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A wonderful hands on job.


Reading Joan's wonderful account of giving pleasureable massages to men reminded me of a part-time job I had as an aspiring actor in Hollywood when I was 24 years old. I had learned from a former masseuse all the right moves and advertised locally for business. I was what you might call a tall, dark, handsome fellow. I had worked out and was well built. My masseuse business that I ran out of my shared apartment started slow but slowly picked up as word of my talents became better known.

My clients were soon the frustrated wives of many of Hollywood's well known directors, producers etc. Later their daughters sought me as well. Most were attractive young women who simply wanted to have orgasms and to do it legitimately with no strings attached. They paid well for my services.

I started on their backs but most were more interested in having me massage their fronts. Instead of a light towel I used a short purple

towel-sized piece of nylon that concealed the client's nakedness while giving them a nice feeling of my hands working through the material.

I knew exactly where and how to touch them in their upper thighs or around their breasts to increase their erotic pleasure. More than a few of them often used their right hand to grope and feel my buns while I worked. How hot they were becoming I gauged by their breathing. I could stroke them into an almost orgasm just by carefully moving my hands around their mounds, pressing near but not directly on their vulva. Their tense hold on my rear gave me some indication of how close they were. When I finally let them cum I massaged directly on their stiffened clit shaft, fluttering more than touching like a feather, just enough to bring them teasingly hot to the height of their exctasy until they screamed it felt so good to them.

Getting them off was always intensely exciting to me and I made no effort to cover the bulge in the wet front of my white shorts. The younger women would lift their hips clear of the table with their eyes clenched tightly closed and spasm repeatedly. Some kept their eyes locked on mine as they grimaced and orgasmed. One woman that was a favorite always made a tent in the nylon over her vulva from her large clitoris which when erect stood up like a tiny finger between her lips. When massaging her mound I always made sure the bottom of my palm was masturbating rythymically on her stiffened clit. When she went off she screamed and would ejaculate a large wet place under her and on the silk covering. She liked me to make her cum at least three times each session.

After several clients I would invariably let one of my regulars do to me what many asked to do but I refused. Invariably their hand inside my wet shorts and withdrawal of my large stiff penis brought on the expected explosion my loins craved, sending long streams of my hot cum jetting across their bare thighs. What a job that was. I finally gave it up despite the good money because I got more and more into letting them masturbate me after a session, which in the long run left me worn out after a long day's work. But what a job that was for a young guy who could take it day after day. Wow!

If this account gave any woman a nice cum, I would mutually enjoy hearing the details in Comments.



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