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Massaging Red Massaging Me

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I enjoy being a massage therapist, completing my training some 10 years ago. My clientele is about 1/3 male. With each new male client, I inquire as to whether he would like to be completely draped, covered 'locally' with a towel or nude. Almost all men chose the later. I keep my massage room on the warm side so they stay comfortable. Because of this warmth, I wear only cotton doctor scrubs to minimize sweating. It is actually quite comfortable to hang loose. All female patrons are draped to avoid legal difficulties and mind wandering stimulation.

Several years ago, I received a call from a fellow named Larry (alias) who was new to town and looking for a good masseur. Larry was tall in stature, I would estimate about six foot four or five inches and very thin. His head sported a striking crown of red hair, thus his nickname. During our initial interview, he commented that he had lots of nicknames, with Red, Stretch and Lizard being the most common. He displayed a constant congenial happiness and was a pleasure to have as a client. He opted to be massaged nude.

His chest, abdomen and groin were thick with the same flaming red hair. This was not his most distinguishing feature however; his sac hung a good five or six inches, over half way to his knees. I had never seen anything like it and I have seen a lot. His balls were huge too and looked so out of proportion with the rest of his frame. His cock (uncircumcised) appeared of normal length, though I was to later discover that in only looked small when compared to his enormous sac. I mused as to how the name 'lizard' came to be.

This 'tail' of his anatomy posed a problem when I began to massage his thighs. In order to get near the top of his thigh, I would have to slide my hand under his balls. There was no way I could avoid touching them. I suggested to him that he hold his sac to one side so I could massage the inner thigh. He responded, 'Don't worry; I won't be upset if your fingers brush my testicles.' So I did. It is not unusual to see a man become aroused when massaging the inside of his thighs. Red was no exception, and although he had to feel the back of my hand pass by his pouch, he seemed unmoved. I have seen numerous men get full blown erections without my hands coming anywhere near their sac, but his cock would swell only a little, certainly no erection.

Red usually came for a massage about once every three of four weeks. After he had been a client for a couple of years, he came in one day in which this experience unfolds. When I got to his thighs, his cock began to swell as usual, but went on to becoming fully erect. He apologized mumbling that his wife was on vacation to her mother's place and he was horny as hell. I commented that his condition made massaging his abdomen impossible with his larger than expected cock pointing straight up the middle. If he wanted, I would leave the room and he could take care of things. It is an agony to me to hear men request 'Happy Endings'. For those that do, I say that I will let you relax for awhile undisturbed. I point out a box of tissue nearby that I keep for guys to clean up, it's amazing how many men use it, one or two a week. When I made this hint to Red, he seemed annoyed. 'With what I am paying you an hour,' he responded, 'Stay and massage my neck while I take care of 'Pete', his name for his cock.' So against my better judgment, I stayed and massaged the back of his neck while sitting on a stool behind his head. Unashamedly, Red began to stroke his already stiff cock. He had so much foreskin that his knob would not poke through, even on the down stroke. His long loose balls flopped around wildly. I thought they had to hurt, but he stroked on with unabated energy.

Watching him began to exact a response from my loins. I got a boner and when I am excited, I leak love lube like crazy.

Soon Red began to groan. With two hands, he worked his shaft, exposing a deep purple knob to the air. What a contrast in color to the red hair. His balls finally began to suck up tight to his body and then he began to shoot. His first blast hit my chest through the open V neck of my scrubs. The rope of sperm ran down the front of my top, onto his hair, forehead and down his nose. The second blast hit my left sleeve and ran down his cheek and chin onto his throat. The subsequent squirts, and there were many, covered his chest and finally ended up as a puddle in his navel. I was stunned and sat there motionless. Finally, my senses came to me and I got up to get him a towel to wipe him clean.

My cock made my pants stick out like a pole holding up a tent. The front of my britches was well stained with dark wet spots. I was embarrassed beyond speech. Red noticed, and while I was wiping his sperm off his face and forehead, he commented that, 'It looks like you need to unload too.' 'I do,' I replied as I did my best to mop up all the spunk from off his chest and stomach. I was looking around futilely for a place to do my wank when he suggested that I get up on the massage table. I took off my scrubs and got on the table and went to work. It was the first time in my life that any person, other than my wife, has seen me jack off. He began to massage my legs as I wanked my cock. It really seemed fat and hard. As I worked, I could feel Red's finger tips dig into my balls, not by accident either. I shot a thick load all over my chest and stomach. I used my already stained scrubs to clean up.

He got back on the table, but I was so wobbly that I gave him a rain check to return in the future. Seriously, I thought he would never come, but within a week, I got a call saying that he needed me to finish the massage. He said his wife is home and that he will be much better behaved.




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