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Mary's Request

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After a thrilling evening of deeply loving chat, my lover, feeding her desire for greater intimacy, asked me to describe my sensations. I responded with a letter. It seemed to please her very much, so I share it with you. A portrait of the brilliant passion she awakens in me, and the beauty my fingers liberate.


Dear Mary,
It's about 3:10am. I am listening to an Oldies station on the radio in my office. Trying to formulate my words. Feeling so full of warmth from out liaison.
After we parted for the night I threw on my jeans, a clean T-shirt, sandals and a light pullover nylon jacket. No panties, no bra. I got into my car and headed out for God knows where! There was a light rain falling, a starless night. I realized that I was ravenous. I had slept through breakfast and lunch and never took time for dinner, so I decided to go to IHOP and get some carbohydrates. Sitting alone in the booth I couldn't stop thinking about what a surprise tonight was. I felt like you were sitting right next to me, the scent of our lovemaking was still present on my body. When the waiter took my order I wanted to tell him that I had just made love with the most fantastic female in the entire universe! But, instead all I could say was "short stack of blueberry pancakes and a large Orange Juice please".
Well, I'm back now and still total aglow from tonight. I can't explain what happened the words fail me. You totally took me by surprise! I was expecting to talk to you for 10-15 minutes maybe sharing our day, maybe just talking warm fuzzies, feeling so glad for this special time with you each evening. I thought we'd kind of tuck each other in and say "good night"!
Was I ever mistaken! The more we get together the more vivid become the pictures in my mind. Surely not because of anything I have said or done! Mary honey, It is all you. Each day becomes a new adventure. Each adventure becomes more exciting than the one previous! You are unbelievably erotic! Every time I think we have reached a pinnacle. the next night you take me to even higher heights. If there is any downside to all this it's the realization that I cannot even come close to giving back to you the pleasure that you give to me. I feel so totally unqualified to return to favor to you.
The pictures you draw through your sensuous words are exquisite. I can never measure up and only hope and pray that you will not tire of constantly giving to me. I feel like a selfish bitch, always taking, never giving. I want to give to you. I want you to feel what I feel but my inadequacies over shadow my words. My words would probably say "my tongue begins to lick your wetness" you on the other hand say "I plunge my tongue deep into your slick, willing cunt.your juices flow into my mouth.I swallow, drinking them in" Mary, there is no comparison! I cannot equal or even come close to uttering such beautifully satisfyingly erotic prose! You are a master storyteller. I am nothing but a remedial recounter. I can't help but wonder how long it will be before you tire of my inexperience!
You asked me to relate how I felt and what I felt tonight. From the onset tonight I was lost to your touch. The moment I saw you sign on, my hands went straight to my T shirt. I twisted up the hem and worked it into myself. When I do this, I am able to rock against my chair and have my hands free to type and play. Then your vivid words began to flow across to me! Almost instantaneously when I visualized you hands under my T-shirt my nipples jutted out as hard as rocks and I felt a burning deep inside. As you proceeded to massage and suck and lick my feet you knocked the breath right out of me. I had so many sensations at on time I was on sensory overload. I didn't need to touch my self thanks to your pictures I was totally out of control. I had lost it Lady, in a mater of a few short moments I was nothing but a whimpering mass of putty. I was experiencing so many diverse sensations at the same instant. I was shivering from anticipation and burning with desire! Bolts of electricity were smashing through me! My breath was coming in short gasps my lungs were bursting. As you continues to seduce me every nerve in my body was tingling. I can never remember such an eruption of juices from within me. I when I started to cum there was no stopping. You asked me if I had experienced multiple orgasms. I can't answer that! I don't know if I just experienced the world's longest continuous orgasm or it was a series of orgasms. Either way I love you for what you did to me tonight! Believe me Mary, this WAS INTENSE! When I finally stopped cuming I was totally spent. I couldn't talk, I couldn't move, I was so dizzy, but so much at peace. I have never experienced so much emotion in such a short time.
I've been trying to understand what specifically set me off tonight. I don't think there is any one answer. It was a combination of several factors. Part of it was the total surprise; as I said earlier I never expected to say more than Hi how was your day. Never did I anticipate such total rapture! Of course a major factor was the picture you were painting a picture of passion and ardor that went straight threw my heart.
Somehow, Mary, you have managed to unlock this insatiable sexual appetite within me. And I love it! I still do not have any idea how I can ever give back to you what you give to me each night. All I can do is hope that as time goes by I will learn how to satisfy you and give you the joy that you have so wonderfully bestowed upon me.
Well I guess I've gone on long enough with this stream of consciousness and it's now 5:05am. No wonder I can't keep my eyes open.
Till our special time and special place tonight. Have a wonderful day my erotic teacher of life. You are in my thoughts constantly.
Hugs and kisses,



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