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Massage Fantasy

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This is a fantasy. It's true that for about twenty years I was a regular at massage parlors where the ladies worked nude and gave me a hand job at the end. That was until the authorities shut them down in the city where I live. But it's based on what one of the ladies told me one day: That one of the newer ladies opened the door to the reception area and her Dad was there in the waiting room. He was a regular. But I didn't have a twenty-something daughter in those days.


When I was in my mid-forties, I walked into the reception area of the sensual massage parlor I frequented and waited for one of the ladies to come through the door to greet me. When the door opened, I was shocked to see my twenty-two year old daughter. She was also shocked and we were speechless for a few moments. I had never looked at my daughter in a sexual way. I knew she wasn't a virgin, partly because she had lived with a guy for a while and then gotten her own apartment. She had told us that she had a waitressing job. I never expected to see her in this situation.

In this situation, it was impossible not to look at her in a sexual way. She was wearing a camisole and panties. The outfit was so brief and diaphanous that I could see the outline of her nipples and her pubic hair. She was about 5'7" tall with probably 34C breasts, long brown hair, perfect hourglass waist and hips and long sexy legs. I knew that if she worked at this place, she had been stripping nude with men, massaging them, covering every square inch of their bodies, allowing them to massage her in the same fashion, possibly giving them plenty of body contact, perhaps allowing them to kiss her nipples and then masturbating them and watching them ejaculate.

After a few moments, she shrugged her shoulders, said "Why not?" and took me by the hand to lead me to a massage room. I always had an erection when I walked into the massage parlor and that day was no exception, but my arousal became so intense on the walk to the room that I was almost stumbling in a sensual haze. When we got to the room, she asked, "Have you been here before?" I told her I was a regular. I asked her if she really wanted to go through with this. She said, "This is how I make my living, I love my work, your money is as good as anyone else's and I've worked on a lot of guys your age, so why not?" And she said one more thing. She said, "What we do here stays here." I thought about that for a second and said: OK. I still don't know why I said that. After all, this was my very own daughter. But my sexual heat was so intense, my needs so urgent that I did it. Besides being my daughter, she was a very sexy young woman and I had come to the massage parlor, after all, for the express purpose of getting a sensual massage from a nude young woman. I ordered an hour long session that involved a bath in a Jacuzzi and a "his and hers" massage. I generally had a "his and hers" massage because it involved massaging the lady, one of my favorite things. This time I added the bath too and I was very glad I did.

She went to turn in the money. I took off my shoes, but otherwise remained dressed, partly because I didn't want to be nude when she came back into the room and partly because I always enjoyed undressing in front of the ladies and wanted to undress in front of her. I was in a sensual heat, as I usually was, anticipating the mutual nudity with a young lady that was to come very shortly. When she returned, she started drawing the bath while I dropped my trousers and unbuttoned my shirt. We faced each other. As I shook off my shirt, she pulled the camisole off over her head. I got my first look at her mature breasts. They were magnificent---perky with hardly any droop, hard pink nipples and beautiful pink areoles. I knew she was my daughter, but I couldn't help looking at her as a woman. I wanted to kiss those beautiful nipples and make those areoles wrinkle up. I hoped she would let me do that. Standing there in my underwear, it was obvious that I had a raging erection. We both slowly took off our underwear and as we did, we were both looking at the other's genitals.

I exposed my throbbing erection to her and she exposed her beautiful curly brown pubic hair to my gaze. She was an absolutely gorgeous young lady, a beautiful nude young woman. It was thrilling to expose myself to her and to look at her body. She came to me and gave me a big hug, pressing my penis into her tummy while her breasts pressed against my chest. Then she said, "This will be fun," gave me a pat on the rump and told me to get in the tub. As I climbed into the tub, she paused to put her hair up to keep it from getting wet. As she reached over her head, she arched her back and her breasts were drawn up. She was the perfect picture of nude female beauty, all curves from her athletic legs, to her hips, her breasts and her nipples standing in outline. The curves of the undersides of her breasts leading up to her nipples were gorgeous. I loved it. Beholding a picture of such beauty was part of the reason I went to the massage parlor.

Then she climbed into the tub. I had been standing facing her because I wanted to continue exposing my erection to her. She grabbed the soap and told me to turn around. She soaped my back, then my buttocks and my legs. She washed me with long sensual strokes and even washed my anus, running her fingers all the way down to my scrotum. I got an electric charge every time her fingers came into contact with my scrotum. She gave me a gentle caress each time. What she did next surprised me. She hugged my back and reached around to soap and wash my chest. I guessed that she had been giving guys a lot of body contact. I could feel her breasts pressing against my back. She spent some time caressing my nipples, which are actually fairly sensitive and that felt great. All the while, she was pressing against my back and stroking my chest, stomach and arms. The feeling her breasts pressing into my back was intensely erotic. Then she told me to wash her back, so I did the same thing, soaping her up and stroking her up and down, including her anus, running my fingers almost all the way to her vulva. Then I hugged her back just as she had done mine and washed her chest. My penis was pressed into her back as I touched her breasts. It was fantastic to feel her breasts and nipples slipping and sliding in my soapy hands and to feel my penis pressing against her back. She pressed back against my penis and squirmed a bit making me even more aroused.

