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Marty and Me

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Marty and I were both 14 and each of us is an 'only child.' We had camped out in the back yard lots of times, but we had never done anything with each other. I had been masturbating since I was about 12 and started to produce cum when I was 13. If I would have thought about it, I probably could have guessed that Marty jacked off already too, but it wasn't something we ever talked about. Things were a lot less open back then.

In Fall of that year, Marty's parents were going to go away for the weekend to celebrate their anniversary, and they had arranged with my parents for Marty to come over to our house and spend the weekend. We were looking forward to it. On Friday after school, Marty and I walked over to his house and picked up his duffle bag of stuff for the weekend. We said goodbye to his parents and headed over to my house. Dad didn't usually get home from work until about 6:00 in the evening, and my mom wasn't going to be home until about 7:00 that particular night, because she was showing a house (real estate agent). So it had already been decided that Marty and I would walk over to McDonald's and take care of our own supper that night. Mom left some money for us on my dresser.

Marty put his duffle bag on the floor of my room, went over to my desk and turned on the computer. There was a game we liked to play and we took our turns and eventually Marty won. We decided we didn't want to play another round, so Marty found some of the music files on the computer and began to listen to them. I had gone over to sit in the big chair and was reading from one of my school books. In a little while, Marty said he wanted to take a shower before we went to McDonalds because he was feeling kind of sweaty. I asked if he wanted me to leave the room, but he said I could stay. He stood up and started doing a little dance to the music that was playing, and he began unbuttoning his shirt. Then he acted like this was a strip-tease dance, opening his shirt and showing me his chest, closing it again, first the one side, then the other. He would turn away from me and shake his butt around. I couldn't stop laughing because he was being really silly. Finally he took the shirt off and started swinging it over his head in rhythm to the song, and then he flung it at me and it landed on my head. He sat on my bed and took off his shoes and socks, then stood up and repeated his little strip-tease dance, this time with his pants. He unbuckled the belt really slowly, grinding his little butt to the rhythm. He finally took the belt off and tossed that at me too. I was laughing so hard I was almost in tears. Then he unsnapped the top of his pants and began playing with the zipper in time to the music - up and down, opening up the flaps of his pants, one side and then the other, and I could see the white of his boxers. He turned his back towards me and continued his dance, this time pulling his pants down a little, then back up again. Then down, then back up again. He wiggled his butt at me when his pants were down. He was being such a tease, and I was laughing all the while. Then he took his pants down all the way and off, and flung those at my head too. I realized that Marty's little act was having quite an effect on me, and I looked down at my pants and there was a big bulge there because I was getting a boner. So I put Marty's pants over my crotch so he couldn't see it.

He continued with his strip-tease dance, this time with his boxers. He pulled them down a little on one side and I could see his skin. It was a lot whiter there than the rest of his skin because of the tan lines. He pulled down on one side and then the other. Then he turned around and pulled his boxers down, and back up again, mooning me, wiggling and shaking it at me in time with the music. Then he turned toward me and pulled his shorts down in the front a little at a time until about an inch of his pubic hair was showing. He danced his way toward my chair and was standing right in front of me and his crotch was just inches away from my face. I'd never see his pubic hair up that close before and I could feel my dick getting harder while he was doing this. He walked a couple feet in front of me again, turned away from me and then 'danced' his boxers all the way down and off. Now he was completely naked and, to be honest, he looked really hot from the back. He had a nice body.

He turned around to face me again, and he had his hands covering his dick. As he continued to dance, he'd take one hand away, put it back, and then take the other hand away, and finally he took both hands away and I could see his dick. He didn't have a boner, but it was what you might call semi-hard, I guess. I said to him, 'you are such a flirt!' and we both laughed. Then he walked into my bathroom for his shower. My face was feeling rather warm and my boner was still definitely there. I went back to reading my book and I expected to hear the water running any second. But then Marty came out of the bathroom and stood in front of me buck naked and asked, 'Where are the extra towels?' I told him where they were in my closet. I was really getting an eyeful of his beautiful naked body, and I had never seen him like this so close up. It was definitely exciting!

