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Marcs Step Mum

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I can believe my dreams finally came true! The other day I was staying over at my friend Marcs dads house, I know you're probably thinking that im weird staying at my friends house when im nineteen but I had a good reason there was a house party round the corner from his dads place so he offered to let me crash seeing as his dad and his sxc step mum were at a party themselves and wouldn't be back until the early hours.

Any way after a mad party my trecked back to his dads house where we just crashed onto the sofas. He fell asleep straight away but I wasn't that tired just horney from all the girls at the party and the talk me and Marc had on the way back. Once I knew he was out for the count I routed round for the remote and turned the T.V on and found may way to the porn channels. I began to stroke my cock through my pants until I was hard, after a while I was so horney I needed to blow but just as I made my way to the bathroom to do the business I heard a thumble at the front door and to my supprise his dad and sexy step mum fell throught the door. Before they could see me I ran back in the the front room and changed the T.V off, just as I did this lisa Marcs step mum walked throught the door and was surprised to see I was still awake. She walked past me and sat next to Marc who has still dead to the world, a few seconds later Marcs dad walked through the door who didn't really take much notice of me he just wanted to sit down and like his son within seconds he was fast asleep.

So I was sat in the front room with my mate and his dad passed out and his step mum ready to go to sleep,by this time my boner had gone with the shock of them arriving I was still pretty horney but I needed something to get me going again. So I began to look round the room I was about to give up when I noticed that Marcs gorgeous step mum was wearing a denim mini skirt that was slightly riding up due to her being slumped in her seat I checked firstly that she wasn't looking then that Marc and his dad were still out for the count, once that was all safe I slowly leaned forward until the point were I could see up her skirt but because she was I slightly big women her thighs were together and I could only see a little bit of her underwear. I knew I had to get her to open her legs I knew if I saw up her skirt I would explode, my mind was going at a mile a minute trying think of a way but I didnt need to do any thing Marc rolled over whiched allowed her more space so her leg just swung to the side, I was so happy and with out thinking I leant forward again hoping to see a glimps of her panties, as I got into the right position I heard a slight cough I looked up to se Lisa glaring at me with a cocky look.

'And what were you trying to do then johny?'

' erm ... erm ...'

'were you trying to look up my skirt ?'

' erm ... yes sorry it was wrong of me dont tell any one please'

' well if you wanted to see my pants why didnt you ask?'

' because I knew you wouldn't let me'

' o really?'

To my amazement she slowly moved her way forward to the edge of the seat and then that was when my dreams came true, she began to slowly open her legs and pull up her skirt revealing her white slightly wet panties.

' there hows that?'

' omg! thats amazing'

By this time I was rock hard, my cock was almost bursting out my pants.

' as you can see johny I am as aroused as you '

' o yeah I can see '

' right well I've show you my underwear now its my turn to see yours! '

' what here?'

' no of course not, lets go to my room'

This was unbelieveable, I couldn't believe I was going in to her room, the head of my cock was throbing with excitement. As soon as I walked through the door the shut and locked it, I thought this was to good to be true I thought shorly nothing else would happen, I turned round to face Lisa and found her on her knees and before I knew it she had my pants down at my ankles and she was playing with my solid cock throught my boxers.

' you see johny, Marcs dad cant seem to come any more and I miss the feeling of warm cum all over my body, so I want to spray all your juice on my, is that ok?'

I just nodded, ' good '

She slowly pulled my boxers down revealing my hard shaft. Due to the excitement my head was full of pre cum she noticed this straight away and scooped it off with her fingers and licked it of.

'mmmm that tastes soooo good'

Before I could even say any thing she led on her back on the floor and started to to undress when she reached her underwear she told me to start wanking and without question I did, she then continued to undress by taking her bra off and letting her huge tits swing freely, as I continued to wank I realised that she was making wierd noises and I was shocked to see that she had her hands down her pants pumping her fingers in and out of her beautiful pussy, she began to shout at me


I wanted to cum soooo badly but for some reason I couldn't.


I just couldn't seem to cum, I was worried she was going to stop fingering her self when she cryed out..


I looked down to see her panties turn see through and her juices squirt all over the floor!

That was just what I needed, I dropped to the floor and climbed on top of her, and shot my whole load all over her face and tits.

' HOLY SHIT ' I cryed out !

My orgasm seemed to last for ages, when we had both finished exploding she pulled my towards her mouth and licked me clean!

We led there for a minute or two to get our breath back, we began to get dressed and before we went down stairs she grabbed my hand and shoved it down her pants to her moist pussy and said..

' we'll have to go this again some time cow boy ; )'

I then fell fast asleep in the sofa and and looking forward to the next time I stay at Marcs house.

Note: this story is 100 % true!!!



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