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Masterbate in Front of Friends

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I strongly reccommend masterbating in front of other people.

It heightens the experience. My girlfriend and I love to watch each other masterbate all the way to climax. But for a few months this last year, my girlfriend was out of state to finish her masters degree.

Well, one day at work I was particularly horny and was thinking about how I would masterbate when I got home. Then a great, and kind of scary idea came to me. I have a friend, Lindsey, that I work with. She's a couple of years younger than I am, good looking, and we had known each other for over six years.

So I went over to her desk and we chatted about whatever for a few minutes as I tried to get up my nerve. I can't believe how nervous I was trying to bring this up. But eventually I finally said, 'Hey, you up for something kind of crazy and different?' Lindsey kind of squinted at me, 'What do you have in mind?' Here it was. Time to go for broke.

'Well, you know, with Emily gone I've had to kind of service myself, if you know what I mean. In fact I'm going to do some servicing as soon as I get home, and I was wondering if you would like to watch?'

Lindsey looked a little shell-shocked for a moment. Then she whispered, 'You want me to come over and watch you masterbate?' 'Yeah, if you're up for it. You ever see anyone do it before?' Lindsey shook her head, 'No, in fact barely like to admit that I do it.'

So after a while of her realizing what I had offered, Lindsey said she was game to come over and watch me stroke myself. After work we drove both of our cars to my apartment. The whole way I had a huge erection. We came into my apartment and Lindsey said, 'So, how do you want to do this?'

'Here, come on back into the bedroom,' I said as I darted into the bathroom to get the oil. I then dragged in a chair from the kitchen into the bedroom about a foot away from the bed. Lindsey was nervously snickering as she took a seat. I pulled off my shirt.

'I can't believe you're going to jack off right in front of me,' she said. 'You're not expecting me to masterbate in front of you afterward?'

The thought hadn't occurred to me. 'No, but you can if you want. I'd be happy to watch you.' Lindsey laughed again (we were both really excited and giddy about what we were about to do) 'I think I'll be fine just watching you.' 'That's cool,' I said and took off my pants and underware. So there I was totally naked in front of a close female friend. Lindsey's eyes widened.

I started to lube my shaft and penis head as Lindsey sat about a foot away. 'Go get'em cowboy,' she said. The feeling was unreal. Having her watch me stroke and tease my erect penis was so erotic and pleasureable on so many levels. She and I would make eye contact once in awhile, there was such an electricty in our eyes. This was something primal; beautifully human.

Lindsey's stare was mostly absorbed on my penis however. 'You're dick keeps changing colors!' she exclaimed. I think I tried to laugh at her comment, but I was close to comming at that point. Sweat dripped from my brow, and I began to moan a bit as my onslaught on my dick became faster. On the brink of comming, I slowed down a bit and teased my penis head, squeezed my shaft a bit, and then cupped my testicles. 'I'm trying to delay my cum a little bit,' I wheezed.

'Take as long as you want,' Lindsey was totally enraptured. As I held my dick-shaft with my left hand, I took my right hand from my balls and raised my hand, palm open. 'Lindsey, could you pour a little more oil in my hand?' 'Sure...' she sprang into action pouring the lubricant into my hand. 'Is this enough?'

'Yeah, this should finish me,' I said and proceeded to slather the oil over the top of my purpling penis. I stroked again, hard, fast, determined. I gasped and then began to blow forth with my ejaculation. Lindsey had a wide and enraptured grin as my semen poured out of my penis, slid down my shaft and matted in my pubic hairs.

I got cleaned up and Lindsey got ready to go. 'This was pretty cool,' she said. 'A little strange, but cool. I'm pretty turned on, but I think I'll take care of it at home by myself.' 'Suit yourself,' I said and I thanked her and she went home.

Seriously, it wasn't but like an hour later and Lindsey called me on the phone. 'Yeah, I changed my mind, Rob. Could you come over here and watch me?' 'I'd be glad to,' I said and hurried over to her house. I knocked at the door and Lindsey called from inside for me to 'Come in!' She was on her couch in the living room, wearing only a T-shirt. She was already stroking her clit through her ample pubic hair.

'I started without you,' she said. I pulled up a chair close to the couch. 'I can't believe I'm doing this in front of you!' she squeeled as she continued to casually play with her pussy. 'It feels different to have someone just sit and watch you fully clothed, huh?'

She nodded, 'It feels spectacular! You got me so hot when you suggested it. And then I was dripping wet watching you jack off. This is all your fault!'

I laughed and told her I'd take the blame. She proceeded to assault her clit aggressively and she had me help take her shirt off so I could watch her play with her nipples. She did so much to herself! She fingered herself, put a sharpie in her pussy, she even tasted her pussy juice. Lindsey masterbated for over an hour while I watched. It was amazing.

Masterbation is not something to be ashamed of. And it can be heightened by doing it in front of close friends. Enjoy!



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