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Massage Exchange

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This happened last year, after I'd joined an online club where people hook up to exchange massages. I'm an LMT and happen to like massage on myself as well, and since these people seemed to be pros from what they'd posted on the club site, I decided to go for it.
So one evening a guy named 'Chuck' who emailed me came over, and since he was my guest, I let him get on the table first. I left him to get undressed and so I could wash my hands.. when I knocked on the door to the massage room and he said come on in, I walk in and he's face down with the towel over him, but it was across his thighs just below his butt cheeks. I didn't say anything about it, but started working on his back, his neck and shoulders, then down to his legs when I asked him where he wanted the towel now. He says 'You know?, I don't even really need it, thanks..' just real nonchalant like, so I lifted it off and tossed it onto the tool table and started working in his legs. After just a few seconds, he very casually spreads his legs for me to be able to access more, and his scrotum was in full view. He had probably the largest set of balls I think I've ever seen on another guy! It was a little unnerving at first, but what the heck, I just went about with the massage. I finished his back, he turned over, and I proceeded to work in his front without incident... until I had finished and he asked if I would mind doing just a few more on some other 'tight' places, which is when he indicated his inner thighs and belly just about his pubic hair. I went back to work on him.. and rather quickly he started getting hard! At this point I didn't care anymore, because I knew that whatever I did for him, he was more than likely going to do for me, so I poured a large amount of my gel in my hands, and slowly but surely worked my way to his cock and balls. He groaned lightly and opened his legs even more, inviting more exploration, which I did! I began rubbing the area between his balls (they were huge!) and his anus, until I was actually massaging his hole as well. It took only a few minutes of that before I could feel him pushing against my finger with his anus, so I dripped a little more gel on it and slowly slipped it inside him! I quickly found his prostate and expertly massaged the gland, which he really got into, and minutes later, he was erupting in my other hand, squirting hot jets of his semen all over his hairy belly, his pubes and my hand.
Next it was my turn, and I quickly stripped off, as I was hot and horny now as he had been just moments ago! He did an excellent job on my back, where I hold a lot of tension, and when he came to my butt cheeks, he had one hand on the outside and one on the inside of my butt crack, his fingers brushing against my asshole, my balls, my hardening cock. He had me turn over, and he continued relaxing me with his massage, and when he finally took my manhood in his hands, my cock was drooling a small river! He cupped and fondled my balls, rolling them around gently. His other hand firmly gripped my throbbing, pre-cum slicked shaft, really working the head, especially the rim, I was in writhing beneath him by now! When he suddenly slipped the pad of his thumb into the groove of my cockhead and worked my piss slit, it was all over, and I felt like I was cumming a gallon of jizim! He even used some of my semen as lube to make the last few squirts even more intense while he continued stroking my spasming cock!
Afterward, we dressed and exchanged pleasantries, then he left and I haven't seen him since. While I still prefer sex with women, he's one experience I would not mind repeating!



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