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Massage Therapist

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There is a misconception with lots of men that many female massage therapists are prostitutes. That is completely false and I have been in this business for almost six years. The fact of the matter is that myself and a few other women I know do masturbate some of the men. It is never done unless we know the client well and we pick and choose who we are willing to masturbate. It also depends on the price.


At present I have 16 clients that I masturbate on a regular basis. The main source of my customers is the local newspaper. I do have some women clients but never arouse or masturbate them. The men I do masturbate are clients that I have been dealing with for a long period of time. Most of them are older men, some married, some not. It naturally starts with a typical massage but ends with me pleasing them. I have to get to know them well before I even massage them naked. Some men ask right away but I never do this until I feel comfortable with them. I must know that they are not aggressive and make sure I have their trust. They are never permitted to touch me in any way and are told what the rules are. I never go to hotels or motels and each client I have gets the massage at their permanent house or apartment. I purposely wear clothing that is not the least bit revealing and have never had sex of any type with them aside from masturbating them. Obviously the cost of the massage becomes more expensive, but I have never had any of them complain.

There are three men I massage and masturbate once each week, seven twice a month and the other six just once each month. I haven't taken on any new men for over six months and am very careful when I do get someone new. The money I make is all cash and aside from how profitable it is I truly enjoy masturbating these men. Each one is different not only in penis size but also the ways they want me to touch them and where. Most are circumsized but four of them are not. Some of them cum prematurely but it seems the older ones take more time to satisfy. Some want me to fondle their testicles and some want their anus stimulated. Some have a very large penis but their are two who are extremely small. I have had some of them try to get me to give them oral sex but that is something I never do.

Each one of them is extremely happy by the time I leave. I get great pleasure out of seeing how they react and most of them have an erection long before I begin to masturbate them. Each one of them is unique in the ways they respond. Its comical at times because of what they say and sometimes just the moans or sounds they make. Some are very quiet the whole time but others are very vocal. There are a few of those men who I myself get aroused just by their reactions. I never let on that I am but many times have masturbated myself when I get home. There is one older man I massage twice a month that happens to be one of my favorites. He's been one of my customers for almost two years now. He's a widower who just turned 70 years old and has a difficult time getting a full erection. I just take more time with him than the others and he's the only one I let call me Anna. He has a fairly large penis but is seldom ever to have it completely hard. He cums every time but it sometimes takes 15 or 20 minutes before he does. A few others cum almost as soon as I touch their penis so I have learned over time which men I have to take time with. If I know they cum to easily I will stop for awhile sometimes letting their penis get soft befroe I start over again. I tell them what I am doing and why because I do want them to be happy with the way I treat them.

I never tell any family or friends that I masturbate men clients, but do discuss it with my one friend who also is in the same business. She is the one who taught me how to screen clients and stressed how to keep myself safe. We laugh about some of these men and tell our experiences to each other. Very few times has a man been reluctant to have me see him naked. There have been a few who I could tell were embarrassed the first or second time but still willing. I have been propositioned many times but never had sex with any of them. Few have ever becoming demanding or abusive towards me and if they are they are no longer a client. Each one of them knows what I am willing to do and they all know what is unacceptable for me. Two of the men I masturbate are men I took back after dropping them. Both became demanding at one time or another and kept calling me back. Once I read the riot act to them they both became very passive and I started massaging and masturbaing them again. Of course with an increase in price. I am happy now with all 16 of them and never have any problems.



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