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Marriage And Masturbation

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See how masturbation can enhance the marriage


I've been thorouly enjoying the Solo site. It has caused me to think in depth about masturbation and what it means to me. Writing these little autobiographical tales has helped me to relive some pleasant memories. It's amazing how such a simple act of self pleasure has enriched and enhanced my life.
I've read several stories on the site about masturbation and marriage. Many of the stories describe how the act has enhanced the relationship. I'd like to add my own stories to the mix.
>From the beginning of our relationship my wife and I have acknowledged to each other that we masturbate. The openness makes it much easier, no having to hide it or anything. Sometimes we use it while apart, to satisfy immediate needs. Other times we do it together to enhance an intimate moment. My wife is rather greedy about her orgasms, she likes to have a lot of them. Frequently she will use her vibrator to give herself several orgasms prior to our intercourse. Other times she'll use it afterward to add a few more to the ones she had during sex.
I'll relate a few tales of our mutual sessions, in hopes that other folks will realize the fun you can have adding masturbation to the marriage bed. These are in no particular order. So, without furter delay.... enjoy!
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
The Show
This took place right after we were engaged, still several months prior to our marriage. I went over to her place for a date. It was already dark when I got there. She opened the door, but was hiding behind it and ordered me to close my eyes tight. She guided me in to the couch. Peeking, I could see... nothing. Mostly because all the lights were off. Her voice told me to get undressed, and sit down on the couch.
Now, anytime there's nudity, there's sure to be some fun so it didn't take me long to shuck off and sit down. She then told me to turn on the lights by the couch. Well, what a sight I was greeted with! Sitting on the chair across the room was my wife to be, adorned in ONLY a red feather boa. She began to sing this burlesque song, and dance and gyrate for me. As she moved, I could see another suprise, she had shaven her pubic area bare!
When she concluded her song, she sat back in her chair and leaned back. 'Like what you see? Oh, wait, I can see by that hard on you do. Well, here's another show for you.' With that, she began using her fingers to massage her pussy. Her left hand was touching the rest of her ample body, especially her breasts and nipples. She leaned back even more, and spread her legs over the arms or the padded chair. This spread her really wide, giving me a good view.
As I watched from across the room, I could see the light reflecting off her shiny juices that were leaking from her bald cunt. Her eyes were shut, as she was really getting in to it. I took the opportunity to slip down to the floor, and kneel in front of her. She was really getting wet, her hand was rubbing her own juices all over her bald area making her skin shine.
'Fuck oh damn that is soooo good shit fuck yessss oh....' she was yelling. She crammed one of her tits in her mouth and began sucking hard, and was just the thing to send her over the edge. Her ass came off the chair, hoisted in the air by one hellacious cum. She collapsed back in the chair, smiling.
Looking down, she noticed me still stroking myself. 'ooh yeah baby. Now it's your turn to show off for me.' I got up on my knees, my hard penis just inches from her pussy. As I stroked, she continued to idly rub her clit with her fingers. Occasionally she'd get a wet handfull, then reach up and rub it on the end of my cock. I continued my stroking, occasionally slapping my penis against her clit. After the show I'd had I was pretty aroused, and it didn't take me long to get to my climax. Loads of hot cum was flowing out the end of my cock, soaking her clit, cunt and hand.
Her hand kept on moving, mixing my jism and hers. As I fell back on the floor, she continued working her fingers over her sloppy pussy. Squishy noised were accompaning her moans of pleasure. It was not long before she achieved a second hefty orgasm. She fell forward, and pinned me to the ground with her boa. After planting several deep kisses on me, she rolled off and offered me dinner. What a gal!
We ate dinner in the nude, which was quite fun as I got to lick off any spagettii sauce that fell on her big boobs. We then went to bed and enjoyed several more hours of great sex.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
Squeaky Clean
About a week ago we had decided to take a late night dip in the hot tub. Living deep in the country we have a totally secluded yard, so are able to hot tub nude, even if it happens to be in the middle of the day.
We were both quite tired, so only cuddled in the tub. We came back inside, and stepped into the shower to rinse off. While there we soaped up, and our rubbing up against each other got me pretty aroused. She stopped me though, and said she had to pee. I squatted down in front of her, and she spread her legs wide to give me a good view. As hot gold poured from her, I reached a hand up to play in it. I cupped it, and was then rubbing her own pee back into her pussy. When she finished, I stood back up kissing her and thanking her for the show.
