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Story of a good massage



In December I went for a massage. I've had massages before, but not like this. Now I know you are thinking this is going to be a story about a rub-n-tug, but it's not. Although it does not involve your typical 'happy ending' massage, it is also not completely innocent. I went for my first massage at this member based massage clinic. When I met my masseuse, I felt very lucky to have this beautiful, young, fit woman. I'll call her Jan.

Jan was very professional right from the start. She gave me an assessment and took notes paying attention to the areas I mentioned that were in the most need of being worked over. My job involves a lot of sitting and I mentioned my legs and gluts really needed some extra attention as well as my lower back. At this point she instructed me to get undressed after she left the room. I did as instructed and lay under the sheets awaiting her return. She gave a light knock and entered the room. She placed a heating pad on me and exposed one of my legs. She was very professional and wrapped the sheet to protect my privacy. The way she did it exposed my ass cheek so she could massage the area I had mentioned was sore. When she started to rub my ass it was such a turn-on, all I could think of was this pretty girl was rubbing my ass. If only she would reach down and caress my balls as well.

She continued massaging my legs with an expert touch. As she got to the end of the table by my feet, she would stretch and rub my legs up and down. While doing this, I noticed her pussy would graze my feet. This was a huge turn-on. Luckily I had been having lots of sex and masturbating quite a lot, so I didn't get a raging hard-on. The same process was repeated on the other ass cheek and leg. Then she started working on my back. As she was right beside the table, she was very close to my hand and would brush her leg and sometimes her pussy against it. I was going nuts having this sexy girl doing this. After a bit, she had me roll over. And started working on the front of my legs. At this point I'm in heaven. This was all very professional, although her hand did graze my cock through the sheets a couple of times. She finished with my neck and shoulders. As soon as she left the room, my cock was in my hands and I was stroking for all I was worth. It would have been embarrassing if she had walked back in, but that was part of the excitement. I came on the sheets hoping she would find it and get excited herself. After cleaning myself up, I left the room and paid the receptionist.

I went again last week and decided to kick it up a notch. I took a cock ring and a butt plug. Things started the same but she pulled the sheet up really close to the crack of my ass. I'm pretty sure she could see the butt plug in my ass. She spent quite a bit of time massaging my butt, which I absolutely loved. I could feel her fingers occasionally brush up against the rim of the plug. As well, I could feel her tracing around the plug as she would move her hand down my ass cheek. While she is doing this we are talking. She mentioned she is having her own massage that afternoon at 3:30. All I can think of is how much I wish it were me giving her that massage. The rest of the massage goes much like the first until the end. Just as she is about to finish I ask her if she can put some oil on my hands. She says yes and asks if I mostly want it on my palms. She knows what I am going to do and this excites me.

After oiling my hands for me she takes her leave. It only takes a couple minutes and I'm cumming. This time I clean-up with the towel she indicated I could use. Later that day, I make sure I am in bed at 3:30 and start playing with myself. It is a huge turn-on knowing she is naked and getting a massage like I was getting from her earlier. I'm wondering if she is thinking about massaging around my butt plug earlier in the day. I wonder if she has put anything in her ass or pussy while she is getting her massage. I start to fantasize about my next appointment with her. I have a little thong I got from a girl a while back. Sometimes I wear it and it feels sexy. I think I may wear it to my next appointment. Jan normally wears pants and a classy top during our sessions. I do fantasize about her wearing a short dress or skirt with sexy stay-up thigh-high stockings and a tiny thin thong, or no underwear at all. The other thing that would be sexy on her would be spandex tights with no underwear on underneath. It would be really sexy if she would get her panties wet with her juices and then take them off just prior to my massage and leave them under the sheet for me to find. Of course I cum thinking of all this and envisioning her rubbing her pussy after her massage.

Hope you enjoyed!

PS MP this was for you!



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