After a while, she told me that was enough and turned around. And she enveloped my penis with her soapy hands, reaching down to cup my scrotum, caressing me and all the time looking me straight in the eyes and smiling. I almost came right then. By this time, I wasn't thinking about whether she was my daughter or not. I was just thinking about how good those hands felt on my genitals. After a bit, she told me to lower myself into the water to rinse off. I did so, and she had me recline against the back of the tub. She spent some time stroking me from my chest to about my knees with her hands then coming back up my inner thighs to cup my genitals gently in her hands. Then she gave me a breast massage bringing her breasts up to the top of my chest then sliding down to envelope my penis between her breasts. Wow, was she good! Meanwhile, I was pressing my penis into her hands, then into her belly and her breasts. And all the time, she was looking straight into my eyes and smiling. I asked her if she gave everybody this much body contact. She said, "Unless there is some reason not to like the guy, I do. The more aroused I get the guy during the massage, the more easily he comes at the end." That made perfect sense. And it reminded me that she intended to get me to come at the end. It was kind of weird but totally exciting to be talking to my daughter this frankly.

Then it was time to get out of the tub. For the next part of the massage, I was face down on the mattress while she massaged my back. She gave me a really good massage. She touched my legs to indicate that I should spread them. First, she sat between my legs and gave me long Eselen style strokes all up and down my body. As she stroked up to my shoulders, she threw her hair over her head so that I could feel it caressing my back. After giving some extra attention to my glutes, she gave me a body slide all the way from my shoulders to my glutes. I could feel her firm but tender breasts rubbing up and down my body and I could feel her pubic hair against my skin. Then she gave me a light touch massage, stroking me with just the tips of her fingers. As she did the light touch, she stroked the insides of my thighs right up to my scrotum and lightly stroked it too. Again, this was intensely erotic for me. Then it was my turn to massage her. She lay face down and to my delight, she spread her legs. With most ladies, that was a signal that I would be allowed to stroke all the way up to her vulva. I lay beside her and pressed my penis against her leg. Of course, I didn't give her a real massage. I was much more interested in stroking her erogenous zones. I did rub her back, but I also ran my hands down to the sides of her breasts and gave extra attention to her glutes. And I stroked her inner thighs right up to her vulva. After a while, I asked her to turn over and she did, but this time to my disappointment, she didn't spread her legs. I took it in stride. For a while, I remained beside her, my penis pressed against her leg, stroking her body, feeling her breasts and nipples with my roaming hand. I stroked her legs and her belly and ran my hand through her pubic hair.

After a while, I got up and straddled her. My penis was right above her pubic hair. Now I could use both hands to stroke up and down her body. Her breasts felt fantastic. I hadn't really been that long since I had felt a young pair of breasts because I got a massage on a regular basis, but her breasts were just outstanding. I leaned over her and brought my lips close to her nipples. I murmured: OK? She nodded and I lowered my lips to her nipples one by one. What a feeling! I had my daughter's hard pink nipples in my mouth, licking them, sucking them and rolling them around with my tongue. Meanwhile, I was stroking the other one with my fingers. Her areoles wrinkled up beautifully. She said it was my turn to lie on my back. I did so, once again exposing my throbbing erection to her and spreading my legs. She sat between my legs. I always enjoyed this---spreading my legs and the lady sitting between my legs---because it gave my genitals maximum exposure. She resumed alternately stroking me and giving me a body slide, all the while looking me straight in the eyes and smiling. She would run her hands up my body, leaning over me so that I could see her breasts dangling over my chest in the mirror beside me. Then she would lower herself onto me so that my penis was pressing against her pubic hair and slide down until her breasts surrounded my genitals. I could feel first her pubic hair, then her tummy, then her breasts caressing my penis. I think I was as hard as I have ever been.

After a while she lubed up her hands and began stroking me. I came quickly, spraying ejaculate all over my chest and into her hands. She told me to relax while she got a warm rag to clean me up. She made sure to milk out every last drop and even gave me some light stroking when she was done. I was still very hard, as I always am after an orgasm and the stroking felt very good. As she stroked me, she directly acknowledged our relationship for what was actually the first time since I walked in the door. She got a dreamy look in her eyes and said, "You've got a really nice dick. Mom is lucky. I'm lucky too because I got to see your dick, stroke it, get you off and watch you come. I hope you come back." She obviously did love her work.



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