Normally I might have rubbed my cock over her soapy ass and between her butt cheeks in order to cum. However, my back was rather sore and I didn't feel up to all the pumping. She turned to face me, and began soaping and stroking my hard cock. After a while, her hands tired and she asked me to finish myself off.
As I stroked, the end of my dick was close to her tits, so she bent over slightly such that her nipples were against the tip of my cock. Soon the sight of her soapy boobs and her vocal urging me to 'shoot my hot cum over her tits' got me off. Streams of hot jism were spurting from my cock, covering her sexy nipples and breasts.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
Late Night Fun
I do some work out of the house. A few weeks ago I was pulling a really late night, and didn't get done until about 1 am. By that point, everyone else was fast asleep. Before going to bed, I decide to relax and unwind for a bit. Naturally, I went over to the Solo website for some fun reading.
One story I read was from a fellow who, while visiting his sister in law, got a pair of her dirty panties and masturbated to them. What a delightful idea, I thought. I went to the laundry, and got out a pair of my wife's underwear. Returning to my office, I stripped and resumed my spot in front of the PC. I adjusted my screen so that some naked photos of my wife were scrolling in one part of the screen, while I continued reading stories on the Solo site in another section.
As I read, I also sniffed her panties, becoming quite aroused. I can see how arousing it is, knowing my face is rubbing itself over a piece of fabric that was just against her juicy pussy a few hours ago. While I inhaled her scent, the stories got me quite horny. Soon my balls tightened, and I could feel a surge going through me. While I admired her plump body on the screen, I held her underwear over my cock making sure the juiciest part of the crotch was against the tip. A moment later, hot cum boiled out of my balls and erupted into her panties! After resting for a minute, I used her drawers to clean myself up, then slipped off to bed.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
Do the Humpty Hump
This happened a little while ago, can't remember exactly when. I was coming to bed. As usual, I stripped down and climbed in. My wife, who had come to bed earlier, was there with a big grin on her face. When I asked her what was up, she waved her fingers under my nose. Detecting the scent of pussy, I grabbed her hand and began sucking her fingers. I asked for a refill, and got it.
I then asked what she felt like doing. 'I'm pretty satisfied.' she said. 'Why don't you just enjoy yourself?'
I was already rubbing my cock against the sheets/bed, and since this was my favorite way of getting off I decided to continue. As I squirmed, my wife rolled beside me and was rubbing my ass, kissing me, and talking nasty.
'Ohh yeah baby, rub your cock against the bed. Ram that big dick of yours. Pretend like it's my wet cunt.' My moans of delight told her I was getting close. Suddenly, she jumped up and laid on my back. Her crotch ground against my butt, and her tits pressed into my back. I could feel her hairy pussy grinding my ass into the bed. Orgasm hit me, and hot cum soaked my cock and the sheets. My wife continued grinding for a few more minutes, causing my cock to get really soaked and my body to shudder even more.
Guys, this is an awesome way to have an orgasm.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
Goodnight Kiss
One evening just before going to sleep my wife and I were cuddling. Soon, my fingers were exploring the moist folds of her pussy. While I sucked her sweet breasts my hand rubbed her clit and, with time, brought her to a climax. The orgasm left her half out of it, and she apologized saying she just didn't have enough oomph to do something for me. 'No problem,' I said, 'just hold me and I'll take care of it.'
We rolled on our sides to lie face to face. While we kissed, I stroked my cock, rubbing it against her soft tummy. The more I jerked, the deeper her tongue probed my mouth. Her arms just held me, while I was pleasuring myself. Before long my cock was spewing semen all over the two of us! We just laid there, holding each other and letting my cum glue us together.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --
Future Plans
I recently got this idea. While I haven't done it yet, I plan to, especially since my wife is quite receptive to the idea.
As I mentioned, we both sleep nude. I often come to bed after she is asleep, due to work. Sometimes I will find her lying there with the covers kicked off. I have this fantasy of walking up to her side of the bed. Standing over her I admire her plump, nude form. I plan to stroke myself, jerking my cock until I can shoot my cum onto her naked body. I will let it fly on what ever body part is available. If she is asleep on her stomach, I'll let it fly on her round ass. If on her back, it would be a hard choice between her big breasts or fuzzy pussy.
My wife says she is looking forward to waking up and finding my cum coating her skin!



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