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March of 86

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I am very impressed with this site. I was actually researching this site to further my knowledge as a parent in educating my kids on masturbation (which hopefully won't be for another few years) when I came across it. The stories are quite entertaining. Some true, some obviously fantasy.

I actually would like to contribute to this site with a story from my past. It happened during the March break of 1986.

I was 13 and my friend from school Kris was 12. We knew each other from hockey and had played three years together. On occasion we would rotate weekend sleepovers, one Saturday I'd be at his place, the next Saturday he'd be at mine. We were very physical with each other, as all young boys are. We fought and wrestled and hit each other in the balls as a joke whenever we got the chance.

Our wrestling matches usually ended with the two of us slapping each other on the ass and grabbing each other's penises as submission moves. I also might add that both Kris and I ended up with hard-on's whenever we wrestled each other. Considering we were on the same hockey team together we had seen each other naked on numerous times as well. We were very relaxed around each other.

During the March break we were able to have a week full of sleepovers, so the break began Monday night at Kris's. After the usual movie, video game, board game and wrestle fest, we put ourselves to sleep. I slept on a cot beside his bed. We always talked into the night until we fell asleep. This time, and it wasn't the first, we talked about our penises. We went on about the shape, the size, the texture, the veins, everything a boy knows about his penis.

I then asked Kris if he masturbated. He said 'I play with it, but I don't'. Do you?' Being a bit more developed (pubic hair and ejaculation had already set in) I said 'Yes, it's fun.' At this point I started developing an erection.

A moment of odd silence. 'How much do you do it?' Kris nervously asked. Not knowing the frequency to a science I replied 'A few times a week.' Kris then asked me if I had sperm. I said yes. He responded that he didn't 'sperm'. At this point I was quite turned on by the whole discussion so I began to stroke my cock inside my shorts the usual way I always did, testing Kris's reaction.

He looked on, but couldn't move. I pulled the covers off of me and pulled off my shorts. I was full on jerking-off in front of him, my cock slightly visible in the street lights illuminating from outside. I switched hands to my left and reached in under Kris' sheets. He was hard as a rock. I began slowly stroking him through his shorts. He pulled the sheet off and revealed his cock to me, just a tad bit smaller than mine, but not by much. I had never seen him with a naked hard-on before, quite frankly he hadn't seen me in this state either. It was impressive.

I continued stroking his cock with my dominant right hand and pleasuring myself with the left. 'How's that feel?' I asked him. He whispered 'Good. Go faster.' I was amazed that he was giving me pointers already, but I listened and picked up the pace.

I was almost nearing a climax but knew I wouldn't be able to push myself over with my left hand so I let Kris off a bit and began stroking my cock with good ole righty. It's amazing the difference in the two. I then told him 'I'm gonna come, watch.' He stopped and watched as I shot off. I sprayed a couple shots of my cum on my stomach just above my belly button. It was a great orgasm.

Kris was now a seasoned pro and began jerking himself after I finished. I used my shirt to wipe off my stomach (I knew I could borrow one of Kris's the next day) and went right back to stroking Kris. I once again asked him if it felt good and he agreed. About a minute later, Kris began breathing much heavier, his legs clenched and he whispered in his breath 'I think it's coming'. I stroked harder and more intense. He then let out a slight moan and released his deep breath. Not a drop came out but he had just had his first dry orgasm thanks to me and my trusty right hand.

After that was done, we talked a bit more about mundane things just to get our minds off of what happened before we fell asleep. The next morning we were okay with each other, no weird feelings or anything. Just another sleepover, this time with an interesting twist. I knew at this point Kris was a great friend of mine and I could trust him with my life. It's funny that you need to make someone cum to get that feeling, but hey that's life. It was a great way to start off the March Break. But the March break wasn't over yet.........

Kris and I still keep in contact as we work in the same field so it's required. I'm married and he was engaged, so our experiences together didn't have homosexual underlines. Now I have two kids, a boy and a girl. My son is 7 now and I'm sure soon enough will ask me about his penis, girls, masturbation and ultimately sex. I hope that when the time comes I can show him this website and make him feel a bit more comfortable with masturbation and his own body. Hell, I might even let him read this story.



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