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Masterbation Fun

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I'm writing this story for a friend, because I want to share with her some fun times...and so you folks will know... she's reading this... and touching herself as she reads. . so here goes...and yes... this was real...
I once met this woman over the net, a 'friends' thing, and after a divorce, I just wasn't ready for a committment, and what I really wanted was someone to masturbate with.
I have worked on masturbation as an art form for many years, finding new ways to bring myself pleasure... I hoped my new 'friend' could keep up with me. I like to rent pornos... and I have discovered that a hand held electric vibrator works terribly well on the penis... mix with plenty of lube for stroking your cock... and it makes for a very nice day. I'd hoped this woman would also be able to keep up. All I wanted to do was watch... I just love watching a woman masturbate.
I rented a nice room in a hotel... set up the VCR and waited for my date. A light knock on the door, and a very pleasant surprise. A wonderful mischievous smile... long legs... slender body...She walked in, and we exchanged pleasentries. .
How do we start this? she asked giggly and laughing, she had a great laugh, and I said, well, how bad are you at Cards? She laughed and to strip poker we went. sitting at a table two chairs facing each other on either side. . we played. Of course... I LOST. But it was incredibly erotic... sitting there in front of a stranger, naked and hard. She was still in her jeans, but topless. She smiled, as I leaned back in my chair, taking soft short taps at the end of my penis, showing off the hard member to her. I saw her nipples swell and get rock hard.
She stood, and slowly...ever so slowly pulled the jeans off of her beautiful hips. slowly exposing her freshly waxed lips, with just a strip of light brown hair above her slit. She sat back down in her chair. . facing me. slowly, Her long legs reached from arm to arm in the chair. I saw her face flush with the excitement of showing her hidden parts to a strange man. She reached down and slowly parted her lips... looking at me as she played, looking at my penis as I rubbed. Its amazing how erotic it can be to sit face to face with a woman showing off.
Soon, I could see that she was very aroused... I watched as the hint of wetness started to slide from her soft shiny soft smooth lips... and run down her open legs. . towards her small butt. she was making me SO hard, I was now stroking and had gotten the astro glide out. She watched as I dropped a nice amount onto my penis... and made it all shiny... and slick. . when I had covered my cock. She just leaned back and watched in amazement as my hand slid up and down... slowly...
I watched as she slid a finger inside herself... all the while pulling out the liquid erotic fluid that flowed from her pink lips. She was making her clit stand hard and tight by taking and putting her love juices on her clit, and squeezing it...up and down... mimicking my cock motions. She was sliding back and forth, as her face grew flush and her eyes opened wide... trying to take in, every inch of my cock, as she watched me sliding back and forth, as the feelings would sweep over her, her eyes would roll back.
Now I could hear her masturbating, it was the most beautiful erotic noise you can imagine. It was wet, and full of wanting, and impatients. She was beginning to find the zone.
I stood and got right beside her, not touching her, but I could smell her, she smelled so wonderful, and she looked up, into my eyes... opening wide, her mouth trying to suck in more air, as her breath got more and more quick. She could see my cock. . right near her beautiful small firm breast...and I think I knew what she needed...
She now was shaking... and the urgency was clear to us both. I watched as she now used both hands... one to rub her inside and the fast one trembling with lust on her clit, stroking faster and faster.
The moans came fast and hard now, as her breast were hard as rock. I wanted to so touch her, but we had agreed, however, she whispered between gasp... cum on me... and when she said that, her speed went ballistic. She was stroking herself at a fast and furious frenzy... watching my cock for the first signs of orgasm.
As her head fell back I watched as this woman lay there... long legs on each hand rest, spread wide open for me to watch, begin to arch her back and tremble, and fall helplessly into an orgasm... as she came... I released... and my fluid fell on her breast, with the first drops she screamed again in agonizing pleasure... as she shook violently... releasing in a awesome orgasm. I fell back on the bed... lost in my own mind bending erotic feelings... I looked up... and there she was. So beautiful... and delicate, and glowing from her release.
THAT was a LOT of fun. It happened... and the woman I wrote this for. Just so you know. . just came... VERY hard. Hope you had fun!



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