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Mary's Curiosity

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Mary, my wife's niece, has always been like a daughter to me. That changed for one special weekend.


My job takes me to Manila at least twice a year. Even though my wife died four years ago, I still like to see the inlaws. My mother-in-law shares a small three bedroom home with her two unmarried daughters (38/36), Jane, her daughter-in-law and Mary(20), Jane's daughter. As my wife's father and brother (Jane's husband/Mary's dad) were killed 12 years ago, I'm the only man in the house when we visit. Over the years I've seen a few butts and boobs as they scurry to and from the bathroom in just a towel (forgetting I'm there). The glimpses are too short to be arousing or embarrassing, just an incovenient fact when guests are in the house.

On the visits, my wife and I (and now me alone) stay in Jane/Mary's room. Jane sleeps with the sisters and Mary takes a mattress on the living room floor (mother-in-law has her own room). This event happened this past January.

As usual, I was jet-lagged. So after a few 'hellos' and hugs, I showered and went to the bedroom. Mary was out with friends from her 'all-girls college (she attended girls-only schools her entire life). I was disappointed, but figured to see her in the morning.

The Philippines is hot-ALWAYS. Unless you live in Hawaii or the Florida Keys, you can't appreciate the heat and humidity. For that reason, I sleep nude, uncovered, with the fan on full-speed. Around 1am (I guess), the lights were turned on. Before I could focus, the lights were off and door closed (no locks in this house-anywhere). I figured one of the women forgot I was there. No biggie-it was quick and it had happened in the past. In the morning, I saw Mary sleeping on the living room floor. Could she have seen me? A quick shiver went through my body. It was nerves-not arousal.

At breakfast and through the day, Mary seemed quiet.

Night came and I went to bed with little thought of what had happened 24 hours earlier. I woke up restless around 11pm and started to rub off a bit... Then, I heard it, sounds from the door.

The handle was turning slowly. I froze and closed my eyes. Someone was tip-toeing in and toward the bed. Moon-light was more than adequate for the person to see me. I tried to peak through the slits in my eyes. A young woman? Mary? Who else would it be? My stiff member suddenly twitched, the girl backed away and out of the room. Was this intentional? I could see shadows through the crack at the bottom of the door. Waiting, waiting. She came back in.. but not as close this time. She just stared. It was erotic to have this beautiful young woman looking at me. But the effort to appear asleep made my cock limp... and soon she went away too.

The urge to cum was almost unbearable, but the teenage-level tension in my middle-aged groin was feeling really good. I resisted the temptation to release.

The next day, Mary's demeanor was clearly different. She avoided eye-contact (or was it me avoiding). We did look at each other, she blushed. I couldn't wait for night to come...

Around 7pm, Mary went out with her friend. I feigned indifference, but I was truly disappointed. Waiting until midnight, hoping she would come back, I fell asleep, frustrated that this middle-aged fantasy-come true had returned to reality.

The roosters were crowing, dawn was minutes away. I opened my eyes to find Mary sitting next to the bed. She rose and quickly turned toward the door.

'Mary,' I said. 'It's OK.'

She stopped, looked at me (shyly) in the eye. I smiled. She looked down and half smiled back. I knew what was on her mind. I knew why she was sneaking peaks at me. It wasn't love or lust. It was curiosity.

She'd attended all the health and reproductive classes the conservative schools offered. But they could not replace seeing, experiencing or experimenting with a human being.

I slowly rubbed my member, bringing it to a size and stiffness I had never experienced before. Precum oozed slightly. I changed positions occasionally, giving her different views of all the 'parts'. It was the most erotic thing I'd ever experienced. Did she get aroused? Maybe. Was she just as excited? I doubt it. We made no effort to touch each other... there was no desire to see her body or do anything sexual with the young woman I'd known since birth. Still, it was warm and erotic.

My breathing got heavier and my toes curled. She seemed somewhat confused. My body started to shake then went limp as five ropes of cum shot up, landing on my belly, face and beyond. She stared-wide-mouthed. A few more convulsions produced less force, but with more fluid than I'd ever experienced. Slowly, embarrassment started to flood over me as I lay covered in my own spunk. Mary grabbed a towel and awkwardly tried to clean me up. She kissed me on the cheek and walked out.

We had one more 'lesson' before I flew back home. She watched me masturbate as I took a shower. Looking at me through the glass doors, she stayed fully dressed. Afterwards, she seemed content with what she'd learnt from me... and nothing further happened that week.

Our relationship, though forever changed, has returned 'somewhat' to normal. As beautiful and sexy as she is, I have no desire to repeat this or take it to a higher level...but that doesn't stop the memory from being masturbation fodder.

Class dismissed.



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