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Massage plus (Continued)

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Life has been pretty busy over the last few months for me, so it´s been hard to find the time to finish this story properly with the details I want to put in it. Sorry about that folks. By the way, regarding my name 'Cookie Lover', you could say it´s because I love getting my 'cookies' off...


Sherry was laying on my massage table all covered in hot oil and breathing deep and hard, she was slowly coming down from her blissful high. I continued to slowly move my hands over her body in loving, gentle caresses. I stroked her face and hair and marvelled at this gorgeous being under me. Even though she was small in stature and looked so vulnerable lying there, it amazed me to have seen her body become so aggressive as she was driving herself towards her release.

Having just experienced this wondrous sight of her impalling herself onto my fingers as I pulled and pinched her hardened and erect nipple and massaged her breast, my cock was still hard, pulsing and straining at my shorts. Just remembering the heat, the tightness, the wetness and the sheer need that her body was crying out for as her cunt pumped into my fingers over and over again, drove me to distraction. I had never seen a woman finger-fuck herself like this before but my fingers sure knew they had been fucked but good. I didn´t know what to do.

We had always been open with each other talking about sex and sharing our stories and fantasies. My offer to massage her was eagerly accepted by her but with the provision that it was to be just a massage and non-sexual. But now what? I wanted to respect her wishes but now I WANTED her. She had inflamed me.

It was true that the pretext of the massage had accomplished something that we both secretly wanted. It allowed us to actually connect physically in private even if there was the boundary of 'no sex' because she had a boyfriend. However, the electricity was there, it was tangible. The attraction was there and it was tantalizing to taste it in the room, in fact in the whole apartment.

From the first time I spoke to her so long ago, I was intrigued. Here was this free spirit, a young woman, around twenty, bisexual, not afraid of her own sexuality. She helped others open up those secret, hidden desires that we all have deep, deep inside us. Be it to buy a vibrator, a toy or something else, she was there to help, to make them comfortable. That´s why she worked at a sex shop, it was the perfect place for this angel of mercy to do her missionary work.

But here we were, now. We had gone further than I had expected we would. Certainly this was also part of my secret fantasy too, to help a woman fulfill her fantasies, to be that safe guy you could be yourself with, non-judgemental, to help you push that envelope, and maybe for the first time have a wild experience that you could replay over and over again as you re-live that wondrous adventure that resulted in those mind-blowing orgasms. After all I was a Scorpio, this was part of my nature as well. I truly love women and everything about them, their smell, their looks, their sexuality, everything. They are all beautiful to me and there is nothing as beautiful as a woman in the throes of orgasm, or as the french say ' la petite mort ', (literally translated the french call orgasm...' the little death ').

By wanting to do this with me, she had also given me a wonderful gift, the gift of allowing me to feast my eyes on her body, to allow me the freedom to enjoy what I enjoy, 'looking' and appreciating her. From the time she took off her robe so easily and with her being so comfortable with her nakedness, I was hooked. She enjoyed being looked at naked. She was an exhibitionist and I was a voyeur, a match made in heaven.

Oh, how I loved the shape of her nipples already hard in anticipation. It certainly wasn´t the cold as the apartment was as hot as the tropics. Her aerolas were light brown, larger than a quarter and puffy as if her breasts were still growing. That might have been the case as they were not very large but boy were they sensitive. Also as I was to learn later when she was excited she really liked her nipples pulled and pinched. All of these thoughts passed through my mind when she suggested we go to the living room and see what we could do for me.

I helped her off the table and we went to sit on her futon. She picked up my bottle of massage oil as she went by and told me to take off my shorts and T-shirt and to get confortable. She said that one good turn deserved another. Hearing that, my heart must have started beating faster as my cock started to grow even bigger, harder and fatter than it already was. The crown of my cock was dark red, almost purple so much that it was engorged and I ached for some kind of relief.

We talked as she squeezed the warm almond oil, scented with lavender, sensuously into her hands. As our eyes locked, she confessed playfully to me that this is what she had planned to do all along. She just loved being fingered and masturbated. Our already frank admissions to eachother at her store were eclipsed by her new confessions. She reiterated how much she enjoyed masturbating with all of her toys, dildos and vibrators on her own and of course getting royally fucked by a nice big fat juicy cock was certainly great but she just ADORED being fingered and coming hard as somebody finger-fucked her hard as I had done (or should I say We because she certainly banged herself on my hand real good as well). It went back to her teenage years, she said, with necking and petting and this is how she had had her very first orgasm. We both agreed how important our first sexual experiences were in forming our sexual preferences later in life.

As she started to massage my cock with her soft little hands, the oil felt wonderful. As her hands glided up and down along the lenght of my shaft, tracing the contours of my veins and tickling that sensitive spot under the head, she confessed to me some more. She told me that as she layed face down on the masssage table, she knew I was drinking her in and it excited her. Even through my professional demeanor, she knew the effect her black thong was having on me as the perfect orbs of her ass stared up at me and she was feeling the wetness well up in between her legs. She knew that as I first covered her with that sheet (which was quickly discarded by her a few minutes later) that my eyes would be glued to the patch of fabric that covered her between her legs and all puffy with the shape of her sex and the contour of her lips, which it was. She wondered if I could see her getting wet through the fabric. As the massage progressed I would drip hot oil, she said, on her ass and on the back of her thighs and her breath would catch as I rubbed the oil and my fingers would get closer and closer to her pussy. So close, yet so far. Oh how she wished I would touch her, THERE. I was taking too long but at the same time she enjoyed this exquisite torture I was putting her through, unknowingly.

