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I have had several pleasurable experiences at a local massage parlor in my home town. I have had a couple of experiences with a masseuse that have not been totally gratifying in the past.

The massage parlor was an oriental massage place with one owner-operator. My wife was out of town so I was letting my fingers do the walking when I found this place. It was only $35 for an hour so I thought, if nothing else, at least I would get a massage. The place was located in an office type building. I entered into the office portion where I was greeted by a nice, oriental, middle-aged lady wearing oriental-designed clothing. I was taken out of the office into the room next to it and told to undress. She left and I took off my clothes and laid face down on the massage table. I covered my ass with the towel that was lying on the table. When my masseuse returned she started to cover me with a sheet, but I told her I would prefer just the towel.

She told me to relax and started by rocking me back and forth on the table quite vigorously. She had one hand on my upper back and the other just above my ass. This rocking on the table was very pleasurable to my dick that was trapped between me and the table. The towel fell between my legs as she was rocking me exposing my ass. When she finished this process she covered me with the sheet, brushing against my balls as she retrieved the towel. I was pretty aroused by this time and was sporting a nice erection.

She then went to work on my back, arms, fingers, feet, and legs. As she worked on my upper thigh and buttocks my erection returned to full force. She never made contact with my scrotum, but came very, very close. She then went through the very pleasurable rocking routine, rubbing my erection on the table once again. She then asked me to turn over.

She held the towel over my midsection as I turned over with my hard-on on display. She never actually saw my penis but I made quite a tent in the small towel as she patted it into place. She was eying my erection during the entire 'ordeal'.

As she put lotion on my chest, she told me that I had a nice body. This isn't entirely true, as I could stand to lose 30-40 pounds. She worked on my front side, leaving me very relaxed. This caused my penis to return to its flaccid state. She finished by working on my thighs, getting very close to my now rising member. She did the rocking thing again, which caused the towel to start sliding off my erection. She kept replacing it and 'accidentally' touching my hardon.

'All done,' she said. 'How do you feel?'

'Horny,' was my reply.

'You want me to take care of that?'


'You give me nice tip?'


She put a pillow under my head so I could watch. She removed the towel and took a good look at my cock. She then put on a rubber glove and rubbed some lotion all over my crotch, including my balls.

'It's pretty small isn't it?' I said as she started to gently stroke me.

'It's very strong.'

She picked up her speed and I knew I wouldn't last very long after anticipating this for an hour. When I climaxed, I shot a couple of jets a lot farther than I had for quite a few years. She continued to stroke me after I had come until I couldn't take the sensation any longer. She cleaned up the mess and left the room. I proceeded to get dressed. She brought me a glass of water, gave me a hug, and I left.

I went back a half dozen times after that. She put my hand on her butt the next time while she jacked me off. One time she was wearing a dress and I worked her skirt up and rubbed her pussy through her panties. I slipped a finger under the hem and felt her bare pussy as I shot my load. The last time I went, she was wearing pants, so I made a move for her titties. She lifted her shirt and pulled her bra out, revealing a nice small set of tits. The nipples were extended like little erasers, and I played with them while she wanked me.

Later that night on the news it was reported that she was picked up for prostitution. I haven't seen her since. All good things must come to an end.



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