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Marnie Made Me Do It

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I was fourteen when Marnie and her family moved in next door. Marnie was a year ahead of me in school and she was tall, lean and very cute with long auburn hair, pretty green eyes and a little button nose, and she probably would never have talked to me at all if she hadn't been new to the neighborhood. But this was before I had fully gone through puberty and I wasn't yet shy about approaching a girl. I went next door and knocked and introduced myself and she smiled and asked if I wanted to come inside and play computer games. A girl who played them was probably the most incredible thing I had ever imagined at that point in my life and we became friends immediately.

It was summer when I met her and by July, I had started to notice some changes in myself. Marnie wore very short, drawstring volleyball shorts and, sometimes when she bent over, I would see the curve at the bottom of her ass peek out beneath the shorts. I marvelled at the effect it had on me, my cock swelled and pulsed and I honestly didn't know what to do about it, so I was waiting for the swelling to subside and tried to conceal my arousal.

Marnie started to notice. 'Do you have a boner?' she asked me one time. 'What do you mean?' I asked, sheepishly, color rising in my cheeks. We were sitting on the sofabed in her parents' basement playing a game (this was a while ago) and I was wearing nylon running shorts, the kind with the thin underwear liner, so I didn't have any underwear to restrain what had become an almost perpetual swelling. I looked down and I saw the tent in my small shorts and the clear outline of my cock, punctuated by a wet spot where I was leaking precome, except I didn't know what precome was at that point. This was all about to change.

'I noticed your shorts,' she said. 'I think you're hiding a boner.'

I was so embarrassed I thought I was going to die on the spot. I tried to lean forward to conceal my state, but the ridge of the liner of my shorts rubbed against my cock when I did and I actually trembled because it felt so good to be grazed by the silky nylon fabric. 'It happens sometimes,' I said, hurriedly. 'Does it happen often?' she asked. She seemed genuinely, almost clincally curious. I realized that she wasn't trying to bust me, but actually asking a serious question. 'It has started to,' I said. 'I notice it happening more and more.'

Then she said something that made my heart rise into my throat. 'You should jack off and make it go away.' 'W-what?' I was too startled for words. First of all, I hadn't ever masturbated at this point, and second of all, the stories I heard from my (more advanced) friends about jacking off seemed dirty and sultry and sinful, not the sort of thing a nice, clean girl like Marnie would do. The thought that she knew about masturbation made me simultaneously very horny and also very afraid, was there something that everybody else knew about that I didn't know about?

'I heard about jacking off from my brother and in school,' she said, still matter-of-factly. 'I'm surprised you haven't done it yet.' 'Have you?' I asked, equally guilelessly. 'I've tried, but nothing happened. My friend Sarah was trying to show me how, but my mom came upstairs and we had to hide what we were doing.' The swelling in my shorts started to grow. I could feel a whole new sensation beyond a simple erection, a fullness and a tightness in my balls. My heart was racing and I just swallowed hard.

'I want to see it,' she said. She was smiling now, and she turned to face me, hiking those short shorts up her thighs as she did. I thought I caught a glimpse of her underwear. 'See what?' I asked, trembling all over. 'I want to see your penis,' she said. I was overcome by shame and lust at the same time and lust won out. 'O-okay,' I replied. 'Right here?' 'Right here,' she said.

I put my thumbs in my waistband and lowered the shorts a little bit wriggling out of the couch cushion to hike them over my butt and my cock sprang free and flopped up against my stomach. I had never seen it like this, purple and swollen and oozing wetness all over. 'Does it always stick that far up?' Marnie asked. 'I don't think so,' I said. Marnie leaned forward and started reaching out. 'What are you doing?' I exclaimed, alarmed. 'I want to try something,' she said and she encircled my cock in her hands and edged closer to me.

I looked down at her slender fingers around my small but full erection and I started to shudder. Marnie ran her thumb over my head and a drizzle of clear fluid rolled out of my cock and onto her thumb. I moaned without meaning to, it slipped out and quickly Marnie raised a finger to her mouth to shush me. 'Does that feel good?' she asked me.

I hadn't even been able to form a coherent thought but suddenly I realized it felt so good to have her warm and smooth hands sliding up and down my shaft. She didn't seem to know what she was doing. It certainly wasn't the practiced masturbation of a woman who had tried to make a man come before, but her instincts (and my responses) guided her and she began to slowly stroke my whole cock, from the base to the tip of the head (which was throbbing against my stomach).

'Are you going to come?' she asked. 'Am I going to w-what?' Again, she startled me with what seemed like dirty talk. 'Come, ejaculate, make stuff come out,' she said. 'You're all sticky.' Those words are words I will remember till the day I die.

Before I could reply, she got her answer. I felt my butt muscles tighten involuntarily and something at the center of my ass contracted and my balls rose up tight against me and I started spurting. The first spurt shot straight into the air towards my face and landed on my chin and neck. Marnie was giggling as it happened, but she kept stroking me, and the second spurt landed wetly on her shirt at the neckline. I cried out in ecstasy 'Ohhhhhhhh Marnie wowwwwww!' or something to that effect and then two more thick jets of come blasted out of my head all over Marnie's cheek, hair, neck and shirt.

'Wow,' she said. 'I guess you had to come.' 'Yeah,' was all I could manage. I was a sweaty and trembling mess and tongue-tied with a combination of bliss and shame. All I could manage to say was, 'That felt good.' I reached up and felt the spunk on my neck and chin and recoiled from it at once, this wasn't what I expected, I thought it would be more like pee and less viscous. I noticed the gobs of sticky white stuff in Marnie's hair, too, and suddenly I wondered if we were going to get caught.

It would turn out that Marnie wasn't so innocent and she taught me a great deal about myself and about her, too, until her family moved away at the end of my 11th grade (her 12th grade) year. We still keep in touch, ten years later, even though I am married and she has a serious boyfriend, and sometimes, we still discuss those early explorations together on the phone. I don't even try to hide the fact that she turns me on so much that I have to masturbate, and she doesn't do anything to conceal her breathing on her end either, but we haven't touched one another since she moved away. Not yet, anyway.

But right now, I have to touch myself. Typing this has got me so hard and my wife is upstairs and could come down at any minute. I sort of hope she catches me.



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