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Masterbating With My Girlfriend

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I still masterbate often to these memories


I lost my virginity to my girlfriend when we both were 17. She was average looking but had very nice C cup breasts. I have a huge fascination with breasts and all I had to do was touch her breasts for a few seconds and I was hard. A couple of times I asked if she ever touched herself and she always said 'NO'. She would return the question and I always said 'no', because of the embarrassment. The thought of a girl masturbating was so exciting to me. I was 18 and we had been having sex for a year, when I became fascinated with female masturbation. I knew guys jerked off all the time, but I wasn't sure if girls did.

One night we went and parked up at a local park. We usually had sex in the back seat, but the parking lot was a little busy and we felt that it was too busy for comfort, so we walked into the park. It was dark but we knew the park well so we felt safe. We wandered to a private area we used to go to make-out before we started having sex. Our passion progressed as usual, kissing, fondling and slowly undressing each other. We both seemed hornier than usual. Our minds were in ecstasy and I felt that we were willing to do anything. Maybe it was because we were in the outdoors.

We both laid naked in the grass, under the moonlight. Her hand was on my hard cock and I was rubbing her pussy. It was wetter than usual and I decided to go for it. I took her hand from my cock and placed it on her pussy. She gave it a very short rub and then returned to my cock. I slowly moved her hand back to her pussy. This time she rubbed herself a little more than the first. I couldn't believe it. I was so excited. I wanted her to make herself cum while I rubbed her breasts. She then took my hand from her breast and moved it to my cock. I was embarrassed as I didn't want her to know that I played with myself. I moved back to her chest. Of course she placed my hand back to my cock and held it there. I remember how good it felt. I was very hard and leaking. Her hand holding my hand there was a green light for me. She went back to rubbing her pussy when I began to masturbate. It was a mind-blowing experience. We were both having sex with ourslves. We made-out while we pleasured ourselves. I will never forget the way her lips and jaw went limp as she climaxed. I immediately did the same and we orgasmed at the same time. I remembered moaning into each others mouths as our lips were still together. My ejaculation was so strong it went on both of us. The experience was the best.

Afterwards I mentioned that she said she didn't play with herself. She admitted that she had started recently and that she didn't know what she was missing. Masturbating became our preferred method for sex. We would masturbate 10 times more frequently than intercourse.

This continued for a couple of years until the relationship came to an end. I still think of our times together as I have never done that again. My wife would not be into that.



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