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Massage Parlor

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A relaxing massage while on business travel.


About 4 or 5 years ago while traveling on business I decided to stop at a massage parlor as my back was bothering me after driving most of the day. I occasionally get deep tissue massages when at home to help with my lower back; however, this was my first time visiting this place.

When I entered the building, a petite and pretty black girl came out from another room to greet me and introduced herself as Mecca. She went over the costs for a 30, 45 and 60 minute massage and explained that they do not do therapeutic massages, only relaxation massages. I thought to myself, what the heck, I might as well get a 45 minute massage and hopefully it would help relax my tired and tight muscles in my back.

After paying her, she led me upstairs to the massage room and told me to get undressed and she would be back in a couple of minutes. After I was undressed, I noticed that the massage table only had a single sheet on it and a small hand towel. This seemed a little unusual based on my past experience with my regular massage therapist, but laid down on top of the sheet and tried to cover my groin area as much as the hand towel would allow.

A short while later, Mecca returned and before starting the massage stated that for a tip, she would be willing to either remove her top or get completely nude while giving me the massage. This wasn’t quite what I was expecting when I first stopped, but I was willing to enjoy my session and negotiated a nude massage for a $40 tip.

Mecca first removed her top and bra revealing C-cup breasts that were pierced. She then removed her pants and panties revealing a nicely trimmed bush. Mecca then started the massage with me lying face down. She starting rubbing my feet and calves with oil and quickly moved up the back of thighs. As she reached my buttocks, she asked if it was okay to remove the hand towel, which I agreed to. While she was massaging my back I asked her about her nipple piercings and why she had it done. She stated that they made her nipples more sensitive although tonight they were somewhat tender and a little sore.

Mecca continued her massage and I learned that she worked part time as a nurse to maintain health insurance benefits, but really enjoyed giving massages. After about 15-20 minutes she asked me to turn over. I like to keep my pubic area trimmed closely and when I rolled over she said she liked the look and complimented me on my uncut cock that was slightly engorged, but not anywhere near erect.

As Mecca moved up to my groin area and chest, I asked if it was okay to touch her and she gave me the okay. I began to rub my left hand over her beautiful round and firm ass and up her back. I reluctantly didn’t try her breasts because she said they were tender and sore, but her ass was perfect and I enjoyed every minute of it.

With about 5-10 minutes left in my massage, Mecca said that I could masturbate while she finished the massage, but she could not touch my cock. Wow, this was getting better yet! Although I usually don’t use lubricant while stroking my cock, she poured some over my cock and I began to stroke it lightly, pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head. As my cock became fully engorged, Mecca sidled up to me and laid her breast on my chest and left arm and started whispering in my ear, “I want to see your cock cum for me! Keep stroking it for me baby! I’d love to see you cum and watch the expression on your face!”

Meanwhile, her left hand continued to rub my stomach and thighs, occasionally touching my balls. As my right hand was stroking my dick, my left hand continued to rub her lovely ass and back. After about 5 minutes of this, I knew I was getting close to cumming, so I asked her if she would rub around my anus as this always makes me cum harder.

She immediately slid her hand in between my legs and began to massage my perineum and gently pushed her finger into my butthole. She didn’t penetrate very far, but it was enough to set me off and I started spurting cum out of my 6 inch uncut cock. All the while until my orgasm subsided, Mecca continued to whisper in my ear and telling me how much she loved to see the cum shoot out of my dick.

After a minute or so, she told to stay right there and she would be right back. It wasn’t more than 30 seconds and she came back with a warm, wet towel to clean myself up. She put her clothes back on, while I wiped up the cum and told me to come on downstairs when I was dressed. She met me downstairs, I paid her the tip, she gave me hug and told me to stop back again.



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