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When I was 36 I was working for a small manufacturing company in Dallas. I was a 6' 2' 190 lb. cocky know-it-all who had moved up through the company on a fast track. My marriage of six years had just ended in a bitter yearlong divorce. During the period of my divorce I had gotten in the habit of having lunch in the company lunchroom with two of the secretaries that worked for my company.
Beth was a 45-year-old divorcee, about 5' 2' 100 lbs. and very attractive, but she was still rather not yet over her divorce and just did not seem to want to have anything to do with another long-term relationship. Martha was 30 years old. She was a 5'4' 115 lb. Mexican-American who worked full-time for us, went to college part-time in the evenings, and lived with and cared for her elderly mother. Martha was demure, always dressed conservatively, and was basically a little sister to everyone in the company.
Our lunchtime routine was nothing more than eating, discussing current events, joking and generally trying to help each other figure out solutions to whatever problems we each faced in daily life. I guess you could simply call it gossiping. We had become rather close and lunchtime became something to look forward to each day.
One afternoon I was studying a business report in my office and running a bit late for lunch. I heard Beth and Martha come up to my door. Beth called outâ?¦ Ken what are you doing in there! Facetiously I hollered back, I playing with myself. Beth started to laugh uncontrollably, walked into my office, leaned on my desk and still laughing said I want you to notice that I walked in but Martha went running down the hall.
From time to time Martha would come to my office and ask my advice about problems she was having with anything ranging from home and auto repairs, financial problems, to her mother's medical issues. She would always precede her question with; I want your honest advice about something and please do not make a joke. With those words I knew she wanted my best advice and I would be serious about the issues she brought to me.
Several of us were sent to San Antonio for a business meeting, Martha was serving as my translator, and the group decided to stay over on the Riverwalk through the weekend for a little socializing and sightseeing. After dinner that Friday night I was walking back to my room, as I got to my door Martha came walking up behind me. I turned and smiled at her. She grabbed my arm and said can we talk in private. I opened the door and we walked into my room and sat next to each other on the bed. She said I want to know something and Beth told me I should just ask you, be honest with me and do not make a joke. I looked into her big brown eyes and said sure just ask. Then she saidâ?¦ do you really play with yourself? I was a bit shocked but seriously answered, yes but not at work. She looked down and said will you show me now? I sat stunned and she started to unbutton her blouse. She got her blouse halfway open, took my hand and put it on her bra-covered breast, and said please. My hand started to massage her warm breast and she reached over and started to unbutton my shirt. When she had my shirt off she stood up and took off her skirt and blouse, then sat back down on the bed and pushed me on to my back. Martha then undid my belt and pants. With me lying on the bed in my briefs and her sitting next to me she started to slowly massage the growing bulge in my briefs. She reached behind her back and undid her bra. She slowly slid her bra off, moved her hands to her breasts and started pulling on her nipples.
The sight of this angelic woman squeezing and pulling on own breasts set me on fire. I pulled off my briefs and slowly started to stroke my fully erect rod. She straddled my thigh and started to grind her panty-covered mound into me. After a few minutes of her grinding her pussy on my leg while I stroked myself, her hands moved from her breasts. Her right hand went inside of her panties and her left hand to my dick to help with my stroking. I came shortly thereafter, with my hand on my dick, her hand on my balls, and her still grinding away on my thigh. As my climax subsided she lay down next to me and said will you help me now? I reached over and pulled her panties off and started to stroke her outer lips. She was slick with lubrication and my middle finger slid right into love canal. I gently worked her with my fingers while her hands went back to massaging her breasts. I leaned over and kissed her right nipple. She gasped and pushed my hand deeper into herself while saying yes!
I woke up about 6:30 Saturday morning and found sweet Martha curled up in my arms. I looked around in the dim light and saw our clothes scattered around the bed. As I cuddled Martha and thought about our actions the night before, the beginnings of another erection started to grow. I pushed my groin into her naked thigh and slowly started to rub myself on her. She woke up, smiled, and said let's get a shower. She hopped out of bed and I followed her to the bathroom. In the shower she had her back to me. I washed her hair then her back. With my hands covered with soap I reached around her and started to cup and massage her breasts. By this time I again had a full-blown erection and it was pressing into the crack of her rear. Martha turned around lathered her hands and slowly washed and stroked my penis. She stopped suddenly and said turn around and I'll do your back. After a good back scrub she turned the water off and said it's time to dry off. We got out of the shower and dried off. She rapped a towel under her arms and another around her hair. I was standing in front of her with a raging hard on. She looked down at my penis, grabbed a hold of it and said follow me. She pulled me as if on a leash back to the bed and said lie down. I followed her instructions and lay on the bed with my penis sticking straight at the ceiling. Martha grinned and said a woman's work is never done. She pulled off her towels bent over and started caress my penis. After about ten minutes of her handiwork I started to come. She milked the semen out of me and onto my belly.
I lay in the afterglow of the orgasm while she started to pick up her clothes. She grabbed her panties and sniffed them then said well I guess I should not put these on again. She said I'm going to go back to my room, get some clean clothes on, call to check in with my Mom, I'll be back in an hour or so, and we can go get breakfast. Is it ok if I bring my things over here for the rest of the weekend? I smiled and said sure. She smiled back and said I'm going to expect some reciprocity this evening for this one this morning. You better go take another shower now.
Back at work the following Monday, Beth came to my office and asked if I had a good time in San Antonio that weekend. I said, yes it was very enjoyable. Beth smiled and said I talked to Martha earlier and she said she really had a good time too. I told her that all she had to do was to ask you to be honest. You know you guys should go out more often, you're good for each other.



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