He walked over to the closet, picked out a set of towels and went back into the bathroom. Again I thought I'd hear the water running any second, but I didn't. Marty came back into the room again and stood at the side of the chair and turned his back towards me. 'My back is itching,' he said, and he asked me to scratch it. So I put my book on the floor, and I started scratching his back with my fingernails and he said, 'Not that hard! Just use your hand, not your fingernails.' So I started rubbing my hand all over his back. On impulse, I even rubbed his butt cheeks a few times and he didn't say anything. As I kept rubbing his back he turned sideways and I got a profile view of his dick, which was still semi-hard. But in another minute, as I kept rubbing his back and butt, his dick was definitely getting even harder and pretty soon it was standing straight out. I looked up at Marty and he was smiling. I said, 'This is getting you excited,' and he replied, 'I know; it feels good.' Then he asked me if it bothered me that he was getting a boner and I told him, 'No, I get them all the time and I like the way they feel too. In fact, I've had one ever since you started your little strip-tease!' I took his pants away from my crotch and I pointed at the bulge in my own pants. He laughed and said, 'What feels really great is when I rub my boner for a while until it squirts.' 'I do that too,' I said, 'a lot!' 'Me too,' he replied. At least I knew now that he jacked off too. By now his dick was standing straight up, almost against his belly. That sort of surprised me because mine doesn't go that high up when it gets hard, it goes up at an angle. I was really tempted to reach around to the front and touch his boner but I didn't dare. My own was definitely doing a dance in my pants though!

Then Marty said, 'Let me lay down and you can keep rubbing my back.' I said okay and he went over to my bed and laid down, face forward. I got on the bed next to him but Marty turned toward me and said, 'You have to take off your clothes too, so I can see your boner. And we can take turns giving each other backrubs.' I got up off the bed and I realized that the song that was playing on the computer had stopped. So I turned it back on, took off my shoes and socks, and began doing a similar strip-tease dance for Marty - just like the one he had done for me. He turned his whole body toward me instead of facing downward on the bed; his boner was standing at attention and there was a big smile on his face. I went through the same motions he did, first with the shirt, then the belt and the pants, and finally with my boxers. It was a little more difficult for me to hide anything because my dick was really hard now, unlike Marty's when he first started. But he surely seemed to enjoy the little show, especially when I got really close to him and my boner was almost in his face. Both of us were unbelievably turned on by that time and our dicks showed it!

After I finished my dance, I climbed back on the bed with Marty. Now we were both naked and hard and it seemed we had no secrets. He turned face down and I began rubbing his back. I also started to rub his butt cheeks, and up and down his legs. In a few minutes he spread his legs apart, and I gently guided my fingers up the insides of his legs until I was touching his balls. He giggled a little and said, 'That tickles.' But I kept doing it there and he didn't stop me. After a few minutes he said, 'Now let me do this to you.' So I turned over onto my stomach and he began to rub all over my body softly with his fingers. Like he did, I spread my legs and he moved his hand up and down the insides of my legs and he touched my balls and tickled them for a while. That felt absolutely awesome and my boner was actually beginning to hurt a little because it was pressed up against the bedspread. I raised my body just a bit to relieve the pressure, and Marty's hand went a little further up underneath me and I could feel his fingers touching my boner. He was actually feeling it! And it was driving me wild!

After a minute or so, he said, 'Let's switch again,' and so I turned toward him and expected he would face down again. But instead, he turned over onto his back. His boner was as hard as a rock and pressed tightly against his belly! He said, 'Do my front,' and so I started running my fingers softly over his chest and his sides, over his stomach and down his right leg that was nearest me. I knew that if I kept going, there was no way that I wasn't going to feel his boner, so I decided to just go for it and I brought my hand up the inside of his legs until my fingers were going across his balls and then his dick. 'That feels really nice,' Marty said. I ran my fingers all over his body, paying particular attention to his boner and his balls, because it was giving me such an exhilarating feeling touching him like that. My boner was pulsing and my heartbeat was racing.

After a few minutes, Marty told me to lie back and he would do this to me. With a gentle touch, his hands explored my body. Every time his fingers came in contact with my boner, I felt a tingle go through me. It was a wonderful feeling. Then Marty did something absolutely amazing. With his long blond hair, he moved his head back and forth across my body from my head to my legs, his hair stroking against me so lightly it was like being touched by feathers. The feeling was amazing. I could also feel his breath, warm against my body when he was doing that. As he would pass by my boner, I could especially feel his breath there, and then his hair gently stroked it as it went by. It felt so good! A few times his cheek would rub up against my boner, which rose up stiffly against his soft skin. Then for another couple minutes, he went back to using his hand and stroked me all over with such tenderness.

