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Massage in the Second City

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I've had a birthday since my first submission, but I'm the same guy, just a year older. As I said in my first submission, I moved to a second city in the mid-west about thirty years ago and for the first twenty of those years, there were sensual massage parlors here. At one time, there were a half a dozen parlors. About ten years ago, the last of them closed. I suppose that what they were doing was either illegal or borderline and the authorities finally pressured all of them out of business.

Each parlor had a small waiting area inside the front door, furnished with chairs or couches. After a few minutes, the lady who was next up would appear and take me into a hallway lined with massage rooms. The rooms did not have massage tables. Instead, they had a twin mattress on a low platform wide enough that the masseuse could sit on either side of the mattress. Many of the rooms also had a whirlpool bath big enough for two. Most had mirrors along one side of the mattress and some had mirrors on the ceiling.

They had a protocal they followed, apparently to reduce the risk of being busted. They presented a price list along with a statement for me to sign stating that I was not paying for sexual services and was not a law enforcement official. At that point also, I could ask to meet all the ladies who were available. Then the lady took her payment, asked me to get comfortable and left the room for a few minutes.

I was in no doubt what 'getting comfortable' meant. I stripped naked. Then I either sat in a chair, if there was one, or lay face up on the mattress. As I said in my first submission, I am somewhat of an exhibitionist and I wanted the lady to see my genitals as soon as she walked in the room. By this time, I always had an erection. Most of the time, I got an erection when I got in the car to go get a massage. Sometimes, I would undress slowly so that I could take off my underwear when the lady got back. Almost invariably, she would look at my erect penis when I pulled down my underwear, facing her, of course. It was always a thrill for me when the lady first saw my erection, espcially if she was looking right at it as I undressed. I knew that she would shortly be stroking it!

Sometimes, I would ask to meet all of the ladies and strip immediately so that all of them would see my erection. Wow! Bliss! One parlor offered a shower before the massage and I would often take a shower. They provided a robe for walking up and down the hallway to the shower. I wore the robe, but of course I often left it open in front so that I could flash any lady who happened to be in the hallway.

Early on, they had a menu of options: a local, a topless local, a nude local, a his and hers (a mutual massage which was always nude), and a nude whirlpool bath followed by a his and hers. Full service was not available. Very soon, they dropped the non-nude massages, apparently because paying for nudity was illegal. Instead, when the lady returned to the room, she would simply ask whether I had any requests. Of course, I would ask if she could be nude and she would immediately strip to nude. Another thrill!

I have to reflect here on how wonderful it was to walk into a massage parlor knowing that a few minutes later I would be nude in a small room with a nude lady, often a lady I had never seen before.

Over that period of twenty years, I went to a massage parlor at least once a month, often twice or three times. I must have had about 400 nude massages. Many of them were with ladies I had been with before, but many were not. My guess is that I was nude with at least 200 different ladies. I remember many of them vividly and I still often masturbate thinking about specific ladies, sometimes a lady that I saw only once.

Being able to see and touch so many ladies was just fantastic. Being able to experience such a variety of breasts and buttocks, legs and backs, stomachs and genitals was something that will stay with me to my dying day.

I love women's nipples. I love the variety of nipples. I love the big ones and the little ones. I love to see and feel the areolas wrinkle up and the nipples get hard. I love to lick them and suck them. I love how women's vaginas begin to get wet when I stimulate their nipples.

I love women's pubic mounds. I love pubic hair (I am turned off by the shaved look that is so popular today). I love to put my hand on a woman's pubic bone and run her pubic hair through my fingers. I love wet pubic hair that hangs down a bit between a woman's legs. I love the fluffy, glistening pubic hair that results from drying off after a bath or shower. And so on. Enough of this.

So there we are, nude in a massage room. Let's suppose that I paid for a nude local. This lasted about twenty minutes. They used a practically odourless lotion. I would lay face down to start and the lady would give me a pretty good massage for about 12 to 15 minutes. All the ladies were licensed massage therapists, had to pass a test and knew how to give a decent massage. Then she would ask me to turn over.

This was another thrill! I would turn over, again exposed my erection, this time very close to her. She would briefly massage chest and my legs. Then she would sit at my waist or sometimes between my legs, hover her hand above my penis and recite 'The massage you paid for is over, but I have a few minutes. If there is any place that you would like me to massage, just place my hand there.' I would gently guide her hand to my penis.

This was electric, especially with a new lady. I would shiver throughout my body. She would wrap her hand around my penis and begin stroking it. Again, bliss! The touch of a woman's hand on my erect penis is almost as good for me as entering her vagina. At this point, most ladies would allow me to stroke their breasts and nipples and even their clitoris. A few would allow me to slide my fingers into their vagina. My orgasm would soon erupt, sending streams of cum onto my chest. She would keep stroking until I was totally spent, then give my penis a little affectionate pat and go to get a wet towel to clean up.

A couple of girls went ahead and touched my genitals without reciting the words. One was 'Julie' whom I saw only once. I had just turned over and she was working on my lower legs. I commented about how wonderful it was to know that she would be touching me soon. She immediately reached up and covered my genitals with her hand for a few seconds, then went on with the massage.

Another was a girl I saw only a few times. The first time, I had a his and hers. After I massaged her, we ended up facing each other on the mattress. I told her that this was like the greatest first date ever. She immediately reached over and cradled my genitals in her hand, then proceeded to get me off. More later.



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