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Massage With Tina

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The story picks up ...


The summer is over. It went so fast. I meant to write this earlier but time got away from me. I did have a chance to follow up on some suggestions that someone here gave about massaging with Tina.

She came into my room one day and flopped down on my bed on her belly and said that her back hurt. I asked what happened and she said that during a sleep-over at her friend Cindy's house she'd fallen asleep watching TV and slept on an uncomfortable couch. I offered to rub her back to see if it would help and she said that's what she came in for. I started just rubbing her shoulders and back but then thought it could be better so asked if she wanted to massage her back. I told her that I'd gotten some massage oil (thanks for the suggestion). I'd even been reading up on massage techniques. She totally agreed. I gave her a towel to lay on and told her to get situated while I went to get the oil. When I came back into the room she had pulled back the cover, put the towel down and was laying on it with the cover now covering her legs. Her shirt was off and I noticed her shorts laying on the floor next to the bed. This could get interesting I thought-and it did.

I got onto the bed and using the oil started massaging her neck and shoulders, moving onto her upper back. In order to get the right pressure I had to kneel and kind of straddle her. She was enjoying it and I was too, maybe for different reasons. While I was rubbing away she suddenly asked when I'd first kissed someone. I was taken aback but figured honesty was the best policy and told her that it was with a girl friend of mine when we wanted to practice. She turned her head to look at me as if she did not believe it, but I told her it was true. I asked her why she asked and she told me about the night before at Cindy's house. Turns out that Cindy's older sister, Alison, had come home from a party and come downstairs to watch tv with them. She got the conversation to kissing and asked if they'd ever practiced kissing. I asked Tina if anything had happened. She hesitated and asked if I would be mad. I said no, not at all. She said that Alison explained some kissing tips to them and then asked to demonstrate with Tina. It moved pretty quickly from a little peck to a full on tongue kiss. Then Tina tried it with Cindy. They kind of went back and forth. At first Alison did not kiss Cindy but eventually even they too kissed a bit, though Tina said not as intensely. I asked how she felt about all that and she said it felt good and that she enjoyed it a lot. I told her it was all natural and that her kissing was a very intense and satisfying experience. I wanted to press for more details, but didnt. I did not want my too-curious interest to show too much, but I was sure feeling it.

When I finished with her back she said her legs needed a massage too-like last time. I was not going to argue. She said I could pull down the bed cover, which I did, and then I moved to the end of the bed and began massaging her feet. It was such a different experience with the oil. As I moved up each leg I took my time to give deep and soft strokes. As I moved up higher on her thighs I held back from getting too close on the inside but allowed my fingers to move up under her panties as I rubbed her butt. After that I thought we were done and made motions to stop, but but she turned over and asked how about the front. I could hardly keep myself in control but went to her feet again and worked up her body. I could not straddle her front to front so stayed at her side. I rubbed her belly running my fingers along the tops of her panties and then skipped over her boobs and finished on her shoulders. I asked if she felt better she said absolutely. Her nipples were visibly hard and I mentioned kind of jokingly that her headlights were on. She laughed and said that mine were too. I looked down at my t-shirt and sure enough it was quite obvious that I'd been enjoying the experience. Busted. :-) I asked if she wanted a little personal time before she got up and she nodded. I left the room and went to her room where I lay on her bed for my own jilling session. I've thought of that afternoon many times, and wonder where it will lead.



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