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From the other side of the table.



I learned 21 methods of doing massage in my two years of massage school. During, and after the two years, on my own I studied several other modalities, including the Ancient India Tantric Massage. I kept this secret from my classmates and instructors. During school, I was not allowed to do the Tantric massage during in class practice or in the clinic/spa settings, and because I was a student, could not charge for my work.

BUT at home, where I had my own table and personally purchased equipment, I was able with consenting friends to do whatever I needed to practice or they wanted, and still not charge. When asked how they could pay me I always told them I like chocolate chip cookies. After I graduated I moved east and south. Now I am in business for myself I can charge, but still can't do some things because of the laws of my semi-tropical southern RedNeck US state.

My first Tantric massage was with a long time lady friend, Ava [changed to protect her identity] she learned that I had studied and knew the basics and made an appointment to have such a massage on our next Sunday session.

She showed up a few minutes early, which is always her habit, and because it was winter in our high mountain desert state, wearing a dark heavy floor length wool coat and high top brown polished leather boots. She came into my little apartment where the largest room to setup my table was the living room. I closed the Venetian blinds, locked the door, and turned to her. She gave me a very warm wet kiss as our greeting.

I asked her if she came prepared for a relaxing and refreshing massage and experience. She replied that was exactly what she was there to have, as well as relieve her stress because she was fighting with her boyfriend.

I told her I would step into the other room so she could undress and lie down on my table under the top sheet as usual. She agreed, quietly sitting and waiting for me to cross the room, slide the between-the-wall door closed, and then she disrobed, got onto the table face down, covered herself from waist down and called to me.

I entered, modestly pulled the sheet up over her back, shoulders and neck then asked if she were warm enough. She told me she was, and really wanted this massage!

I reached over pressed the play button on my CD player and the soothing sounds of Kitaro's Silk Road began.

You have a new CD she commented.

I gently uncovered her right leg, put some lavender massage lotion on my hands and began warm up strokes on her lower leg and foot. After a bit I moved up to her upper leg and did more warm up stokes, including the back of the inside of her leg, approaching her crotch area.

You've never done there before!

I know, it's part of the Tantric Massage.

Then I did something totally new for her and me, I undraped her buttocks and upper body. I then did long soothing effleurage strokes from her ankles to her shoulders, going especially slowly and deeply on her glutes.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That feels sooooooo good, she moaned.

After several long slow strokes from ankle to neck using my entire forearm from wrist to elbow, I replaced the sheet over her leg and bottom. She gave a huge sigh of contentment.

When did you learn that?

A few weeks ago on the Internet, I replied.

I then concentrated on her upper body, massaging her back, shoulders, arms and hands. Then I dropped the headrest down to a 45% angle downward to give me access to her relaxed neck. I worked all the muscles in her neck, concentrating on her occipital muscles, which were steel cable tight. Then I did another new move, I leaned down, and only once licked her neck from the nape of her hair down to the middle of her back, as far as I could reach comfortably in my bending position.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Nobody has ever done that to me before! She breathed heavily.

Working on her left side now and leaving the sheet off her arms and back, I removed the sheet from her left leg, exposing her again from her feet to her shoulders. As I stroked from her shoulders down her glutes again and then onto her thigh, I moved inward, toward her inner leg.

She let out a soft deep guttural moan. Again I did the foot to shoulder long strokes with my forearm, slowing on her bottom several times. Then I covered her back and upper body and concentrated on strokes from her foot to her crotch area using my elbow, stopping and pressing gently on her butt crack, moving my elbow gently down her crack to the table, pushing upward into her anus and pussy. She shuddered from toes to nose. I replaced the sheet over her leg.

OK, Ava, time to turn over. I reached across her and held the sheet securely so she could turn over while totally covered. She turned, slid down on the table and I removed the headrest.

The CD was almost half over when I undraped her left leg this time and began doing Reflexology on her foot. While rubbing the sole of her foot, and turning and stretching her ankle, I leaned down and sucked for a few seconds on her big toe and each toe after that, bringing a shudder through her entire body with each toe.

Then I switched to using effleurage on her lower leg, making my usual 5 or 6 strokes on the outside of the leg, then again the same number on the inside of her lower leg. I moved up, starting on the outside of her thigh, gliding to the top, then the inner thigh, making sure to go a bit deeper into the muscle, and slowing toward her crotch area. When I finished that part of her body, I replaced the sheeting, moved to her head, and softly and gently reached under the sheet to take her hand and lift her entire arm, pulling the sheet taut over her breasts and tucking it under her arm and body. I worked the Reflexology on her hand again and again sucked each finger softly at first with more suction as time increased. I saved her thumb for last, and sucked it hardest. She smiled and groaned, twitching slightly.

Then I worked her arm from wrist to shoulder, making sure to do deep tissue pressure on her carpal tunnel area, because Ava sits at a computer typing all day long.

I then worked her face and shoulders and neck. Here I paused with my hands on her shoulder points. I reapplied lotion to my hands, and moved my hands gently downward, coming to the border of the draping.

What are you doing now? She inquired.

Massaging your pecks, women have them too you know.

I worked both her pecks at the same time, moving gently yet firmly up and down, in and out, slowly moving lower and lower till my hands were under the sheet, approaching her mammary tissue. Here I paused.

MORE! She demanded. So I continued, kneading and massaging her pecks and moving to gently cupping her breasts, then, finding her extremely erect and hard nipples, trapping them between my index and second finger. I squeezed and turned my hands in circles, twisting her nipples.

OH! GAWD! She shouted and tensed up, lifting her hips off the table. That's the first time I ever had a nipple orgasm! She moaned sexily! Don't stop doing that. So I squeezed and twisted my hands and turned them some more.

Agggggggg! She moaned. Enough!

I moved my hands up her chest toward her face, and slid the sheet back over her arms, covering her to her neck. Then I gave her a Shiatsu Facial Massage, which totally relaxed her to the point she almost fell asleep.

I paused and moved back down to her right leg, undraping it and putting more lotion on my hands.

Is there more? She gently asked.

Yes my dear, there is more, lie there and enjoy the feelings. I began stroking her whole leg, from foot to crotch, using my whole forearm again, gently but forcefully pressing into the crease between her leg and hip. At this point, I pulled my hand backward, placing pressure on only my elbow, and moved onto her mound, I circled it thru the sheet, which by the way was now very damp, and slowly applied pressure with my elbow directly to her pussy. I let up and pressed again!

Again she tensed up, tightly closing her eyes, suddenly reached out with her hands, grabbed my hand and wrist with both her hands and forced my arm and elbow to work her crotch! She forced my elbow up and down back and forth, in and out till suddenly her eyes popped open, her mouth formed a huge O and silently she screamed, creaming herself, the sheet, and my arm.

Oh My Fucking God! That was the most powerful and deep orgasm I have ever had, she whined, dropping her arms and totally relaxing. I thanked her and stepped back, hit the play button on the CD player again and went to the bathroom to wash my hands and arms to clean off the lotion.

Oh yeah! I helped myself to a bit of relaxation too.

In about 20 minutes Ava opened the door, fully clothed again, and grabbed me by the back of my neck, pulled my face to hers, and gave me a deep soul kiss, thrusting and twisting her tongue in my mouth.

When can we do that again? She asked, her tongue still battling with mine.



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