I said, 'Let me do this to you now,' and so he turned onto his back and I began running my fingers everywhere on his body. My brown hair wasn't as long as Marty's blond hair, but I bent over him and tried to brush my hair along his slender body as he had done to me. He said it felt good, but I doubted it felt as good as when he did it to me. Because my hair was shorter, I had to get a little closer to his body, and I could feel my own breath coming back at me as I passed over each inch of his skin. When I would brush over his boner, a few times I made sure that my cheek would come in contact with it, and I felt it rise and stiffen against me, just like mine had done when Marty did that. Finally, I lifted his boner with my fingers and held it straight up, and I began moving my fingers up and down on it. I put some spit on my fingers and went back to stroking him, getting his boner really wet. Marty said, 'Oh my god, that feels amazing!' I looked up at him and smiled. And then I went back to his dick, going up and down slowly and deliberately. In a minute, Marty's breathing was becoming more pronounced, and he was beginning to make slight moaning sounds. His boner seemed to be getting even harder and hotter. Finally he said, 'I think I'm gonna squirt soon!' Maybe he thought that I would stop, but I was too far gone, too far curious, too excited to stop now. I picked up the pace and began moving my wet fingers up and down his dick even faster. Marty's body began to quiver and he moved his hips in rhythm to my strokes. He moaned loudly and said, 'I'm gonna squirt!' and I went faster and faster until his body convulsed and he squirted several long shots. He kept cumming and his body was writhing with an intense orgasm. I couldn't believe how much cum had come out of him, and as I slowed my pace, Marty's body relaxed and his boner seemed spent of its juices.

I laid down next to Marty again and he turned toward me and said, 'That was the most incredible feeling I've ever had! It was the best squirt ever! It was absolutely amazing!' He was smiling from ear to ear and his face was very flushed from his intense explosion. I touched my finger to a bit of the cum on his chest and I tasted it. I told him that it didn't taste bad, sort of salty, like my own, which I had tasted a couple times. Marty said he had tasted his own too, but not very much. 'Well now,' he said, 'it's time for me to return the favor. I owe you big-time! Lay back.'

As I lay back down, my boner was already a little wet with precum. Marty began with a gentle touch, running his fingers over my boner and balls softly. He used his fingers to stroke it up and down for a little bit, and then put a lot of spit on his fingers and stroked it more, making it wetter and more exciting. My heart was pounding and I closed my eyes. 'This feels wonderful,' I said. As Marty kept moving up and down on my rock-hard boner, his pace began to quicken. I couldn't help but let out a couple moans and my body stiffened and my back arched a bit. Almost involuntarily, my body began to thrust and move against Marty's actions. When his fingers would move up, I would pull down; and as he moved his fingers down, my body pushed up. We were working in a rhythm that could only lead to one place. My breathing quickened and I could feel a rush in my belly. 'I'm getting close to squirting,' I told Marty. I could feel him press his fingers even tighter around my boner and he moved up and down, faster and faster. I started feeling almost dizzy and my boner felt a rush of excitement and I moaned, 'I'm gonna squirt!' and with a sudden jolt my dick exploded with spasms and squirts. Some of the cum ran down around my boner and made it even wetter. Marty kept moving his fingers up and down and the new wetness gave me another rush and I spasmed again with several more shots. 'Ahh ... ahh ... ahh!' I moaned breathlessly, as Marty slowed down and the intense orgasm made me shudder and shiver with excitement. Finally he took his fingers off my boner and touched some cum on my chest and put it in his mouth. He looked at me and smiled. I said, 'I have never felt anything like that in my life!' Marty moved his face towards mine and my lips came up to meet his. He crossed his leg over my body and we remained in this position for a minute - our lips and bodies united in an embrace we wished could have lasted forever.

When the kiss ended, Marty looked down at me with the biggest smile I've ever seen on his face and he said, 'That was better than my ten best squirts all put together and multiplied by a hundred! That was the best feeling in the world!' I agreed.

We got into the shower together and cleaned each other off. Within minutes we were both hard again and it felt good to stroke each other's boners with our soapy hands. But it wasn't until later on that night, after we had gone to bed, that we shared another session that led to equally intense orgasms.

Our high school years were filled with times like these. They continued, but lessened in frequency during our college years. But we both fondly remember the early days of our awakening, and we've never regretted how we brought each other into manhood. We will always share a special bond.



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