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Massage With a Happy Ending

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A guy's first massage ends with more than he planned


Ron arrived at my door at 10:00am sharp. It was Friday, and his day off from taking care of his children. He was a stay-at-home Dad, and once he had dropped off his kids at school, he was free for the day, an agreement he made with his wife when they decided he would put his career on hold and have her continue as the breadwinner for the family. But even he needed a day to himself, and Friday was it.

Ron had recently joined an online massage exchange club in order to work on his amateur skills and for the sheer enjoyment of the exchange. I had joined the exchange a number of months earlier for the very same reason. I seemed to like giving massages more than receiving them, but was always up for laying back and have someone beat on me. No massage is too hard or too deep!

I'm right at 6' and 175 pounds. I try to get to the gym 4-5 times a week and bicycle just about as often. I also play keyboard for a local band and thought the massage exchange would be a good way to keep me limber and fight off the back strain from being on stage for hours on end. Ron appeared to be a little shorter but probably around the same weight as me. And most of it seemed to be in his chest! The guy had clearly not let his home time keep him from staying quite fit. He also admitted he was a bit of a sports junkie in college and had considered body building competition in his earlier days. Even in his mid-thirties the guy clearly kept a lot of the benefits from his previous single life!

Since this was his first exchange and I had a number of them under my belt, I started by inviting him to chat for awhile and do a little get-to-know conversation to ease into our session. It's hard to walk into a stranger's house and within minutes lie naked on a table and oiled up by someone you just met. After the usual topics, I asked what kind of massage he was interested in, and if I should concentrate on any area of his body. He mentioned that his thighs and hamstrings were always tense and wouldn't mind me working on them a little more than usual. As host, I always offer the guest to go first and showed him where he could change. I continued to set up the table and oils while he got undressed.

A few minutes later, Ron came out but continued to wear some incredibly small and revealing underwear. He was clearly self-conscious but sported an amazingly proportioned body, seriously built chest and a heavy dusting of dark chest hair that trailed all the way down. I had never done an exchange with a guy who wore underwear before! I commented that I typically used massage oil and was concerned that it might stain his clothes. He stumbled out an answer saying,, 'uh.. that's ok.. they're old..'. I figured the guy was just a little too shy and possibly embarrassed by getting aroused by the massage.

As usual, I had him lay on his stomach so I could begin work on his neck and back. The man was solid and he indicated his preference for deep, athletic massage; just like the kind I preferred. We continued our small talk but I encouraged him to relax and enjoy his time on the table. I had lit fragrant candles and had some new age ambient music playing. After a few minutes, all I got from him were grunts and moans of pleasure.

As I worked down to his lower back I mentioned that I had recently learned some pressure points from a previous exchange, and wondered if it would be OK if I tried them on him. He said, 'sure, go for it!'. I told him that I would have to lower his underwear down about halfway. He sorta chuckled and said, 'that was a pretty stupid decision to keep 'em on, wasn't it?'. With that he turned over on his back, locked his thumbs under the waistband and pushed them down to his ankles. With a quick flip of his legs he flung them up in the air, grabbed them, rolled them in a ball and tossed them aside. And within a millisecond was back on his stomach, hardly enough time for me to catch a glimpse of his package. What WAS nice is that he had to readjust his goods once he was back on his stomach and there was a really nice view of his penis and scrotum bunched between his legs.

I proceeded to apply pressure to his round ass and now heard intense groans which I hadn't yet experienced. And the groans were interspersed with 'damn, wow, geee-sus' and other assorted expletives. I think I was helping him with sensations he hadn't had before. 'Damn. I wish I could get my wife to spend this must attention on my body, not to mention the strong, deep pressure you're putting on me right now!'. I thanked him for the compliment and strengthened my resolve to kick some serious ass on this session, making him beg for more.

Remembering he requested attention to his thighs, I oiled up one leg and started stroking up from his knee into his groin. I didn't want to alarm him, so I explained my technique as I went along and put some deep pressure into my movement up his leg, into his groin, gliding along his ass crack and into his lower back. He arched up as if to give me more access! The groans kept coming and I finished my work all the way down to his feet. Time for him to 'rotate'. As he rolled over, he was sporting a 'semi' and seemed a bit uneasy. I pre-empted the question and said that I had yet to do a massage on a guy that didn't get an erection at some point, particularly when you're being stroked from head to toe. This started a conversation about happy endings; had I ever gotten one? was I ever asked to give one?.. eh... 'yes' to both.

I told him that I typically encourage guys to 'rub one out' before they come over for a massage. That way they're more relaxed on the table and it seems to make more sense to have an orgasm before, rather than after!. He said, 'damn, I wish you would have told me that! I'm sure it's been a week since I've had one..'. Now his penis was fully extended up his hairy belly and seemed to be pulsing on it's own.

As I started to work his chest, he would make minor readjustments to his package but it really seemed more like he wanted to touch himself. I thought, 'what the hell....'... and said, ''man, if you need to take care of business, what part of your body do you want me to work on?'. Initially caught off guard, he stumbled an answer. 'Eh.. what you're doing right now is pretty much doing the trick.' So I oiled up his chest even more and paid even closer attention to his nipples. With the oil close by, I opened his palm and poured a generous supply in his hand. He immediately lubed up his rock hard dick and began to stroke.

I like watching guys attend to their most base needs. Every guy does it different and every penis has its own sensitive region. I watched intently as he squeezed his testicles with one hand and rubbed circles around the head of his dick. His eyes were closed but his face grimaced with pain/pleasure. He kept rocking back and forth and flexing every muscle in his torso. The more he flexed, the more pressure I put on his chest. The man was a solid blood-engorged piece of beef!

I began to migrate back towards his thighs as he continued to stroke. Once again, the hips would rise from the table. He was taking this nice and slow, but there was a gradual increase in momentum. As I put more and more pressure in my strokes, I stayed longer and longer near the top of his thigh. He naturally spread his muscular legs and gave me access to everything I wanted to go after! I started massaging his perineum and lightly circled his butt hole with my oil slick hands. His stroking became more forceful and his groans deeper and more animalistic. I kept up with the intensity of his movements. He moved his one hand to his chest and pinched his own nipple hard. I took over grabbing hold of his scrotum and applied as much pressure as I thought he could endure. Within moments his hips began to buck convulsively and he let loose with 4-5 jets of cum, shooting up onto his chest. He was spent, but I stayed right where I was and kept firm yet gentle pressure on his groin. He spasmed twice more and then went limp.

With that, I went up behind him, gently stroked his face and massaged his neck. Every muscle was limp and he looked completely spent. I took a towel and draped his chest, rubbing his cum into his skin and gently dried the oil from his limp dick. I covered him with a sheet and quietly left the room. In a few minutes, it would be my turn!



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