my face and make me eat her. She never laid on her back but always straddled my face. She would never let me touch her pussy with my hand but after a while she would let me jerk off while I ate her.
Once she turned around on my face so she could watch me jerk off, and once she jerked me off, but that was it, no touching her unless it was with my tongue.
This continued through the summer vacation. One day when I went over for a little pussy eating I found Robin with another girl. Robin introduced me to her cousin Janet. Janet was about 15 and overweight. I like large women. She had pimples and wasn't very good looking. Robin informed me that Janet was going to watch us. We went into Robins room and I laid on the bed, Robin took off her panties and got into position. I started to suck her and pulled out my Dick to start jerking off. Robin said don't do that yet, let Janet look at it a while. While I was eating Robin, Janet started touching my cock. Robin must have been very hot because she came real fast.
She asked Janet if she wanted me to suck her and Janet had her panties off in a heart beat. Janet got her fat pussy in my face and I started to lick. She had a very gamy taste, not like Robin and a lot of juice kept running into my mouth. I loved it. She wiggled her pussy in my face for a while then swung around and got into a 69 position and started to suck on my cock. Needless to say I came right away.
Janet stayed a few days and we were able to get together a few more times. The last time Janet wanted me to fuck her while Robin watched. I got on top of Janet and put my prick into its first cunt. I was humping away I looked over at Robin, she was sitting in the chair with her panties off, one leg over the arm of the chair and fingering herself to beat the band. Janet was watching her also and I came first, followed by Janet. Robin took about another minute.
After Janet went back home Robin and I continued our sucking and masturbating, but she would never let me touch her pussy or let me fuck her no matter how much I pleaded. In September her father got transferred to Dallas and I never saw her again.
Here it is nine years later and I have spent a lot of time jerking off reliving the things that happened that summer in 1993.
I still live in the same house where I grew up. I purchased it from my parents who moved to a condo in Fort Meyers. One day while I was home I got a phone call. 'Hello is this Izzie?' 'Yes.' I replied. 'You will never guess who this is? Do you remember your old next door neighbor? It's me Robin.'
I was shocked and also getting a hard on. It seemed she had gotten maried a few years ago to a fellow in the Navy. He was on a ship that was being redeployed to Mayport navel base. She had shipped all her furnature and was driving from San Diago to Mayport. She deceided to stop by the old home town to see it again. She asked me if I would like to get togeather for dinner and of course I jumped at the chance. We met at the resturant in the hotel where she was staying and had dinner and drinks and then went to the lounge for more drinks. We had a livly conversation during dinner but never mentioned our afterschool activities. I figured she wanted to put our childhood experances behind us. The lounge was dark and the booth we were in was comfortable and we had bought each other up to date on our lives. There was a lull in the conversation when she just blerted out, 'Do you ever think about what we use to do after school?' I deceided to go for broke. 'Yes' I replied, 'I often masterbate to the memories of those days.'
I don't know if it was the drinks but my addmission didn't seem to phase her. 'GOD yes!' She said, 'I still masterbate remembering those days. My cousin Janet mentions that summer every time we get togeather.' 'How is Janet? She was the first pussy I ever got.' 'I don't know if I should tell you this but she still comes out for a week each summer and we talk about you and how you ate her for her first time and we usually get so horney that we play with each other.'
My dick was hard as a rock from this conversation. 'You two use to play with each other? Did you ever eat her?' 'No, but she ate me once when she was drunk, but it wasn't the same as you. I have tried to get my husband to eat me but he refuses. But he makes me suck him off.' 'I feel hurt, all the time I was eating you, you wouldn't let me touch you or fuck you much less than give me a blowjob.' 'I know, I feel bad about that but back then I was afraid of getting pregnant. Besides you were taking care of yourself. I'm getting real horney talking about this, Lets go upstairs and I'll let you eat me if you want.' She didn't have to ask me twice. We were both a little bit drunk but we made it to her room. We went into the bedroom and stripped. She told me to lay on my back so she could straddle my face like we use to. She got her pussy which was dripping juice right in my face but before she had a chance to lower it onto my mouth I said, 'Hold it, not this time, swing around and this time we are going to 69.' She quickly swung around and lowered her wet pussy to my mouth then bent over and engulfed my dick in her mouth. She came almost immediatly.
flooding my mouth with her cum. I kept on licking and sucking her lips and clit. A few minutes later we both came togeather. We spent the entire night sucking and masterbating. She wouldn't let me fuck her because she was married but we did everything else. The next morning she was headed out to continue to Mayport. She said she didn't think we would ever get togeather again, unless she still couldn't get her husband to eat he, then who knows. She told me that she was going to give my phone number to her cousin Janice and if she called I could do whatever I wanted to. With that she drove off.



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