ALSO at the same time, I wanted to touch her THERE too and more and ....... she knew it. Now that we had established how much we had needed each other, she paid full attention to me. She told me that I could touch her however I wanted as she jacked me off and my hands immediately went to those still erect nipples on those adorable and oh, so nasty and horny puffy nipples of hers. I couldn´t get enough of them and how they felt between my fingers. I can still remember the moans from her mouth as I gently pulled and pinched them and her whispering to me to pinch them harder, it was ok. In fact she told me that she was feeling the current go right to her cunt when I did that. I told her that her nipples were having the same effect on my cock too.

A little while later she wanted me to change position and get on my knees facing her. She wanted me to jack off and spray my come all over her tits and face(which was the second thing she Adored most) also because when she was a teenage girl some guy had done this to her and it turned her on so much as it seemed like such a slutty thing to do and from then on she loved the reaction of how her puffy tits just drove guys crazy wanting to come all over them. She said she liked the feeling of them 'using' her like that but then again, she was also 'using' them for her pleasure.After she told me how she loved to be used like a little slut or a whore, that got me even more worked up. I was ready to burst.......

She also wanted to put a finger in my ass as I masturbated so that she could massage my prostate gland during my orgasm. She remembered me saying how much I enjoyed that when I told her of an ex-girlfriend who would give me oral sex and do that at the same time. It was and is, if somebody hasn´t tried this, the most incredible of orgasms, it is fucking UNBELIEVABLE.

So after getting some more oil, she put her well lubricated finger gently up my ass and started to finger-fuck my hole. She obviously had had some practice at this as she soon found 'the right spot', and I just knew this was going to be great. As she was massaging my prostate I was jacking off my cock with my right hand and pinching and pulling on her nipples with my left hand which in turn caused her to want to rub and masturbate her cunt.

I have to say what a wonderful feeling of being totally connected and in tune with this wonderful woman this was. Sherry and I alternated from watching eachother´s faces as we were getting more and more excited to me watching her fingers rub her clit and pussy. I rubbed my prick in long strokes and just going nuts over those yummy tits of hers. Yummy they were too. I couldn´t help myself. At one point, I bent down, I just had to have them in my mouth, to feel their texture, to taste those marshmallows and let them melt in my mouth. I couldn´t hold that position for long but God they made me horny. What made it great of course, was the more I got excited by her titties, the more she fed off of my excitement and really got into fucking my ass with her finger which made my rubbing my cock even more great and got her to really fuck herself first by putting in one, then two, then three and then going for four fingers into her into her hot, wet, wide open CUNT. Man, this woman was sex incarnate... At times I swear if she could have put her whole hand in she would have. What a fucking HORNY sight she was and I couldn´t get enough of her. Boy, she would have been a damn fine fuck for sure. Her whole body was made for fucking cocks, fingers, tongues cunts, tits, dildoes, vegetables. All of it, she loved it all.In fact she loved getting fucked in the ass and when she sucked cock, she swallowed.As for girls, she loved to have them with big tits and she really got off watching them (in pornos or real life) move back and forth when the girl was getting fucked. I was in fantasy food overdrive with her.

The sexual tension kept on getting more and more, until it finally reached its zenith. At a certain point, our eyes locked together. All of the other activities we were doing with our hands, fingers, holes etc. continued to happen but for that one moment, frozen in time...... the world stopped, for us. As we gazed into eachother´s eyes it was as if we were looking into each other´s souls. It was totally metaphysical, better than any drug. We were totally in the moment and at that exact moment, with our eyes locked, we exploded or should I say the world exploded.

At the exact same moment, we both came, an actual simultaneous orgasm. As I started to shoot streams and streams of my sperm, come, essence all over those slutty little puffy tits of hers, she finger fucked herself silly as I was totally into pinching and pulling those aerolas of hers as we both screamed out eachother´s names, that we were coming and her telling me to use her like the little slut she was. The finger she was banging my ass with was right on target. The more she rubbed my prostate the right way, the more I came. It felt like I couldn´t stop. I was actually having a type of multiple orgasm. My come sprayed all over the place as I lost control. It flew all over her tits, neck, face, lips, stomach and onto her hand that was deep into her vagina. She was like a crazy woman, totally insatiable wanting more and more. She had obviously been rubbing her G-spot inside her pussy because when she pulled her hand out, she gushed...... no she ejaculated out a torrent of girl come, spraying everywhere also, including all over my cock, my hands, my legs and stomach. My orgasm had caused me to lose my balance and I fell over sideways near her.

Our hands disengaged from what they were busy doing as we both layed there, trying to catch our breath and recovering from this Mother of All Orgasms. She was rubbing my come, my sperm into her tits and pinching them at the same time as she was moaning at the mini-earthquake aftershocks she was giving herself as she slowly recovered. I was now on my back, eyes having rolled into the back of my head and now looking vacantly into space, totally in suspended animation, not believing that my body or should I say our bodies could produce such an incredible experience.

After regaining enough strenght to move, we cuddled and kissed in eachother´s arms basking in the afterglow of this incredible experience. We finally got up, showered together, cleaned things up and had a bite to eat.

Over the next few months, I did see her a few times again at her shop but never again did we ever share anything else like this. There was however a very, very special bond that we had that both of us will never ever forget. My business to her city ended and when I did try to look her up some time later, she had moved to another town. Sherry, wherever you are, I hope you´re happy and that all your dreams came true. You gave me the experience of a lifetime. Know, there´ll always be a special spot in my heart just for you. With Love and Respect.......



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