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Massage With Brother

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This is a story about the time I had my first and only experience with another male.


I was young at the time and very inexperienced with women and was just interested in anything to do with sex.

My brother and I were not particularly good friends. He was 13 years old and I was 12. We both looked similar and were often confused by people. We both had brown hair and blue eyes but were both developed sexually. We shared a room together and had bunk beds. We often had conversations in the morning after we both woke up. One morning I woke up with pain in my lower back and I was complaining vigorously, I was in quite a lot of pain and my brother offered to give me a massage to remove it. I agreed as my parents had both gone to the shops in the local town.

I climbed out of my bottom half of the bed and ascended the ladder on to my brother's bed. I was wearing long blue pyjamas and my brother had just slept in his underwear as usual. I laid out on my front on top of his duvet and rested my head on the pillow leaning to the side.

My brother positioned himself so he was resting on his knees with one of them on either side of my legs. He removed my pyjama top and moved his warm hands over my shoulders and started to give me a massage. He wasn't particularly good at massaging but I reminded him of my lower back pain, so he concentrated his efforts on my lower back. I found this experience very erotic but refrained from getting an erection.

He then asked if I could massage him and I felt I had to return the favour, so I positioned myself in the same position he had been and started to give him a massage. He started complaining of lower back pain but however low I got he kept saying 'lower'. Eventually I got the idea and started to remove his underwear to expose his ass. I slid the underwear off the back of his ass but something was obstructing it on the front side of his body. He lifted his hips from the bed and the boxers came off but also I heard a slap noise. I did not realise for a few seconds but then realised that it was his boner obstructing his boxers from coming off and the slap noise was his boner flying back and hitting him on the stomach.

I started to feel his ass in a circular motion and massaged his ass in the way I would his shoulders. I found it very exciting and got an erection straight away. He then offered to massage me again. We again exchanged positions and I caught a sight of his boner as we were swapping. His penis was about six and a half inches long, not much longer than mine but it was very thick.

Almost immediately after he started massaging me he removed my pyjamas so we were now both naked. As he leant forward to massage my shoulders I felt his rock hard cock touch between my ass cheeks. This was incredibly horny and made me release a bit of precum.

Eventually he turned me over so both our rock hard cocks were exposed. We looked at each others bodies for a while but eventually he murmured 'Can I touch it'. I was hoping he would say this and maybe a bit too eagerly I agreed. I shut my eyes as his fist closed around my dick. His hands were warm and he pulled my foreskin back as far as it would go. I then asked him to massage my cock. I had started masturbating when I was ten and I knew he did it as I had found his porn hidden under the cabinet. He started stroking my cock and it didn't take long before I became very aroused. He looked at me and said 'Are you about to cum' I said 'Yes', and he increased the speed of his jacking until I exploded. The first squirt of cum hit him on the chest and the second hit him in the face. He picked up a towel and cleaned us up and then I returned the favour to him and wanked him off. When he came his cum shot all over his chest.

After that incident we never discussed it again and I have gone on to be a happily married heterosexual, but sometimes when I masturbate I think back to that day and have very powerful orgasms.



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