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Massage Arousal

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I have enjoyed many stories of older people masturbating in voyeuristic and exhibitionist ways, and can now submit my own


This happened to me three days ago whilst working in Italy. I was staying in a standard hotel, nice but not expensive.

I had been working long days and would have liked to have had a swim but the hotel only had a sauna so I thought that would have to do. When I visited the sauna area I noticed they also did massages and so I enquired as to the price. They did one that was in my price range and I decided to take it. The place was in the basement of the hotel and was very clean and had a nice, professional environment.

The masseuse directed me to take a shower after my sauna and then relax for five minutes on the massage table. I had my swimming trunks on at this time but the lady asked me to remove them so she could start.

At this point I started to become aroused, let me explain why.

Although I am married and my wife enjoys sex we don't do it as often as we would both like due to our busy schedules. Consequently I have been masturbating two or three times a week for as long as I can remember.

I started quite young, and since reading Solo Touch I realise most people do. My first experience of masturbation was watching some friends from school during the holidays whilst talking about sex. We were obviously all aroused, but only two of my friends took their cocks out and openly masturbated. I was too shy to join in but started to experiment back home, and because of my small cock at that time, my technique became to make a tube of three of my fingers and my thumb and put that over my cock to bring myself off. I remember it being a great feeling, although it was a while before I experienced a full orgasm and ejaculation. It has been a favourite pastime ever since.

These days one of my greatest fantasies whilst masturbating is to be seen by a female neighbour or hotel guest whilst my curtains are open. In both these situations the female also becomes aroused and joins me in pleasuring herself whilst I watch.

This has never happened yet, although I did have a wonderful experience one time whilst walking my dog in the common ground at the rear of the houses.

It was late on a dark evening and you could see into most houses if they had the lights on. I was always on the lookout for movement on these walks as I had seen many females young and old changing, sometimes to their underwear and sometimes becoming naked. I loved to watch one of the older ladies remove her clothes as she had heavy breasts and looked like she enjoyed the release of her bra as she would rub around her breasts a few times to refresh her skin.

On this night movement caught my eye and I saw a single female neighbour lying on her bed enjoying a most absorbing masturbation session using what looked to me like a very big vibrator that she vigorously slid in and out of her pussy bringing herself to orgasm whilst robustly rubbing her small breasts and pinching her erect nipples. I only saw what was the last five minutes of her session, but had my cock out and was masturbating before she had finished and was so aroused that I came very quickly.

Now translate my exhibitionist, voyeuristic fantasy back to my massage experience and you can see why I was starting to become aroused.

I was naked and the lady quietly asked me to lie on my stomach, at this point my cock was not fully erect so it was not too uncomfortable. She oiled her hands and as she worked her way up my legs and over my buttocks it became more difficult to endure my hardening cock pressing into the table, especially as she seemed to spend quite a long time on the insides of my thighs getting so high up that she touched my balls on a number of occasions, to which I would let out a satisfying sigh. Moving on to massaging my back she would press down on the small of my back and rock me from side to side, the effect of this was to rub my cock gently on the table.

After finishing my back she asked me in a whisper to roll over. I knew that there was no hiding my now very erect cock and decided just to allow it to be on show.

Again she started on my legs and worked up towards my balls only just touching them and no more, even though I was moving my hips very slightly to meet her hands. Again she spent a long time high up on my inner thighs just below my balls before moving up my body to my chest and shoulders. It was almost unbearable and I was becoming extremely aroused, it was all I could do to keep my hands off my cock. She finished the massage by slowly rubbing my stomach just above my now twitching cock. On announcing, again in a whisper, that the massage was over I was so turned on that I slid my hand around to my cock, and with pre-come dripping from the tip I started to masturbate. The masseuse smiled commenting that it was very relaxing. She stood to the side of me and watched for a few strokes then left the room having never touched my cock.

I quickly had a most amazing orgasm on that massage table and was in such a state of arousal that although I showered and changed it took me another couple of hours to come down from the high. I masturbated three more times before going to sleep that night to the memory of this quietly spoken Italian lady turning me on like I have never been turned on before. In recalling this situation I now have an erection that needs urgent attention and so need to close. I hope you enjoyed me sharing this with you, as I have enjoyed many orgasms reading your stories over the past year and this site has shown me that masturbation is such a beautiful thing to be enjoyed by young and old, male and female, and singly or with others.



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