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Married Life (Females- Please Read)

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Have question at the end of story for all masturbating females. Please reply through the comment section.


I am married (10 years) happily but sex life has been declining in a major way for the past 5. Solo stories (and solo activities) have not only helped my sanity in dealing with this but given me courage to talk to my wife about our sex life.
One night I asked her about our sex life when we have had a relaxing evening. (I have discussed this before though) She immediately started tearing up (making me feel bad). She stated that ever since our last kid she had been afraid to have an orgasm because she felt like she was going to pee. Since the pregnancy she has had problems with bladder control.
I am not sure what came over me, but I was a little bit upset that she was letting something like peeing ruin her pleasure of love and sex!
I immediately grabbed her and picked her up. I carried her over to the bathroom, stood her up, and yanked her shorts and cotton panties down in one rough effort. She looked at me with scared eyes. You could tell she really didn't know what I was going to do.
I opened up the toilet seat, sat her down, and began to roughly kiss her face and neck. I then yanked down my own shorts and underwear and began to masturbate. With my other hand, I began to fondle, thrust, and penetrated her cunt. Amazingly enough, she was already wet and ready. I immediately began to stimulate her spot.
After a minute, her voice began to rise, scared...'Honey, I think I am going to pee!' She begged me to stop. I asked her if she was going to cum. She just nodded her head and I thrusted my fingers harder into her and used my thumb to tap her clitoris.
She grabbed my dick and began to cum...head thrown back, veins popping, mouth wide open, pussy clenching. But this time hot urine began pouring down my fingers, into the toilet, on my arm, down my thigh, everywhere. She kept jerking with her hand on my dick and my cum shot everywhere...on her hand, arm, stomach, thigh, and in the toilet. It was a major head rush orgasm for both of us and probably the messiest thing I have ever been involved in.
Since then watersports, by necessity, has become a part of our sex life...which is fine by me :) Somehow or another, I have accepted being peed on during sex...the messier the better.
Here is my question for the masturbating females and 'my fee' for the story. My wife won't even acknowledge that she has masturbated... ever! She refuses to talk about it stating that it is private (which clues me into the fact that she does indeed masturbate sometimes). Do the masturbating females out there have any suggestions about opening up my wife. I would love to watch her do this. Or do you feel that I should give her her privacy for masturbating and give up ever seeing this wonderful act. Please reply in the comment section and title it 'Sharing?' Please state if you are a female or not.
Thanks to all in submitting and reading



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